One of the biggest esports streamers Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is making his first step towards a career in Hollywood. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ninja recently signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) for representation in all areas. The Agency says that it represents all kinds of storytellers, icons, thoughts, and trendsetters who shape the popular culture around sports, film, and digital media.

Creative Artists Agency

The Creative Artists Agency (CAA) represents thousands of the world’s best actors, writers, directors, producers, authors, comedians, chefs, athletes, and designers. The agency works around a very simple motto. Similarly, the company believes that it can build new businesses and brands with the ideas and interests of the clients. 

Ninja’s Hollywood Dreams

As Ninjas moves back to Twitch in August, he expresses his dreams about joining Hollywood. Moreover, he also says that he has an interest in anything related to Hollywood. Ninjas says that he would show up for any of the movies, cartoons, and voice acting. Ninja will also be coming in a video-game inspired movie starring Ryan Reynolds. The movie is known as Free Guy. Ninja is excited about the movie as it is coming out in December. 

Signing with CAA is going to give him a breakthrough to enter the Hollywood scene. Ninja thinks about moving out of the streaming world and doing something big, well here is his chance.

CAA’s Portfolio

CAA is a very famous creative agency that has signed up with a lot of celebrities in the world. The agency has a lot of Hollywood stars with it. Some of the famous names are Jackie Chan, Chris Evans, and Tom Hanks. Similarly, this is not the first time CAA is jumping into the Esports industry. However, the company already has a very famous streamer ‘Dr. Disrespect’, and the most famous League of Legends streamer James ‘Dash’ Patterson. The agency covers the sports world as well. Currently, CAA works with David Beckham, Peyton Manning, and Derek Jeter.

Ninja Leaving Twitch?

Ninja is exploring multiple entertainment venues at the moment. The star is signing with CAA to enter Hollywood as well. However, the famous streamer says that he won’t be leaving Twitch very soon. Ninja is bound to a contract he signed with the streaming website when he got out of his commitment from Microsoft’s Mixer. In recent days, Ninja is streaming for five hours daily for his 16 million fans on Twitch. During his live streams, he likes to play Fortnite, Among Us, and Valorant. 

Ninja is not going to leave Twitch for a long time. The star is in contact with the streaming website, and he loves the esports. Besides this, signing with CAA is going to be very beneficial for Ninja as he will have multiple opportunities in the future. Ninja is already one of the most famous streamers. However, the contract with CAA can also give him new positions. In other words, signing CAA is a big step forward for Ninja.