eUnited leaves the competitive Valorant scene as the organization dropped its official roster on the 28th of May. The team enjoyed its competitive journey and earned a solid second-tier rank. However, eUnited failed to win any major title throughout its journey. The professionals and coaches in the team are planning to stick together and play under a new banner. eUnited has still not made a public post about dropping out of the game. 

eUnited’s Roster

The official roster of eUnited had Jason ‘Jmoh’ Mohandessi, Lucas ‘Fiziq’ Blow, Tanner ‘Scourge’ Kages, Joseph ‘TurnUp’ Sicre, and Joseph ‘Joseph’ Rivera. The organization benched Turnup and Joseph from its official roster, before leaving the competitive scene. Similarly, eUnited had two official coaches working for the squad including Frantic and Kyle ‘ToKacey’ Stevens. Both players and the coaches have expressed their feelings about sticking together even after the organization dropped the whole team.

eUnited’s History

eUnited joined the competitive scene of Valorant in January 2021 by signing the former squad of Serenity. The team did not make a lot of changes in the lineup and just bought a few members to it. The team began with Joseph, Scrooge, and Turnup. Later on, ToKacey also came along. The team also signed with Ryan ‘Eazy’ Matthews and Antonio ‘Showtime’ Angotti in its early days. However, Showtime left the team to join Rize. eUnited also benched Eazy from its official roster after the departure of Showtime. 

Tournament Runs

Team eUnited could not produce many results during its short time in the scene. At first, the team competed in the Valorant Champions Tour qualification events. However, the team never managed to qualify for a major tournament. During its short period, Team eUinted’s highest placing was the round of 32. At stage 1, eUnited tried to qualify for the major tournament three times. However, the team lost to Cloud9 White, FaZe Clan, and Frick Ya Bag. 

At Stage 2 of VCT, Rise and Envy handed a defeat to the squad to eliminate it from the tournament. Similarly, at the Nerd Street Gamers tournaments, the team could only reach the quarterfinals. Throughout its competitive period, eUnited only managed to beat the amateur squads but never managed to win against the big teams. 

Future of the Squad

All the players and coaches have planned to stick together and participate in the upcoming tournaments. The squad is currently looking for a new home to sing. Currently, the squad is playing under the name FPL-C. With this name, the squad plans to play in the upcoming VCT events. As for eUnited, it says goodbye to the competitive scene. By leaving the game, eUnited became one of the teams to leave the esports scene completely. Several other organizations like Beastcoast and Dignitas are also on the list of organizations that dropped out of the esports scene. 

In the upcoming days, the squad will surely find a new banner to play with. The team also has to come up with a new strategy for a remarkable comeback.

Fnatic sealed the fate of Version1 at the VCT Masters 2 by defeating it at a lower bracket meeting. Version1 now purchases a one-way ticket to go back home. The EU’s ruthless Fnatic swept the North American second seed Version1 in the lower bracket match. Nikita ‘Derke’ Sirmitev proved to be the star player from Fnatic by securing a server-high 55 frags in both games. 

Map 1 

Version1 fought till the end of game 1 and pushed the match to overtime. Fnatic secured Icebox 14-12 with Derke leading the whole squad. The Finnish professional had spectacular 34 kills on the map that helped Fnatic to push some further rounds. His best performance came out when the professional held the A main alone and killed three Version 1 players. All these heroic plays helped Fnatic come on top and sneak into overtime. Eventually, Fnatic came out with a clutch victory. 

Map 2

Version 1 could not match the pace of Fnatic on the second map. Fnatic easily took Ascent 13-6. Fnatic had to defend in the second map and managed to take an 8 round lead. This broke Version 1 and the squad failed to come back into the game after that. Even with the lack of momentum, Version 1 tried its best to fight back the mighty Fnatic but failed to deliver. Team Fnatic closed the game in style and swept Version 1 to eliminate them from the VCT Masters 2 Reykjavik. 

