After 6 years of epic run, legendary CSGO Danish professional Nicolai ‘Dev1ce’ Reedtz has left Astralis to join Ninjas in Pyjamas. The news came out recently, shocking millions of fans. As Astralis had a roster change going on, the community did not expect Device to abandon the team completely. It is no secret that Astralis had a rough start to this year with several losses. However, the community did not expect the team to lose its star professional. 

Team Astralis’ Response

As the news came out, the organization revealed that Device himself requested the transfer to NIP. The professional wanted to play through Stockholm and still have a team to work with. The Director of sports in Astralis, Kasper Hvidt said that Device has been a part of the core of the organization since day one. He has proved himself vital for the organization on many stages. He is one of the best professional CSGO players without any doubt. To lose such a professional is not easy to take for any organization. 

His personality and contribution to the team have given the organization a lot. Therefore, we are happy to listen to him and help him with the transfer. For his personal reasons, he asked us for this transfer. After some lengthy talks, we came to a conclusion to listen to him and request NIP for a possible transfer. 

Device’s Response

As the professional leaves the team, he made some farewell statements about his former home. Dev1ce said that I would like to thank Astralis for supporting and understanding my decision. I now enter into a project I truly believe in. Similarly, I now look forward to positive energy and stability in the new team. I am highly excited to work with new teammates and play under a new banner. 

$1 Million Transfer?

As the news of the transfer became official, both organizations agreed to keep the payment a secret. However, multiple leaked sources confirmed that Astralis made a deal for $1 million to transfer Dev1ce into NIP. The Swedish organization (NIP) also confirmed that Device has signed a three-year contract with them. 

Dev1ce has made his name in the hall of fame of CSGO professionals. During his time with Astralis, he has always been a lead performer and has brought so many titles.

Ninjas in Pyjamas’ Roster

As Device joins the official roster of Ninjas in Pyjamas, the team looks stronger than ever. The current official roster of NIP contains Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz, Nicolas ‘Plopski’ Gonzalez Zamora, Erik ‘Ztr’ Gustafsson, Fredrik ‘REZ’ Sterner, and Hampus ‘Hampus’ Poser. Similarly, Bjorn ‘Threat’ Pers is the official coach of the team. 

Astralis’ performance has not been the same this year. The team faced a lot of defeats during the 2021 season of the game. As Dev1ce moves to NIP, fans are expecting that NIP will grow much more. The team will definitely bring more challenges and new strategies. Also, NIP has announced that Nawwk has been benched by the team and is ready for transfer.

Dota 2 is currently going through season 2 of DPC. Many big teams made roster changes before the commencement of season 2. As week 2 of the DPC 2021 season 2 comes to an end, Team Liquid released surprising news about its roster. The organization announced that it has signed Syed Sumail ‘SumaiL’ Hassan to play as a stand-in for Samuel ‘Boxi’ Svahn. Sumail will now carry on with his new teammates to finish the second season of the game. 

Official Tweet

Team Liquid released this information through an official Tweet. The organization said that Boxi took the time away from playing Dota 2 to be with his family. Later on, the organization wished Boxi and his family, best of luck. The team did not release any other information about this move during an ongoing season of the game. 

Comeback to Competitive Dota

It is indeed good news for Team Liquid to sign Sumail as their stand-in player. The professional has not been playing with any team for a long time. Sumail started his professional Dota 2 career with Evil Geniuses. During his time with EG, he also won the biggest title in the competitive Dota, The International. Sumail also became the youngest player in the history of Dota 2 to lift that prestigious trophy. 

By 2019, EG moved Sumail to its inactive roster and the professional started looking for another stack. In the meantime, he signed the deal with OG and started playing professionally in 2020. However, it did not work out very well and the professional left the team in the same year. Since then, Sumail has joined many stacks and could not stand much longer. However, with Team Liquid, it seems like he will stick for a longer time. 

