eSports Betting – Top eSports Betting Sites

Esports betting has become one of the biggest aspects of the betting world. There are thousands of esports betting websites available where players can actually make money. Most of the esports players are indulged in gaming only, but they hardly know about the betting market that esports offers. Let’s get into some insights about esports betting and get to know the biggest markets.

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eSports Betting

Esports betting normally works how ordinary betting operates. Fans can bet for their favorite teams online to place actual money and win from it. Esports betting is getting larger and larger day by day. Numerous esports betting websites are getting into a competition to attract more audience. 

Esports has produced so many famous games that help the betting scene running, all year. Due to heavy traffic, multiple big organizations like ESL and DreamHack have started organizing tournaments for different games. During these tournaments, online betting websites remain active to provide the best odds to the fans and a betting experience like never before.

A player can actually lookup for his/her favorite live match and can place a bet for actual money. As the match ends, the player either receives the prize money or loses the bet. After the normal sports betting, esports is taking the place in the list that provides the biggest betting scene internationally. Along with one of the biggest betting scenes, esports betting is highly liked due to its versatile market options for betting. Each game provides different betting markets and odds for the players to bet on. This keeps the players in a loop. Most of the players feel uncomfortable while putting their first step in esports betting, as they don’t have enough knowledge about how this actually works.

How to Bet on eSports?

Esports betting is very simple and actually works like normal sports betting. Multiple online betting website makers have made the esports betting experience highly simple and user friendly. Despite all this, some players face trouble while placing their first bet for an esports match. 

In order to start betting for esports, you need to look up for a betting website that offers the best odds and goes totally fine with your payment methods. As you look up the website, you can now submit your bank details and add your money to the e-wallet of the website. 

Now that all the steps are completed, you need to look up for the match you want to bet on. Before placing your bet, always check the winning odds for each team. If you feel confident about your bet, go for it and place your money. Once you have placed a bet, you cannot take out your money until the decision of the match comes out. If you win the bet, you receive the reward. However, if you lose it, you lose your money too.

Finding Bonus & Free Bet Offers

A decent betting website will always offer you a suitable bonus or free bet offers. As you join a new website, there are high chances that you will receive the signup bonus. Other than that, there are different other kinds of bonuses as well. For example, a player might receive a bonus of the first deposit he makes with the website. 

A player should always find the bonuses provided by the website as they can be very helpful. You can actually place bets through the bonus amount given to you by the website. However, in order to withdraw this bonus, you need to meet the special bonus requirements. 

Similarly, there are different options available that a player must avail of. In these offers, players get a chance to combine two bets together and get a bigger reward. The free bet offers also include the safe bets in which a player can easily place his money without any fear of losing. In these cases, if a player wins the bet, he gets the total reward. However, if he loses the bet, he does not lose the money.

What eSports Games can I Bet on?

There are several famous esports games on which players place bets every day. However, there are some top five esports games that every betting website offers because of their fan following and their active tournament runs.

League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most famous esports games. The game offers one of the largest esports scenes. The betting for League of Legends leads the whole esports betting chart. Fans around the world participate in different matches while betting for their favorite teams. 

Betting for a League of Legends match works very simply. A player gets multiple markets in a single professional match, on which he can place bets on. A single League of Legends match can offer several markets like first blood, the most number of kills, least deaths, the first dragon slay, the game ends before 30 minutes, the winner of the match, and many more. 

With this many options in a single match, a player gets a versatile choice of betting for the game. Besides the betting markets, each game brings some betting odds for the players. These odds work according to any team’s recent performances. For example, a team with consistent performance will have lower odds, as compared to the team that performs rarely. League of Legends betting has taken the betting world to another level.


With the release in 2017, Fortnite is still not a very old game in the esports scene. However, the game produces so much revenue and attracts one of the biggest audiences in the esports scene. As we talk about the game’s audience power, the betting scene for Fortnite is very strong as well. 

Throughout the year, different Fortnite tournaments occur and with them, multiple betting websites offer Fortnite betting promotions. During these promotions, fans get the chance to bet more for the game.

