Overwatch is a very popular team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game. The game was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and Iron Galaxy. Blizzard released the game in October 2015. The game supports numerous platforms including the Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlaysStation4, and Nintendo Switch. Around 4 head designers joined together to create this epic game. The game surrounds the ranking system, in which players receive a specific rank number that represents their medal. To find out more about the game, let’s go through some of its history and modes in detail. 

About Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment published and released the team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game in 2015. Overwatch basically works as two teams land on a map where they compete against each other for the victory. Each team contains six players to battle. Players have the liberty to choose any character or ‘hero’ out of the 32 available in the game. Heroes are further divided into three categories and players can select a hero that fits the best in a game situation. The game works around the players who work together and secure multiple control points. Another task is to escort the payload to the other side of the map in a limited amount of time. 

Blizzard knows how to keep the game interesting for the players. The developers release multiple skins for the heroes that don’t affect their in-game abilities.At first, Blizzard only released the game with one mode, ‘Casual’. Later on, a new competitive ranked mode was introduced in the game. With this, multiple Arcade games were also launched that was part of the game. Blizzard also released a lot of new heroes and maps after the initial release of the game. Overwatch has everything free of cost other than the heroes’ cosmetics.

A brief history

Overwatch was first revealed in 2014 and it was kept in beta form until 2015. However, in early 2016, the game was released in full form. The early beta version of the game already attracted about 10 million players. Blizzard has reported that Overwatch made more than $1 billion in just one year after its release. In another claim, the organization says that Overwatch catered to more than 50 million players after three years of its release. It was definitely a big milestone achieved by Blizzard and the team. 

The game has witnessed so much popularity that a sequel, Overwatch 2 has been announced in 2019. Fans are waiting for the new game to come. 

Overwatch Game Modes

There are around seven different kinds of modes available in Overwatch at the moment. Four of them are placed under the regular Casual mode, which are Control, Assault, Hybrid. Escort. However, the rest of the three modes are placed under the Ranked scene, which is to Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and Elimination. 

In the Casual Mode, there are maps available for each subclass mode. The Control Maps include teams that have to play a best of three series. In these maps, players have to fully capture the control points in the game. As one of the teams secures a control point, the round immediately stops. 

The Escort Maps includes two teams who play rotation maps. After a specific time, both teams reverse their roles. One team stays on the attacking side and one goes to defend. As any of the team reaches a checkpoint, the roles reverse. In the Assault Maps, both teams take the roles of attacking and defending. After one rotation if none of the teams have taken the checkpoint, then the match goes to a draw. However, if the attacking team secures a checkpoint greater than 1 tick, then this team wins. 

Hybrid maps

In Hybrid Maps, the rules are almost the same as the Assault Map. However, the twist comes when the players get only four minutes in the beginning to capture a control point. 

Similarly, the ranked scene of the game includes the Capture the Flag maps. In this mode, both teams are allowed on the map for some time. Whichever team captures the flag first, wins. 

Team Deathmatch and Elimination work normally as for any of the other games does. In Team Deathmatch, two teams with six players each join the battle on a map. Each player can assume a hero and use multiple abilities with it. In the end, the winning team must have more points. 

Overwatch Characters

Overwatch has divided its hero pool into simple three categories. Heroes can be classified in a Tank, Damage, and Support roles. There are around 32 heroes available for the players to select any to enter the battle. The best Overwatch Tank heroes are Reinhardt, D.Va, Zarya, and Winston. Players mostly select these heroes for their matches as they are not so difficult to control and are more reliable during the team fights. 

Similarly, the best Overwatch Damage heroes are Junkrat, Torbjorn, Ashe, Doomfist, and Reaper. These are the heroes that fit in the tier-1 gaming. The heroes are not so difficult to control and can have a significant impact on the game. Moreover, the best Overwatch Support heroes are Baptiste, Moira, Ana, Lucio, and Zenyatta. These heroes are really helpful regardless of the situation of the match. Most of them fall under the tier-1 and tier-2 category. 

Almost every hero has a special ability linked to it. These lists are not definitive as the best hero becomes the one that fully suits the game requirement.