Team Liquid’s Roster’s Achievements

Team Liquid signed a completely new roster in 2019. Since then, the team has performed very well and has won many titles like ESL One Germany 2020. However, the team is still lacking the top spot and with the new roster, it feels like the team has got the fuel to do so. 

Season 1 of DPC

Team Liquid failed to impress the fans during the first season of DPC 2021. The team managed to get to the Wild Card stage of the Major and performed really well to get to the Group Stages. However, as the team went to the playoffs, they lost to Vici Gaming in the lower bracket rounds. 

Season 2 of DPC

Season 2 of DPC 2021 is still going on and Liquid currently has a score of 1-1. The team lost to Team Alliance in its first matchup. However, they scored an impressive win against Team Nigma to level its current points. 


Team Liquid played their first match with Sumail against Team Brame. The team had impressive coordination and produced amazing plays. The new roster scored its first 2-1 victory and now has a 2-1 Season score. Let’s see what Sumail brings for the team in the upcoming matches as well. 

The Robust support of Rainbow Six Siege always comes from Ubisoft, with the game providing updates every season. Season 1 of the 6th year of the game already brought so many exciting changes for the community. The update also had a new operator ‘Flores’, in it. However, the community is always looking forward to what will come next. Season 2 of the game is coming soon, but there are some leaks that reveal some exciting things. It seems like these leaks might have revealed some new changes in the upcoming season. 

The Leak

The very famous Rainbow Six Siege data miner @benjaminstrike marks his comeback to the scene with an amazing leak. In his leak, he reveals the name of the next season’s operation. According to him, the name of the next season’s operator would be Operation North Star. This name also refers to the location from where the next operator will be. We have also seen that the roadmap of season 6 has revealed that the new operator of Season 2 will come from Nakoda, Western Canada. 

Updates for the Operators

The recent leak has the least information regarding new operators in the game. The community is predicting that the upcoming operator in the game will be a Defender. Besides this, there is no other information available. Along with the new operator, there is also a glimpse of rework for an operator in the game, for the second season of Year 6. However, nothing is confirmed yet and the Rainbow Six Siege fans would have to wait until Ubisoft releases any official statement about the upcoming update. 

Smoke Remote Gas Grenade

An interesting leak from Benjamin includes the Smoke Remote Gas Grenade. In the second season, Ubisoft has worked on the grenade and it will no longer leak through walls, ceilings, and floors. Benjamin also says that this update will go live as soon as it is ready. Therefore, the community can expect this change during season 1 or in the upcoming season 2. 

Map Rework

The Year 6 roadmap reveals the rework for the map Favela. Favela is a map set up in Brazil which the community thought is very messy for being competitive. Now, the community thinks that Favela will be much more competitive and there will be very high competition. For now, it is very hard to predict how Favela will look like after the rework. However, we will know everything in a few months. 


All of these new updates are coming in the next few months. The game will eventually shift to the second season and Ubisoft will release a lot of new features. Similarly, this update will only be the first half of the year. The roadmap already confirms that Ubisoft has planned for seasons 3 and 4 already. Therefore, the community should enjoy the game as a lot of updates are coming in their way this year. 

Rainbow Six Siege is available on multiple platforms now, including PS4, PS5, OC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

High Coast Esports has recently released its complete Dota 2 official roster. Just a few days before its first series into the second season of the DPC, the team makes a huge move. The community still questions about the exit at the extreme point as the team had its first match in the second season in a few days. Before the beginning of the first season of DPC, High Coast Esports entered competitive Dota for the first time. The team started playing professionally in the regional leagues of the respective region. Similarly, the organization acquired the complete roster of Chicken Fighters to make a debut in the Dota 2 scene. 

Adrian ‘Era’ Kreyziu and Rasmus ‘Chessie’ Blomdin supervised the organization in its previous run which could not stand long. 