North American Valorant

It is definitely not good news for the North American fans of Valorant. Version 1 started its tournament run with impressive plays, but could not manage to hold the pace. However, Sentinels from the same region still remain the favorite squad to win Masters 2. The team has reached the finals of the upper bracket where they face NUTURN. The winner of this series leads directly into the grand finals of the tournament. 

Fnatic moves Forward

With this clean victory in the lower bracket, Fnatic moves one step closer to reach the lower bracket finals. The team now waits for the matchup between Team Liquid and Team Vikings. The winner of this series will advance in the lower brackets to face Fnatic. Masters 2 still has a touch of EU gaming looming around. The tournament is producing exciting matches and will keep on doing that. 

Chances of Fnatic?

Fnatic is currently on a mission and is performing really well for the tournament. The team started the playoffs in the upper brackets. However, the competition got tougher when it faced Sentinals in the second round. The team fell down to the lower brackets but is doing its best to maintain the run. Currently, Fnatic has eliminated X10 Esports and Version 1. With this performance, there is no doubt the Fnatic can reach the grand finals of the tournament. However, there are high chances that Sentinals will wait for the squad in the finals. 

StarLadder recently announced that the organization will host the second Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament for the CIS region in 2021. All the RMR events of 2021 allow teams to gather some official points for the PGL Stockholm Major 2021. The community is celebrating this because the Stockholm Major is the first-ever Valve-sponsored tournament since the Berlin Major in September 2019. Valve has also released the official dates for the upcoming RMR events. These events will begin with open qualifiers at the beginning of June. Similarly, the main event will conclude on the 4th of July. 

The Stockholm Major

Starladder is organizing this RMR event to determine which teams in the region will qualify for the PGL Stockholm Major. This means that all the professional teams in the CIS region will battle for the points to get to the $2million Major tournament. Valve has also released the official dates for the Stockholm Major. The tournament will occur between the 23rd of October to the 7th of November. Before the Major, there will be another RMR tournament for the region. This tournament will provide the most points to the teams to qualify for the Major. 

RMR Tournament

The upcoming RMR tournament will follow the round-robin group stage format. The top 4 teams from the group will qualify for the playoffs and the rest will go home. All the teams will play a double-elimination bracket round, while the two best teams will reach the grand finals. Both teams will fight for a best-of-five series to win the tournament. 

Registration for the RMR Event

StarLadder has already opened the registration for the teams. All the professional teams in the CIS region can register for the event. Four teams will make it to the closed qualifiers of the tournament. These closed qualifiers will begin from the 18th of June till the 21st. The RMR event is not all about the Major points. However, all the teams will also play for a $100,000 prize pool. 

RMR Points

As the StarLadder RMR event is the second this year, multiple teams already hold some points from the previous tournaments. Multiple teams from the CIS region are dominating the RMR points table. Currently, Team Spirit is securing the top spot with 1,860 points. However, other teams are closing up the gap and reaching Team Spirit. Natus Vincere is currently securing the second spot on the list with 1,630 points in hand. Similarly, Team Gambit is holding the third-highest RMR points at the moment with 1,400 points in hand. 

As the closed qualifiers of the RMR tournament begin, we will start getting the names of the squads to reach the RMR tournament. StarLadder has already organized multiple CSGO tournaments. This one will be no different for sure. A lot of wild action is on its way as the tournament is just a few days away. If your favorite team is playing at the event, you better follow the tournament as it is not just about the money, it’s also about the RMR points

Riot Games once again started the League of Legends’ recurring events this week with new PROJECT skins and quests. Just like any other event before it, this one comes with a pass that the players will purchase. These passes will reward the players to earn limited-time currency to be redeemed for Chromas and any other kind of loot. However, players can purchase the new PROJECT skins with RP. 

Riot Games also welcomes the Nexus Blitz to the game. This experimental game mode never stuck around before and comes back once again. However, this time, it looks like it’s going to stay for a while. 


