With the latest update in Dota 2, Valve releases a lot of new information for the fans in the game. The update rotates around the stronger smurf detection in the game as well as the new hero release. Valve announces that the new hero in Dota 2 will come out in late November 2020. The organization intimates the fans about the release of the future heroes in the game as well. The update says that the future hero releases will follow the rotating schedule. Fans are extremely happy about the new update in Dota 2 as it gives answers to their multiple questions.

Hero Release and The International

For many years, Dota 2 followed the same pattern for hero releases in the game. Every year, a new hero comes to the game after the successful ending of the biggest tournament of the year for Dota 2, The International. As the tournament ends, Valve releases a new hero in the game. However, this year, things went the other way around. The organization had to postpone The International due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, they had to release the hero as they planned for the year. Therefore, a new way of releasing the heroes in Dota 2 has come with the new update. 

Hero Release not tied to TI

As Valve postpones the biggest tournament of the year for Dota 2, The International, the company decides to change the way of releasing new heroes in Dota 2 for the future. Valve had always tied up the hero release with the TI. However, this is not the case anymore. The new hero will come out at the end of November 2020, regardless of the TI. 

Valve also intimates the fans about the next hero release in the future. According to the new update in the game, the organization says that it will release the next hero in the spring of 2021. Valve will now release any new hero without tying it to the TI. Fans appreciate this big step by Valve on Twitter and Reddit. 

Valve to the Fans

Valve tries to intimate the fans way before the release of the upcoming heroes. The organization expresses that a communication break that happened this year, should not occur anymore. As most of the fans had always known about the release of the new hero each year after the TI, the postponing of the event put a question in each mind. However, Valve now clears it out and patches up the communication break once again.

The changes in hero release are going to leave a good impression on the fans. As a lot of fans faced uncertainty this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic and postponing of the TI, Valve does not like this to happen again. The organization clearly states its motives for the new hero releases in the future. The new update also looks towards stopping cheating in the game and strictness of the environment for the smurfs and the boosters.