Dropping the Roster

With high hopes, High Coast Esports entered into the first season of the DPC to play the regional qualifiers. However, the team could not pull out the desired results. The team finished last in the upper division of the region, going 3-12. Due to such poor performance, the team went straight to the lower division for the second season. Apparently, this setback broke the team entirely and the organization released all the members after the first season. Similarly, the organization also decided to let go of the management team and step out of the competitive Dota scene.

Remarks from the CEO

The co-founder and CEO of High Coast Esports, Robert ‘GREVEN’ Gavelin said that sometimes things don’t work out as you wish them to. He also said that this is one of the times when I am ashamed and sad as the organization could not keep it going. Without fuel, it is impossible for the organization to move forward. 

Valve’s Promises

The exit of High Coast Esports made a lot of community members question Valve’s promises about supporting teams and players through the branded team bundles. Moreover, Valve announced that the organization will release these bundles during the first season of the DPC. However, the second season is already here and we are yet to witness any kind of bundles that may include multiple in-game effects, loading screens, chat wheels, and sprays. 

Former Roster 

Currently, none of the former High Coast Esports’ roster members has released any kind of statement. It seems like the former roster will once again perform under the banner of Chicken Fighters in the second season as well. The first matchup of the stack is ready against Team Bald Reborn on the 17th of April. 

With the unexpected exit from the competitive Dota, High Coast Esports’ fans are really sad. The team could not do much in the first season of the DPC. Therefore, the organization decided to drop the players and move on with the game. In a couple of days, we will get to see the first match of the former roster, and we will know the current form of the stack. We will also witness if the roster still plays with the previous name.

Valve has recently announced some changes to its RMR Eligibility Guidelines regarding the VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) bans. Through a blog post on the 15th of April, Valve has briefed how the new guidelines will affect the professional players in the scene to enter the Valve-sponsored tournaments. Till now, the terms are very simple and strict about the VAC bans. However, Valve makes some amendments to the recent changes. 

Since the Beginning

CSGO has an unforgiving nature when it comes to VAC bans. Any professional with a VAC ban in the past could not enter the Valve-sponsored tournaments. This rule has been alive since the dawn of the competitive shooter. Valve has never updated this rule and players with VAC bans could never enter professional tournaments. However, the organization has now announced some changes to its RMR eligibility guidelines. 

The Amendments 

According to the new rules for the RMR tournaments, Valve has stated two points. Any CSGO player will not be allowed to enter a Valve-affiliated tournament if they have received a VAC ban less than five years prior. Similarly, the rule is exactly the same for the players who received a VAC ban at any point after their first presence in a Valve-affiliated tournament. This means that any player who has already played an RMR event and receives a ban in any other RMR event and receives a VAC ban, would not be allowed to enter any Valve-sponsored tournaments. 

Other Effects

The blog post by Valve also stated the other effects of the VAC bans in the game. According to the post, all the bans stay in place. Similarly, all the effects also remain the same. The only difference is the qualification for the players. This means that the new changes only talk about the players’ eligibility to qualify for Valve-sponsored tournaments. Therefore, the VAC bans still remain very strict and players do not get any easy passes to the tournaments. 

Valve has always been strict about the VAC bans in the game. To make the CSGO community better, the organization has never allowed any professional to enter any professional tournament with a VAC ban. The new blog post made a lot of community members think that Valve is going to make a passage for the players with VAC bans. However, the organization only talks about the eligibility of the players and changes a small rule that does not affect the previously banned players from the scene. 

Future of VAC bans

It does not seem like Valve is going to change the VAC rules any time soon again. The recent blog post did not talk about the players getting out of the ban. However, it only stated the eligibility of the professionals who can still get into events. The future of the VAC bans seems the same. Valve might tighten the rule further, in the future. However, it does not seem like it will make any relaxation in the law any time soon.

Team Nigma recently moved Aliwi ‘W33’ Omar to its inactive roster position and started looking for the fifth member. The team finally fills the place with a Russian Carry player Igor ‘iLTW’ Filatov. The organization officially announced the signing of the professional through its Twitter account. ILTW will play with Team Nigma for its Carry position to get the ticket to the second season of the Dota Pro Circuit Upper-Division League in the region. Nigma now hopes for an amazing run at the second season after a devastating end to season 1.