Fortnite betting works a little differently than other games. As the most famous mode of the game is Battle Royale, the betting favors only a single man. However, there are multiple betting markets available in a single game.

Fortnite betting also covers the mega tournaments around the year and provides the best rewards to the players. As Fortnite becomes one of the biggest esports scenes, almost every betting website is offering esports betting for the game.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the most famous Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games. We can easily say that Dota 2 has the biggest esports scene due to the developers providing the biggest tournament of the year, almost once in a calendar.

A Dota 2 match can provide so many markets to a player for betting that the betting scene becomes vast enough to cater to many players. These markets are like first blood, the first Roshan kill, which team will end up with more kills, least deaths, number of buildings taken by a team, and many more. 

During the famous tournaments of the year for Dota 2 like The International and ESL, multiple betting websites offer the best odds to the players to cope up with the competitors. Dota 2 consists of two teams fighting against each other to capture the enemy’s Ancient. Each game brings up some odds for both teams. A player should always analyze the odds and then start betting. The odds remain low for the most consistent team and the odds become extremely high for a low-level team when they face each other.


Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most famous first-person shooter games. The game offers a huge esports betting scene as millions of players play the game every day. 

Throughout the year, multiple CSGO tournaments like ESL and Rio take place in different months. With each on-going tournament, betting websites become more active and track every single game.

CSGO betting may include betting markets for different in-game scenarios. These scenarios may include first kill, total headshots, knife kills, smoke kills, AWP kills, highest score, and many more.

A player can easily look up his favorite CSGO live match on almost every esports betting website. The CSGO betting also works against the odds and the whole sequence works exactly the same. CSGO betting has become very huge as millions of players are into the scene every time.


Overwatch is a very famous team-based first-person shooter game. The game has gathered so much audience in a very short time that the esports scene for it is massive. Millions of players join the online betting websites to get into the Overwatch betting scenes.

To bet for an Overwatch match, all you need to do is look for a suitable betting website and search if they offer Overwatch betting. Once you find the game, look for the match you want to bet for. As you locate the match, check for the winning odds for both teams and then carefully place the bet. Now you may wait for the match to end, in order to get the results. 

Several huge tournaments for Overwatch take place, during which, these esports betting websites offer the best odds and deals to the players. 

An Overwatch match also covers multiple game markets. Fans can decide about which market they want to bet on. Overwatch takes the fifth position with its esports betting scene huge enough, to beat out all the other games.

What eSports Skin Betting?

Esports’ skin betting is a trend of betting that actually started with Counter-Strike. Several players started posting their in-game cosmetics and items instead of their real money for the bet.

In skin betting, a player can use his in-game hero skins or cosmetic items to place a bet instead of real money. The betting website analyzes the items and covers the player with the deserving cash. As the player wins the bet, he receives exactly the same amount of reward that levels the worth of the in-game skin. However, if the player loses the bet, he loses the hero’s skin as well.

This trend then moved to other games as well. Later on, it became very famous in Dota 2 as players started betting with their hero sets and item collections. 

Currently, esports skin betting is very common, and almost every game provides this kind of betting option. Although skin betting is considered a little out fashioned in the current betting world, players still bet on the set they don’t like or don’t want.

Is eSports Betting Legal in Australia?

Online Esports betting is totally legal in Australia and a player can easily make bets on his favorite team to win. In June 2001, the Australian Government passed an Act, according to which, gambling online became totally legal.

How do I know the Games aren’t Rigged?

The best way to find if the games on a betting website are not rigged is by looking at the license of the website. If the license looks authentic and the website holds a firm reputation, then you don’t need to worry about the rigidness of the games. You can then easily trust on the website and play your games.

Can I Bet with Real Cash?

A player can now use actual money in the esports betting scene. All the authentic and famous esports betting websites now offer an e-wallet, in which a player can store his actual money. With these wallets, you can make bets and can make actual money.

Can I use Crypto for eSports Betting?

As Cryptocurrency gained hype in the market, numerous esports betting websites started offering betting with cryptocurrency. It is totally possible for a player to use cryptocurrency during esports betting.