The Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 event is now live on multiple platforms. The developers are giving the update in Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation4, and Nintendo Switch. The event is bringing the former events’ cosmetics and a lot of brand new rewards for this year. We can divide the event into different parts and talk about each of them. 

The challenge missions

Like every year, the Junkenstein Revenge will release some challenges for the players in the game. However, this year, the Revenge will release two challenge missions per week. So for the three-week event, fans can enjoy six missions this time. The week-1 missions are known as Vengeful Ghost and Frendzied Stampede. In the missions, a deadly ghost chases the players and the Zomnics move faster than ever. The week-2 missions are known as Volatile Zomnics, Three They Were. In these missions, the Zomnics explode near players. Similarly, the week-3 missions are Mystery Swap and Shocking Surprise. 

Also, Baptiste and Ashe are now part of the Junkentstein’s Revenge.

Overwatch Halloween weekly challenges

In the new event, a player can complete the weekly challenges in the Competitive Play, Quick Play, or the Arcade. These weekly challenges can reward a player with player icons, limited-time sprays, and epic skins. The event also mentions all the weekly challenges already. The week-1 challenges revolve around the Fantasma Sombra. The challenge advances when a user first takes 3 wins, 6 wins, and then 9 wins. The Week-2 challenges contain the Stone Brigitte. The winning scenario is exactly the same for the second week. Lastly, the third-week challenges revolve around Ragdoll Echo. 

Overwatch Halloween new cosmetics

The new Halloween Terror also brings a lot of new cosmetics to the game. There are five legendary skins that Overwatch introduces in the new update. These skins are Karasu-Tengu Genji, Dai-Tengu Hanzo, Flying Dutchman Sigma, Werewolf Winston, and Shin-Ryeong D.Va. 

One year anniversary

It is also the Nintendo Switch one-year anniversary for Overwatch. The company has given a free trial option from 13th October 2020, for the players with actual Nintendo Switch membership or Nintendo Account. These free trials are available at the Nintendo eShops. 

For the Nintendo users, another big news is out for Overwatch. The Nintendo players can purchase the Legendary Edition of the game from the Nintendo eShop for 50% off. This offer is valid until the 25th of October 2020. 

With the new update in Overwatch, fans are highly excited. The game releases so many things with a single update. The Halloween Terror comes out every year, but this year, there are some extra things from Overwatch. Blizzard makes the game more exciting for the fans by introducing the weekly challenges, rewards, and multiple skins. The company also rewards the Nintendo users for the one year anniversary on the platform. The Halloween Terror has already started. Fans are completing the weekly challenges to collect their rewards. If you are an Overwatch fan, this is your time to get into some action and win a lot of things.