The Singapore Major

Recently, Team Nigma had a poor run at the previous Singapore Major or the first Major of the season of DPC 2021. The team faced elimination at the Wild Card stage of the tournament and could not bag any DPC points. Due to early elimination, the team decided to drop W33 from the roster and move him to the inactive list. The team announced farewell to W33 through a Twitter post saying that they wished good luck to the professional. They will move W33 to their inactive roster and he can look for any opportunity he can find. Omar has participated and given so much to Nigma, and the team is overwhelmed by his time with them. 

History of ILTW

It seems like ILTW is a great addition to the official roster of Team Nigma. The Russian professional is a well-established Carry player in the competitive scene of the game. The professional started his run back in 2019 with Team OG. However, his stay with OG only lasted for three months. Now, the professional gets another opportunity to play with a European stack and stay in one of the most competitive regions of the game. 

Qualify for TI?

Team Nigma currently holds 200 DPC points, due to finishing third in the Upper-Division of the first season. However, this is the last chance for all the teams out there to secure as many points as they can to qualify for The International 10. Teams are struggling hard into the Major tournaments to earn enough DPC points to get a direct invitation to the TI. Team Nigma still lacks enough points to get a direct invitation to the TI. However, if the team now represents some classics, it can have the chance to do so. 

Nigma’s Current Roster

After paying farewell to W33 from the team, Team Nigma’s official roster gets a new member. The new roster includes Amer ‘Miracle-’ Al-Barqawi, Maroun ‘GH’ Merhej, Kuro ‘KuroKy’ Salehi Takhasomi, Igor ‘ILTW’ Filatov, and Ivan ‘Mind_Control’ Borislavov Ivanov. 

The team now looks very strong and can do wonders in the upcoming season 2. In a few days, Nigma has several matches against some of the strongest teams like Team Secret. Fans will get the chance to see a new Nigma playing. We hope that Nigma performs better than before, as the team is a favorite for many fans. Let’s see if Nigma can manage to get enough DPC points to get to the TI 10.

As the first season of DPC 2021 came to an end, Valve introduced a new patch along with a new hero in the game. With the previous release of 7.28 in December, fans were not happy with the gameplay changes and updates. However, the higher members of the CIS region suggested that Valve might release a new patch with the remaining updates. Later on, Valve confirmed that the organization will release a major patch that will resolve a lot of issues and fulfill many demands.

Earlier today, Patch 7.29 and a new hero, Dawnbreaker went live in the game. While the community is busy talking about the new hero in the game, there are several gameplay changes that need to be pondered upon. 

The arrival of the Dawnbreaker

The most important part of the new patch is the new hero in the game. The new female Carry has a unique model and carries a great weapon. Dawnbreaker gains power with the number of attacks she provides. As she reaches her limits, she charges her hammer and delivers the punch. Her cosmic power of flying lets her reach any part of the map to fight the enemies. The new hero comes with the regular four abilities with one being passive. 

Starbreaker (Q)

The Q of the hero lets her spin her hammer in a specific direction, damaging the heroes in between. As Dawnbreaker swirls her hammer three times, she hits it on the ground facing, while stunning the units. All the enemies in front of her last slash of hammer get stunned for a small duration and receive damage. 

Celestial Hammer (W)

Dawnbreaker throws her hammer in a specific direction damaging the enemies in the way, that returns to her in a short time. As the weapon comes back to her, it leaves a blazing trail in the direction of coming back. Dawnbreaker can also recall her hammer at any time by clicking the ability again, but this time, the hero moves towards the hammer herself, and they both meet at a center point. 

Luminosity (E)

The E of the hero is passive that allows her to stack her attacks on any enemy unit. As she reaches the third attack, Dawnbreaker charges her hammer and attacks with a critical strike in her next attack. This attack also heals the allies next to her in a specific radius.

