World famous soccer star David Beckham has backed Guild Esports and has completed a $53 million stock market listing. Read more at –


Over lockdown esports has gotten very popular, people are using it as a cure for boredom. See the top 10 list of esports. Read more at –


100 thieves esports team has released there Volorant team adding the last 2 members. The team is consisted of: Hiko, steel, nitr0, Asuna and dicey. Read more at –


2 of the biggest esports organisers ESL and DreamHack have combined to make 1 company. There new name is ESL Gaming. Read more at –

Could Australia Esports move towards being based in Perth. It would be hard at first but with a western Australian internet provider they could build some of the best talent. Read more at –


One of the biggest deals have been signed in Esports. LOL and Mercedes-Benzes have started a partnership. Read more at –


Activision has decided to make YouTube the exclusive home of there content, meaning that games like overwatch league and call of duty leagues can only be watched on YouTube. Read why at –


Hafu is a pro gamer girl, she has made gaming an easy option for females. In a stream she talks about an experience where she was in a tournament and some of the guys there had named their team ‘Gonna R*pe Hafu at Regionals’. Read more at –

Adelaide 1 year ago started a course dedicated for gamers wanting to become professionals, this event was run by the University of Adelaide’s Sia Furler Institute. They have decided to run the event again. Read more at –


Big brands are always looking for a alternative way of advertising to new customers. Esports is the new arena that big brands are investigating. Read more at –


Esports is rapidly growing sport and it is time that you should start investing. Read the top 4 at –


The G2 esports team is back in the league of legends championship in group A. See how they stack up against the other teams at –

Monash university is opening a program devoted to esports. It will help students go beyond gameplay and learn about how games are played. Monash Electronic Gaming Association. Read more at –


3 coaches where banned from the CS:GO League when they were using a bug in spectator mode. The bug lets you move around and check where the other team was, giving them a huge benefit. Read more at –


Esports in Australia could become bigger than everyone thought. In America it has become a million dollar industry and rapidly growing bigger, so why has Australia not hopped on the wagon. Read more at –


One of the world best Fortnite streamers has just signed a deal with twitch and guess where he comes from, right here in Australia. Read more at