Earlier this month, Riot Games revealed the PROJECT new skins. These skins became the highlight of the whole event very easily. For those who still don’t know about the skins, this year’s PROJECT skins include Mordekaiser, Renekton, Sejuani, Senna, Varus, and Sylas. All these skins are standard and come with the same price, 1,350 RP, other than the two special skins for Renekton and Mordekaiser for 1,820 RP.


Other than all the special and standard skins in the game, there is a Prestige edition of Sylas available. This skin costs 2,000 PROJECT tokens, that a player can earn by completing missions in the game. Players can also earn some tokens without the pass and by completing the free missions. However, you cannot purchase the Prestige skin for Sylas without the pass. Anyone can purchase the PROJECT 2021 Starter Token Bundle that will cost 1,000 RP. This can give you an extra push with your journey. Similarly, if you already have a pass, you can still purchase the token bundle. If your intent is to grind as many tokens as you can, then you should go for this option as it is cheap and helps you a lot.

Nexus Blitz

Riot has also released the Nexus Blitz event for the players who don’t want to pay for anything and still enjoy the game. The game mode is back and totally live for the players until the end of the event. The Nexus Blitz uses another map than Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss. This event also brings all kinds of new challenges in the game for the players. You cannot find any of these challenges in a normal League of Legends match. 

28th of June

League of Legends’ PROJECT event is now live for the whole community. Riot Games has once again brought back the former game mode to impress the players. The event is live until the 28th of June. Until then, all players are allowed to purchase as many tokens and skins in the game. Similarly, you can also enjoy your favorite game mode that is back. The event store of the game is currently full of loot including the Little Legend Eggs and much more. There are some bundles available in the store that contain the pass itself.

Valve has recently released a new patch 7.29d in the game to bring out a lot of changes. The patch is now live, removing the biggest bug with Tiny Toss and Timbersaw’s chain teleport. Overall, the patch is not so huge and brings out some important nerfs to the heroes. Some heroes have dominated the previous patch, and as always, Valve is here to help the community.

Patch 7.29D

Before the AniMajor begins, Valve dropped the bomb on the Dota 2 community with a new patch. This patch is all about nerfs and bug fixes. Valve has tried to balance the game before the Major begins. A famous Tiny bug that allows players to buy back immediately after dying to Toss and teleporting to the point where they died, has been addressed. It is not fair to call it a bug as this has been a part of the game for years. Valve has finally removed this element from the game. This change is huge as it had a major impact during the competitive game in the last few weeks. 

Similarly, Valve has also addressed the same issue with Timbersaw’s Chain. If you died while casting your Chain and you bought back immediately, it would teleport you to the place you died. This no longer implements as Valve removed all these cheeky features in the latest 7.29d patch. 

Quincy Crew vs Evil Geniuses

During the regional league of the second season of DPC 2021, Quincy Crew took advantage of the Tiny’s Toss situation against Evil Geniuses. That buyback cost Evil Geniuses the game and later on, the series. The Quincy Crew eventually ended up securing the top position in the region. 

The Nerfs

Other than these two big issues, the patch is all about nerfing and balancing the heroes. Similarly, Valve has also balanced out the heroes with high usage in the last few months. To point at some, Bristleback, Medusa, and Broodmother are examples. All these heroes are nerfed to balance the game and reduce their usage for the time being. 

Item Updates

The new patch also nerfed some of the famous items in the game. Some of the famous items of the last patch are going down the lane in the recent update. For example, Solar Crest and Sange have dominated the previous patch. However, Valve has decently applied nerfs to both items. 

Other than these, Heaven’s Halberd and Kaya & Sange also received nerfs. 

The new update in the game is all about balancing out some powerful heroes and items. Valve has released this patch before the AniMajor officially begins. The competitive scene will now adapt to the heroes that are stronger in the new patch. Similarly, we will also see some new item choices on specific heroes. 