Solar Guardian (R)

The Ultimate of the hero creates a pulsing effect at a specific location around an allied unit on the map. This pulse heals the allied units and lets Dawnbreaker teleport there, after a specific channeled duration. Upon landing on the destination, Dawnbreaker deals damage to all the enemy units in her way. 

General Gameplay Updates

The new patch has brought in so many general changes in the gameplay. First and foremost, the Terrain has been updated with so many changes on both the Radiant and Dire side. The jungle camps are moved from different places and more trees are placed on the map. Similarly, the new patch has introduced a new Water Power Rune that spawns at 2 and 4 minutes on both sides of the Power Rune spots. The rune instantly restores 80 mana and 100 health. These runes can also fill the bottle. Similarly, the normal Power Rune respawns at the 6-minute mark. 

Reaching Level 30 on any hero does not provide all the remaining Talents at once. However, from level 27 to 30, a player gets to pick up the remaining Talents from the tree. 

Another big change in the gameplay is the spawning of Bounty Runes. Instead of the previous 4 bounties every fifth minute, only two bounty runes spawn every third minute in the game. Similarly, at the 0-minute mark, 4 bounties spawn with two in the respective jungles and two in the river. Bounty Runes also don’t disappear if they are not picked in time. However, another Bounty respawns right next to the previous one. The general change also includes the second Roshan kill. The second kill now provides an Aghanim Shard that a hero needs to consume in order to use it. Valve has also included Hoodwink into the Captain’s mode of the game but has not released her Scepter and Shard update. Similarly, players can no longer share Tangoes during the strategy time in the game. There are tons of other changes in the game including almost every hero, you must read all the details on the official Dota 2 website.

Changes in Teleportation and Outposts

The new patch has changed almost every part of the game. Instead of the previous three, every hero in the game now starts with one Teleport scroll. Upon dying, every hero gains a single TP charge. Similarly, the previous TP cost of 90 is now 100. 

Similarly, Valve has also worked on the Teleportation range over the towers and outposts. The previous building range for TP of 575 is now 800. Similarly, the long TP on the outpost of 6 seconds is now 5. Patch 7.29 has also changed the position of Outposts on the map. They are still in the middle of the jungle, but a little bit displaced from the previous positioning. The Outpost vision is also changed from 700 to 500.

Tree Destruction

A lot of abilities and items in the game are capable of destroying the trees in the way. Valve has recently worked on this phenomenon as well. There are a few abilities and items that do not destroy trees on the map anymore. These abilities and items include Meteor Hammer, Mortimer Kisses, Earth Splitter, and Macropyre. Similarly, the tree-respawn interval of 5 minutes is now 3. This means that the map will remain dense for a longer time. A lot of abilities are brought to limits while destroying the trees on the map. These abilities do not destroy trees to the full extent as they used to do before including Spit Out, Blast Off, Skewer, Gust, Wild Axes, and many more.

Valve is releasing a new hero in the game with the upcoming Dota 2 patch 7.29. The new hero will make the hero pool of the game hit 120. A lot of predictions are coming out about the upcoming hero in the game. However, have we already seen the hero? It seems like yes, but thanks to the Dota: Dragon’s Blood series. We have already seen who is going to appear in every game of Dota 2 in the upcoming days. If you are a fan of Marci, we have bad news for you. 

The community thinks that Marci is far from being one of the most interesting Anime characters in the game. Along with the new hero, we are going to get some balance changes in the patch as well. However, what do you think is more important? Balanced changes or a new hero? Looks like there is no competition. 

Welcome the Goddess

While people dream about Marci coming to the game, it is unfortunately the Goddess of the moon, Selemene. This news is also not confirmed, as most of the community members think that Selemene is going to appear in the new patch. Valve has given multiple hints to the community to figure out the upcoming hero in the game. The teaser for Patch 7.29 contains a dark purple theme. 

We are talking about the theme because the previous new heroes in the game had a similar color as the teaser theme. 

