Multiple reports are coming out from several authentic sources that Valve denies the hosting of the biggest tournament of esports in Shanghai, China. China misses the chance to arrange the “The International 10” for Dota 2 after an offer from the Shanghai government and Perfect World. 

Post on Medium

A very famous Dota 2 professional caster, Kyle Freedman posts his views and dissatisfaction about Valve handling the Pro Dota scene on Medium. His post goes viral after the CEO of Team Aster, Zhili Guo, translates his post and puts it up on a Chinese forum. The CEO posts the criticism by Freedman on Weibo where it catches further attention by the Chinese fans. The Chinese player base catches the post and starts a wave of criticism against Valve for looking at the Pro Dota scene very poorly. 

The criticism caught fire as the fans took the other matters in the discussion as well. Some of the fans threw in the incident about Perfect World constantly in discussion with Valve to organize the TI10 in Shanghai, China. Later on, Valve denies the offer and fans don’t like it. 

Co-Founder of Imba TV

Another confirmation of the incident comes out by the Co-Founder of Imba Tv, Zhou ‘Haito’ Lingxiang. He says that from April to May, the CEO of Perfect World reached down to Valve to ask if the organization is willing to move the TI10 to Shanghai, China. He also says that the Shanghai government gave their total support in this matter, however, Valve decides not to take the offer. This post also came on Weibo where it goes totally viral. 

The CEO of LGD Gaming

The CEO of LGD, Pan ‘RURU’ Jie, also confirms the situation through a post. He says that the Shanghai government tried inviting Valve to host the TI10 with full support. He also says that the government was willing to support the event just as they did for the League of Legends World Championships. 

Valve and The International 10

The International 10 still holds to be the biggest esports tournament in the world. The tournament provides the largest prize pool with the greatest teams competing for it. The International also holds the record of becoming the biggest tournament in a row for many years. Similarly, this year, TI10 reaches the prize pool of $40 million. Just 10 minutes before concluding the final prize pool for the tournament, TI10 reached the 40 million mark. 

Valve is still not sure about the possible venue of the TI10. The organization has postponed the event for an indefinite duration. Fans are waiting for the event to kick-off as soon as possible. However, the Chinese fans are not happy with the current decision of Valve. The cancellation of the former TI10 venue is hurting the Chinese players. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Valve has to make a lot of amendments in the biggest tournament ever. Let’s see what Valve comes up with.