One of the most famous Dota 2 stars Kurosh Salehi ‘Kuroky’ Takhasomi takes a break from the professional Dota 2 scene. Team Nigma and multiple Esports analysts posted about Kuroky’s break via Twitter. Kuroky leaves Dota 2 for the moment due to an elbow injury. The 28-year-old star has played way too much and now needs a rest for sure. 

However, as Kuroky rests after several hectic runs, Nigma is already getting down the track and needs the captain back as soon as possible. As Kuroky left the team temporarily, Nigma started performing indifferently throughout different tournaments. 

When did Kuroky Leave?

Kuroky made his temporary departure from Team Nigma, just before OGA Dota Pit Season 2: Europe. The captain announced that he will be taking a break from the professional Dota, as he is going through some physical therapies. As Kuroky left, the coach of the team Roman ‘rmN-’ Paley replaced him. He now plays as position 5 in the team. 

Kuroky left the esports scene in August and ever since, he has missed several professional tournaments with the team. 

Team Nigma without Kuroky

Since August, Team Nigma has played around 4 professional tournaments without the former captain Kuroky. In each of these tournaments, rmN took his place and played as position 5 in the team. The team got into OGA Dota Pit Season 2: Europe/CIS, OGA Dota Pit Season 3: Europe/CIS, OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division, and ESL One Germany 2020. 

As Kuroky left the scene, Nigma first entered the tournament OGA Dota Pit Season 2. Surprisingly, the team performed extremely well with the new position 5 in the team. Let’s talk about all these tournaments in detail and get to know what Nigma lacked without the captain.

OGA Dota Pit Season 2: Europe/CIS

Nigma goes into the first tournament without its captain on the side as rmN takes position 5. We start discussing the playoffs only. Nigma first faced FlyToMoon where the team showed no mercy and closed the game with class. Nigma took the first-round win with a 2-0 over FlyToMoon. Miracle- from Team Nigma carried the game single-handedly with his Faceless Void and Terrorblade.

The team moved to the next round where it had to face one of the biggest rivals, Team OG. OG had a perfect run at the tournament and the community favored OG to take the series. However, Nigma proved the community wrong as the team took a victory of 2-0 over one of the best Dota 2 teams. Once again, Miracle- with his Faceless Void, closed the game 2 in just 30 minutes. 

As Nigma moved to the upper bracket finals, the team faced Alliance. Team Alliance gave a tough time to Nigma as they managed to take a game in the series from Nigma. The best-of-three series started with Alliance taking the first game. However, Nigma bounced back and closed the other two games in fashion. Nigma finished the last two games in just 23 and 27 minutes, to move to the grand finals. 

As Alliance drops down to the lower brackets, they face Team OG there. However, Alliance manages to beat OG in a 2-1 matchup and move to the grand finals for a rematch with Nigma. This time, Nigma breaks the ice and takes the first two victories. However, Alliance replied and took the next two games from Nigma. As the grand final came to the decision game, Team Nigma lifted its game. Nigma closed the final game to become the champions at the OGA Dota Pit Season 2: Europe/CIS. At this time, it doesn’t seem like Nigma missed their captain.

OGA Dota Pit Season 3: Europe/CIS

After the wonderful run at the OGA Dota Pit Season 2, Team Nigma hoped for the same Season 3. However, this became never the case and the team represented how much they missed their captain. We started with the playoffs as Nigma managed to start from the upper brackets once again. Team Nigma faced Natus Vincere in the first round and faced a strange defeat. Na’Vi missed no opportunity in both games and sealed the series as 2-0. 

As Nigma lost to Na’Vi, the team dropped down to the lower brackets. Nigma is the team that has completed through the lower brackets many times. In the first round of lower brackets, Nigma faced VP. Prodigy. Unfortunately, the team couldn’t manage to take a single game and lost the series. VP. Prodigy played marvelously against Nigma to close the series as 2-0. Nigma became the first team to leave the tournament from the playoffs and secured the 7th – 8th position. 