In a few days, we will witness the competitive Dota once again. The new drafts will definitely increase the spice levels in the game. 

Valve has recently taken action against two Dota 2 professional teams for match-fixing. Both teams are disqualified from the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 for their crimes. Similarly, Valve has also banned both squads from entering the regional qualifiers for The International. Not just this, these teams can no longer participate in any Valve-organized tournaments. 

As the regional league of all the regions ended, Valve made a harsh decision for two squads from the North American region. 

Match-Fixing in the Lower Division

This issue arose from the lower division of the regional league. Both Wind and Rain, and Pecado Squad play in the lower division of North America. After an extensive investigation which rain from the 12th of April to the 22nd of May ended up banning both teams from the event. 

Roster Bans

Valve has always been very strict when it comes to match-fixing or cheating in the game. The organization has just not banned the team banner, it has also banned the members of the team from participating in any Valve events. This means that no one from these two squads can ever play competitive Dota again. 

Following Valve’s ban, Beyond the Summit also took the same stance. The organization has also banned both squads for all its future events. 

During the last few weeks, several match-fixing issues regarding Wind and Run came out in the community. These fixes included odds shifting and betting. 

Lost the Chance

Prior to this decision, the results already spoke for Wind and Run. The team went 1-6 during the regional league and was going to get relegated. However, the ban came out and that position in the group does not matter anymore. On the other hand, Pecado secured fourth place in the group and could take the $11,000 prize home with it. Pecado also lost the chance for a shot at competing in the TI qualifier. 

Criticism before the Ban

Wind and Run had gone through a rough time before the ban came out. At the start of the second season of DPC, Wind and Run picked up two players that the community did not get along with. The former members of A-Team who played for Wind and Run and locked the complete roster just before the deadline. 

Future of the Squads

Valve has never forgiven any professional in competitive Dota with such charges. The organization has a strict policy against any member, regardless of their fame or importance. It looks like both teams will have to say goodbye to the competitive Dota as there is no coming back. 

There are still some technicalities that are beyond understanding. Few members of these squads left the team before the incident. However, it is hard to understand if those players also received the punishment with the squad or not. In any case, the future path looks very rough for both organizations. Once you commit such a crime, there is no coming back.

It came out as a surprise that back-to-back Dota 2 The International champions are out of the second Major of the season. OG missed the chance to make it to the tournament’s group stages and lost a best-of-three series to Team Liquid. The team now has to face Brame and Tundra Esports. OG also has to win these series in order to keep itself in the upper division of the region. Similarly, if the team loses the last two series, it will continue its DPC 2021 run in the lower division. 

Team Liquid for the Win

Team OG is the defending champions of The International 2019. In order to defend their title, the team has to take a rough path to qualify for the tournament. The team also failed to qualify for the Animajor and is currently at the brink of being knocked out of the upper division of the European region. Team Liquid secured a clean victory over OG by taking the first two games of the best-of-three series. Liquid secures the second position in the region and goes to the group stages of the AniMajor. 

Tie-Breaker for OG

OG booked the fifth spot in the chart and had a tie with Tundra Esports and Brame. However, the team now has to play a tie-breaker against both teams. If OG fails to dominate both teams in the tie-breaker, the squad will move down to the lower division. There are high chances that OG will miss its chance of getting to The International 10. 

Qualification for The International 

For the rest of the Western European teams, the top 4 spots are booked. Alliance finished first in the league and thus, went straight to the playoffs of the Major. Similarly, Team Liquid has made it to the group stages of the Major by securing the second spot. Team Nigma and Team Secret have to take the longest path to get to the Major by playing the Wild Card and then reaching the group stages. 

Surprisingly, none of the Western European teams have qualified for the TI10 slot yet. On the other hand, multiple teams like Evil Geniuses, Virtus Pro, and Invictus Gaming have already booked their position in the tournament. Valve has also changed some rules for the TI10 due to which the tournament will not have open qualifiers since TI4. 

