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Riot Games installed three new servers for its North African and Middle Eastern regions. The servers are live now and working properly. The organization also opens up a new Valorant data center in Bahrain to handle these servers with more comfort. This office will provide better support and look after the region to host the best experience for the players. An official Tweet from Valorant News says that the servers will start working from the 13th of October. 

The MENA Region

The players from the Middle Eastern and North African regions will now enjoy a low ping game. From October 14, the regions will witness smooth gaming. This new update of regions coincides with the launch of Act 3 in the game. Another exciting thing comes to the MENA players in the game. As the servers go live, the players will witness one of the agent’s gameplay in Arabic. 

Just like every time, Riot always prefers the gamers and the content around them. This time, it’s no different for the MENA players. Riot Games is introducing multiple tutorials for the MENA servers and a music video with some of the famous Arabic artists. Regardless of the server location, all the players in Valorant can receive Arabic cosmetics. 

Australian Office

As Riot Games closes its Sydney office, the organization announces good news for the MENA region. The company ends its Australian operations to enter the new region in the world. The company expects that the MENA region will gather more players than the Oceania region. With the low ping smooth gaming, Valorant will definitely attract more gamers than ever in the region. 

The company also wishes to open a local office in Dubai to support the League of Legends players in the region. Riot Games tried to open an office before in Saudia Arabia which turned out to be a false decision. 

Effects on Valorant’s Global Tournaments

Valorant announces its first-ever wave of sponsored tournaments ‘First Strike’. These tournaments will occur in different regions of the world and players across different oceans will join the battle. For the first time ever, players from the MENA region will also join the professional scene of the game. 

Riot Games clearly states that the company wants to connect better with the MENA region and players in it. It also tries to explore different ways of enhancing the gaming experience in the North African region and the Levant market. Riot Games is significant about opening an office in Dubai to maintain a stronger connection with the players and produce a vital esports presence. 

Riot Games is keeping up to its promise of providing an individual esports scene for the players. As the company proves to be right about its words, multiple big-name esports organizations are trying to collaborate with Valorant right now. It seems like it is just the beginning of the Valorant pro scene, as several big teams are forming up for the battles to come.