Team Nigma made a lot of errors during the tournament. People highlighted multiple call mistakes and a lack of coordination. These factors included the absence of Kuroky. As Kuroky was not present in the team, Nigma could not bring out the best and lost with a bad position in the tournament.

OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division

After the brutal defeat at the OGA Dota Pit Season 3, Nigma knew that the team had to come back, to keep the reputation Kuroky built. The team performed well in the group and secured the top spot. The team started with the upper brackets where it first faced Team OG. 

OG made no mistakes during the best-of-three series and did not let Nigma win a single game. Nigma even tried their signature draft but nothing seemed to be working ruthless OG. Team OG then moved forward, dropping Nigma down to the lower brackets. 

As Nigma came down to the lower brackets round 2, the team faced Team Liquid. Nigma made a comeback in the lower brackets as this time, Nigma managed to take both games from Liquid. Team Nigma moved forward in style where it faced Alliance. The first game of the series became one of the best games where Miracle- from Nigma saved the day with his Arc Warden’s Ancient-safe plays. Alliance tried to come back in game 2, but Nigma had all the answers. This time, Nigma took game 2 as well and moved further with a 2-0 victory. 

This time, Nigma had to face Team OG once again in a single tournament. Fans expected a different outcome this time. However, OG proved itself once again and didn’t give Nigma any chance to stand. Once again, OG took both of the games, and this time, eliminated Nigma from the tournament. 

Nigma secured the third position at the tournament which was pretty good. This looked like a comeback from the team and seemed like Nigma doesn’t need Kuroky anymore. However, this statement never held, and Nigma instantly lost connection in the next tournament.

ESL One Germany 2020

Just like any other tournament, Team Nigma once again managed to start the playoffs with the upper brackets. The team had a real test in the very beginning as it faced the unbeaten Team Secret. Team Secret kept its winning streak alive as the team defeated Nigma. However, the best-of-three series started the other way around. Nigma secured the first game with Miracle- saving the day with his Faceless Void. As Secret got into the second game, they didn’t give any chance to Nigma and closed the remaining two games to push Nigma down towards lower brackets.

In the lower bracket first round, Nigma faced Team Liquid. Fans predicted that Nigma shall keep its usual lower bracket run alive and will go till the end of the series. However, this didn’t happen, and Team Liquid stopped Nigma’s ESL One Germany’s journey right away. This time, Nigma started with a first match victory once again. However, Nigma could not keep the pressure, and Team Liquid bounced back. 

As Team Liquid defeated Nigma, the team got eliminated from the tournament and could only secure the 7th – 8th position.

This is the time where it felt like Team Nigma was missing their captain and in-game strategies. 

Team Nigma with Kuroky

This year, Team Nigma managed to win two titles with the captain Kuroky on the side. The team managed to secure We!Play Bukovel Minor 2020 and We!Play Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Mood. Let’s look into Nigma’s run at these tournaments with Kuroky. 

We!Play Bukovel Minor 2020

Nigma started the playoffs with the upper bracket match against Royal Never Give Up. Fans expected that Nigma would have a clean chit in this one. However, RNGU did the unexpected and defeated Nigma to send it to the lower brackets. As Royal Never Give Up took the first game, Nigma tried coming back and took game 2. However, Royal Never Give Up came up with an extremely good draft in game 3, and Nigma had to tap out in 51 minutes. 

Nigma then faced Gambit Esports in the first round of the lower brackets. Nigma secured a 2-1 victory to move forward to the next round. The team then faced Geek Fam in the lower bracket finals. Nigma represented a consistent performance with winning both games in 48 minutes. As Gambit Esports tapped out, Nigma moved to the grand finals of the tournament. Royal Never Give Up waited for Team Nigma in the finals of the event. Royal Never Give Up once again defeated Nigma in the first game. However, Nigma made a comeback and won the next three games to win the tournament. 

We!Play dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon

Nigma started the playoffs in the upper bracket and faced Team B8 in the first round. The team secured a 2-0 victory and decently moved to the next round. It was the time of the test as Nigma faced Team Secret in the second round. Nigma failed to pull out a victory in the second round against Secret and dropped down to the lower brackets.

