Riot Games is converting League of Legends into Pay2Win and the community is not so happy with this decision. The developers lock the release of the new broken Champions behind paid walls. This allows the players to dominate the scene who can afford the Champion. According to the new announcement of the Roadmap for Champions in League of Legends for September 2020, Riot Games promises the fans to release two new Champions before the year ends. 

League of Legends Champions Roadmap 2020

In January 2020, a developer’s video by League of Legends on YouTube caught the attention of millions of fans. According to the announcement, League of Legends had to receive a total of 6 Champions this year. These Champions include one Jungler, one Top Laner, one Support, one Attack Damage Carry (ADC), and two Mid Laners with one of them as Assassin and the other as Mage. The roadmap is still not complete and fans are waiting for the remaining Champions to join the pool. 

Samira hints Riot might go for Pay2Win

Throughout this year, Riot Games releases three Champions for the games. These three Champions are Lillia who is a strong Jungler, Sett who covers the Top Lane, and Yone who fights in the Mid Lane. According to the Champions roadmap in January, Samira now had the time to release in the game. 

What Samira is like?

Samira is the new Champion that has to release next in the League of Legends Champion’s pool. She is a bottom Lane Attack Damage Carry (ADC) who holds multiple guns in her hands. Along with the guns, Samira also holds a sword. He Ultimate does not work as a regular Champion in the game. However, it covers an accumulative style. Samira turns on her Ultimate mode as a player keeps on hitting the enemy Champions with a flurry of non-repetitive combo hits. That is why, the more you hit the enemies with different combo hits, the more are the chances to turn Samira into her Ultimate form.

A lot of professional analysts for League of Legends have looked into the Champion to give their verdict about it. Most of the professionals and veterans of the game say that the new Champions looks pretty much broken for the users. Lots of other professionals like Jordan Corby, IWDominateLoL,  and Thorin join on an episode of The Crack Down to discuss the same topic. These professionals share their views about the upcoming Champion into the game and they are also fairly convinced that the Champions look broken. 

They also talk about the new Champion’s unfairness for the players in the game. As they say that the Champion is really strong for the other players for the time being. The trio also discusses that this release will favor the players who can immediately buy Samira and use it in the game over the player who makes in-game currency to unlock her. 

Even fans are discussing this topic about the unfairness of Riot Games in the current update. The organization has not yet taken any action on the backlash, however, fans are expecting from Riot to listen to them.

Professional Analysis of Samira

Most of the professionals talk about the unfairness of the game right now with the release of the new Champion. However, they also say that Riot Games will nerf the Champion in the upcoming updates until the point where it is not broken anymore. As with some time, Riot will understand the brokenness of the Champion and how she is taking advantage of the others. The organization will soon release a few updates to nerf her. 

However, the professionals also discuss the scenario for the in-game players who cannot afford Samira as she releases. As the in-game grinders struggle too much to get to the point to make in-game currency and buy Samira. Till they do so, Riot Games will nerf the ADC Champion and these players will still miss the broken part of the Champion. The professionals have to say that the grinders grind for nothing. 

Thorin’s Views on League of Legends

A very famous League of Legends professional analyst, Thorin, talks about the latest update and situation with the fans. The professional says that League of Legends is turning into a Pay2Win game as the new release of the broken Champions will only favor the players who can afford them. This means that when the Champions are stronger, the players who can afford them will take on more wins over the players who can’t afford them. This case will create an unbalanced situation in the game which should be highly ignored. 

Competition with Dota 2

League of Legends has always been in competition with the second most famous MOBA game, Dota 2. The community has given backlashes to Dota 2 as they call the game to be very complex. Most of the professional analysis says that Dota 2 has extremely difficult game mechanics. Other than the mechanics, the game is more difficult than League of Legends as it contains more number of active items in the match and an unlimited number of in-game battle combinations. All these features make the game very hard to understand and that is why the community prefers League of Legends which is somehow an easy game to play.

Hero Release in Dota 2

Even if League of Legends takes the lead in the gameplay easiness and fewer complex mechanics, Dota 2 always wins the hero release. As in Dota 2, a new hero release is free-to-play for all the players from the day of its launch in the game. Whereas, League of Legends keeps the Champion behind the paid walls. The community talks strictly about this feature of League of Legends as Dota 2 takes the lead here. 

For example, a new hero is about to come to Dota 2 at the end of the year as well. Unlike Samira or League of Legends hero policy, Dota 2 will launch the hero for everyone. This means that any player can access the new hero in any game as it launches. However, the new hero just only comes to the captain’s mode of the game which is usually played in the tournaments by professionals. The hero comes in the captain’s mode as it passes all the tests in normal games.

League of Legends Economic Structure

League of Legends’ economic structure has always been different from Dota 2. Where Dota 2 makes money through multiple hero cosmetics and in-game items, League of Legends makes it through the Champion release as well. The players in the game either pay for the new Champion right away or wait and make enough in-game currency to unlock it. Other than this, both MOBA games follow the same rule of making money through the game. 

Riot Games keeps releasing multiple cosmetic items for the Champions throughout the year which players buy later on. Similarly, Valve works on the same algorithm. Valve released multiple Treasures and Battle Pass for the game which includes special effects and cosmetics for in-game heroes. Players then buy these treasures to get their favorite items.

Besides the difference in economic structure and Riot Games’ unfairness with the release of the new Champion, the community still swears their allegiance to League of Legends. 

League of Legends Pay2Win or Not?

Right now, we cannot say that Riot Games’ League of Legends is a complete pay2win game. However, if Riot kept on releasing broken Champions like Samira and kept them behind the paid walls, it will take no time when fans start calling the game a pay2win. 

In this matter, Dota 2 is appreciated by the fans as they can enjoy the new release of the hero from the first day of its launch. However, it has been the same structure for League of Legends for years now, that when a Champion comes in the game, players either buy it instantly or work for it by making money in the game. 

We cannot conflict with the Riot Games strategy of releasing new Champions in the game as the organization definitely makes a plan before taking any step. However, we can criticize the current situation as the fans are not happy with Riot’s decisions at all. The organization has to stop releasing broken heroes in the game, in order to stop the formation of unfair situations in the game.


Currently, Riot Games is facing a complete backlash by the fans of the games as they know that the upcoming Champion Samira is going to be broken in the beginning. By the time Riot fixes the Champion through multiple nerfs, the players who couldn’t afford the Champion will face a back step. This will create an unfair situation in the game as the players who can afford the upcoming Champion will mark more wins over the ones who cannot. Multiple professionals also talk about the current situation in the game and make their predictions that if Riot kept on doing that with overpowered Champion releases every time, the game will definitely become a pay2win.