Future Way of OG

In order to maintain their title, OG will now have to play the regional qualifiers for The International 10. The TI10 will feature 18 teams, of which 12 will receive a direct invitation and 6 have to qualify their way. Every region of the game will only allow one team to dominate all others and get to the tournament. Therefore, there are lower chances of OG to dominate the whole region and get to the tournament. However, the team has already done it before in 2018, and who’s to say that the team won’t be able to do that again.

Team Astralis and Mousesports took another step closer to the upper bracket finals with the latest victories at the CSGO Flashpoint Season 3. Astralis did not surprise to take a clean victory of 2-0 over Double Poney in the upper bracket second round. Similarly, Mousesports also managed to snatch a 2-0 win against Team BIG. In the lower bracket of the tournament, Anonymo Esports reached Round 2 with a thrilling 2-1 victory over Hyenas. 

Domination of Astralis

Astralis clinched a very early lead during the series against DBL Poney. The main performers from Astralis, Peter ‘Dupreeh’ Rasmussen and Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif, each had 47 kills on the scoreboard. Similarly, they had a plus-14 kill/death differential for Astralis. On the other hand, Double Poney’s Nathan ‘NBK-’ Schmitt, had 42 kills and a plus-4 differential on the board. Despite a good performance, Double Poney lost the series. The team now goes to the lower bracket of the tournament where it will face Team Anonymo on Saturday. 

Mousesports with a clean Victory

The team represented a dominant performance during the series against Team BIG. The star performer of the squad, David ‘Frozen’ Cernansky had 43 kills on the board. He also had a plus-22 differential for the team, which led the squad to close 16-11 at Nuke and 16-5 at Mirage. Team BIG tried to get the game back at Nuke and Ismailcan ‘Xanteres’ Dortkardes took 30 kills. However, it did not come out as planned and the team will now face Team Sprout in the lower bracket on Saturday. 

Lower Bracket Action 

Team Anonymo managed to keep its tournament alive after recovering and taking a 16-14 victory on Mirage from Hyenas. Hyenas had a good run at the tournament and Markus ‘Kjaerbye’ Kjaerbye from the squad took an astonishing plus-24 differential by scoring 69 kills. Despite all this, the team had to say goodbye to the tournament after losing in the lower brackets. 

Prize pool and Distribution

The Flashpoint Season 3 has a huge $50,000 prize pool. The tournament follows the double-elimination format and the main event runs through May 30. The team to secure the top position in the tournament would secure $17,000. Other than money, the winners will also secure 1600 European Regional Major ranking points. On the other hand, the team to secure the second position at the tournament will secure $10,000 and 1500 regional ranking points. 

Astralis and Mousesports

As both teams move forward at the upper bracket action, the teams are set to face each other on a Sunday night clash. The upper bracket final between Team Astralis and Mousesports will decide which team goes to the grand finals of the tournament and which goes down to the lower brackets. In any way, both teams are secured by now and are far from elimination. In a couple of days, we will witness the upper bracket action again, and let the better team win.

Riot Games has recently released a few details about its upcoming League of Legends’ Amateur and Academy tournaments. The events will include three different circuits for the Amateur teams in the competitive scene. Similarly, these tournaments are going to run from May till September. 

League of Legends Academy 

Very famous tournament organizer, Nerd Street Gamers, will lead the League of Legends Academy. The organization has a huge network of gaming and esports centers. This will allow multiple brands to target any location to organize the events. Nerd Street has also worked with Riot Games before and has produced multiple huge tournaments including events in the inaugural year of Valorant. The company is now handling the entire Academy season of the game, which will take place from the 2nd of June to the 19th of September. 