Nigma first faced Aggressive Mode in the first round and won 2-1. Continuing its lower bracket run, Nigma faced Gambit Esports in the second round. The team showed a clean form and sealed the series as 2-0 to move forward. Virtus Pro then waited for Team Nigma in the third round. Team Nigma once again showed a dominant performance and closed the series as 2-0 to move to the grand finals. Once again, Team Nigma faced Team Secret during the event. This time, Nigma turned the roles around and secured a 3-2 victory to become the champions. 

Nigma Needs Kuroky?

It is clear with Nigms’s current performance that the team is lacking leadership. As the members of the team also said in multiple interviews that they miss their captain making calls and drafting in the games. Kuroky is one of the most experienced Dota 2 professional players. He has always taken Nigma to another level and has beaten the best teams in the circuit. 

As we have analyzed the recent games of Nigma, the team lacked proper drafting and team fight capacities. With Kuroky on the driving seat of Nigma, the team can perform way better than this. Therefore, Nigma needs Kuroky as the team is losing potential and classic form.

When Kuroky comes back?

The famous Dota 2 star Kuroky has not yet released any statement about his return to the professional scene of Dota 2. However, one thing is confirmed that the professional will surely make a return to the team. We can say that because rmN is still playing as a stand-in in the team and Nigma is not looking for any other player on the roster. Therefore, Kuroky will make a return soon to the team to get back to his position where he left. As he comes back to Nigma, things will change and the team will start performing once again. We can only hope that Kuroky returns before the TI10 as it is the most important tournament of Dota 2. When he comes back, we will see what changes he brings to Nigma. 

After wrapping up the International Battle Pass 10, Valve finally releases the Arcana vote winner of the year. As the Battle Pass goes out, Valve announces the winner within an hour. The competition went really tough throughout as two carries managed to reach the finals. Faceless Void became the final opponent to face Spectre in the finals of the Arcana voting. Both of the purplest heroes in Dota 2, fought till the end, and eventually, Spectre won. 

Votings and the Arcana

After the whole Battle Pass tenure, both carries came to a very close point. Spectre eventually managed to close Faceless Void with a big lead. In a final tally of 27,475,258 votes to 24,948,538 votes, Spectre closed the competition really well. Valve is now all set to prepare the new Arcana for the hero. The organization has given a name to the new Arcana of Spectre, ‘Befitting Mercurial’. Fans are now desperately waiting for the new Arcana. However, the official date is not out yet.

Valve’s Response to Spectre arcana

After several queries by the fans, Valve finally revealed some of the glamorous insights about the new Arcana. In a post, the organization says that how do the fans think Spectre will haunt, how can her refraction take onto her enemies, what custom appearance can she adapt. The company also says that when Spectre will release her Spectral Dagger, what color would she release. It is common sense that it will omit purple color, but which shade of purple, is the main question. Valve asks fans to sit tight as the new Arcana is going to get the lavender lovers, and the violet voters. With some time, the company will resolve all the questions with a new Arcana. 

Release Date and Dota Plus

Valve has still not announced an official date of the release of the new Arcana. However, Spectre fans can finally be happy as their favorite hero is about to get a new change. In the same post regarding the Arcana details, Valve also shared some insights on Dota Plus. According to the post, Dota Plus is going to get a lot of new stuff, next week. The new stuff can include an update for the Guilds. Similarly, a new Dota Plus Season will start. Moreover, a new MMR reset system is going to get live in the next few updates. All of these updates are going to get installed in the next few weeks. 

As the Battle Pass 10 finishes, Valve surprises the fans with the most awaited Arcana for 2020. A lot of Faceless Void fans are not happy with the result, however, they are also somewhat excited to experience the new Arcana for Spectre. The release date is still unknown, but Valve commits to release a few new updates for Dota Plus and other things in the coming week. If you voted for Spectre, you must be really happy as the Carry finally won the Arcana vote.