Amateur Circuit Events

Riot Games has planned to collaborate with three different Amateur circuits, including Risen Esports, Helix Esports, and Challenger’s Uprising. These tournaments will occur one after another. Starting from the Challenger’s Uprising, the Circuit events will conclude with the Helix Esports. These events will start at the end of May and go all the way to the end of July. 

Challenger’s Uprising Tournament

Challenger’s Uprising is all set to organize season 3 of the event. The event will occur on some specific dates like May 24,25,31 and June 1,7, and 8. The prize pool for the tournament is $5,000 and will give the opportunity to the amateur teams in the competitive scene. 

Risen Champions League

Risen is a trusted Riot tournament organizer. The organization has been handling the amateur scene of the game since 2017. The organization has produced so many tournaments since then. The official dates for the tournament are June 21,22,28, 29, and July 5, and 6. The official prize pool of the tournament is still unknown, but it will be enough to support an amateur team. 

Helix Esports Events

Helix Esports is famous for organizing some of the best amateur events for the League’s competitive circuit. The organization is joining hands with EGL to produce this year’s amateur events. The official dates for the tournament are July 12,13,19,20,26 and 27. 

Proving Grounds Tournament

The Proving Grounds tournament will have two different organizers this year. UEA and Nerd Street are combining to give out the best experience for the community. Both companies are already working with Riot Games and are producing so many events for the game. Therefore, Riot has given a huge responsibility to these two organizations only. The official dates for the tournament are September 2-5, 9-12, and 14-19. 

Riot has always tried to uplift the amateur teams in the competitive scene of League of Legends. This year will bring back the amateur events and a lot of teams will participate in them. In a couple of days, these academy and amateur events will kick-off.

The Valve-Anti Cheat (VAC) system for CSGO detects a new cheat (RatPoison) in the game. To address that matter, the organization sent two updates to counter the cheat. Similarly, TalkEsports also posted this matter on the 17th of May 2021. 

Developers of the Cheat

Hours after TalkEsports posted this cheat on their official account, a user of this cheat reached out to the organization to provide proof and to conclude the whole situation as false. However, TalkEsports further investigated the matter and deduced that the cheat developers ruled the Reddit user u/AlphaSlashDash, false. The situation finally got addressed and Valve sent out two major updates for this. 


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is famous for the extreme number of cheaters in the game. For years, the game has gone through this wraith. However, Valve eventually released the VAC system in the game that eliminates all the cheats in the game and provides fair play. The VAC system sometimes eradicates the cheaters from the game itself, or forwards an Overwatch case. 

Valve recently released two major updates that only improve the VAC system in the game and remove further cheats. Among these updates, a huge 240 MB update came with two modules.

Module 1 

As Valve tries to improve the VAC system regularly, the organization released two modules in a single update to make it better. The first module of the update includes a process memory handle listener. This listener will look at all the calls to the Read Process Memory and Write Process Memory. Similarly, if any call goes to these memory locations, the system will flag it automatically. 

Module 2 

The second module in the update is referred to as the integrity check. This check will utilize multiple assorted hashing algorithms written in C++. Similarly, this module will also run a complete S&I check on the present running game platform. It could be Source, CSGO, or Half Life 2.

Bans to the Developers

Valve has banned all the accounts linked with the developers of the cheat. Surprisingly, Valve also banned their alternative accounts in the game to prevent any further cheating. The Reddit user AlphaSlashDash mentioned that Steam will track down the developers’ directory structure to ban their alternative accounts. 

Cheat without a Name

Officially, the new cheat in the game has no name. However, multiple anonymous sources in the community have confirmed that the cheat is famous for the name, ‘Rat Poison’. The developers of the cheat have not yet released any statement about the name of the cheat. For the time being, we can only call it with the famous Rat Poison name. 

The VAC system is doing a great job in removing the cheaters from the game. Despite the intense anti-cheat system, some developers create a bug or cheat in the game that thrives. However, as any cheat gets famous, Valve instantly removes it from the game. The same thing happened with this new cheat as two major updates did their job.