Who is Selemene?

Selemene is one of the major characters in the Dota world. A lot of heroes and multiple elves in the game worship her. The character has both good and evil sides to it. It totally depends on how you look at the Anime. If you are on her side, you will see her helping her worshippers as a Goddess. However, if you are not on her side, you will see a pure evil with treacherous intentions. The evil side is a little more prominent of the character as she gaslights her followers to do bad deeds. As they commit heinous acts, she blames it on them. 

Selemene’s Abilities

We still don’t know what the new character can do with her spells. However, we do know that the hero has extreme magic power. Similarly, she holds the ability to manipulate mortals very easily. We don’t have to wait for a long time as in a few days, the new patch will come out. It seems very interesting that Valve is reviving the Animes into the game. 

Chances of Kaden?

The community is also thinking about the new hero in the game to be Kaden. Kaden is the strongest Dragon Knight in the Anime series. If he actually comes to the game, it will be very interesting to see another Dragon Knight roaming the map. The new patch is coming on the 9th of April. Until then, we can only predict who will be the upcoming character in the game.

Before the second season of DPC 2021 begins, a lot of teams are making changes to their official rosters. Similarly, Tundra Esports has also signed a new professional for its upcoming series. Jingjun ‘Sneyking’ Wu is the official fifth member of Tundra Esports. The organization officially announced the signing of the new member.  

Fifth Member

Tundra Esports had an empty slot in the official roster since Malthe ‘Biver’ Winther announced his retirement from the competitive scene. To find the missing member, the team has looked for every region of the game. Eventually, the organization found an answer from the North American region as Sneyking is ready to play from Tundra Esports in the upcoming second season of the DPC. 

The professional is leaving the North American region to play from Europe for the first time. Sneyking played alongside Ppd and Fear in the previous season of DPC from the stack Sadboys. He will definitely bring exciting changes to the team.

SneyKing’s Response

As Tundra Esports announced the official signing of Sneyking, the professional expressed his feelings through social media. He said that he is thankful for the opportunity Tundra Esports has provided him. He also said that he is excited to play competitive Dota from the European region. This is something that I always wanted to do as Europe has always been the strongest region of the game. Sneyking also said that he is ready for the upcoming DPC season and will try his best to bring out some exciting results for the team. 

Goodbye Sadboys

Sneyking has left the new Sadboys roster and now goes to the European stack. Sadboys has gone through multiple changes in recent times including a semi-rebrand that only lasted less than a month. 

Tundra’s Roster

As a new member joins the stack, Tundra Esports completes its roster. The new stack contains Oliver ‘Skiter’ Lepko, Leon ‘Nine’ Kirilin, Sneyking, 33, and Fata. The new roster looks strong and decent. It is just a matter of time when we see this team playing together. 

Tundra’s Previous results

Tundra Esports is a very strong team that operates in the strongest region of Dota 2. Maintaining the form and level of play is not easy in this region, but Tundra has always given huge moments to the fans. The previous season for Tundra Esports was not so good as they did not earn any DPC points. The team finished sixth in the upper division of the European region. Similarly, Tundra earned $24,000 as prize money from the regional leagues but did not win any DPC points as they could not make it to the main stage of the Major. 

Tundra’s new roster looks promising as Sneyking joins the stack. The professional is changing his region, which means that the team will take some time to adjust its game pace and coordination with the new member. The regional leagues of the second season are going to begin very soon and we will get to see Tundra performing with Sneyking once again.

Team Nigma has officially made its first roster shift since its existence in 2019. The organization officially announced today that they will move W33 from their main roster. Before the second season of DPC 2021 begins, Nigma has announced W33 as their inactive player. Similarly, the organization has also given free will to the professional to look for any other opportunity that falls upon him. 

The Singapore Major

The roster shift came out after Team Nigma made it to the One Esports Singapore Major as the third seed from Europe. The stack had to play with a stand-in as Mind Control tested positive for COVID-19. Nigma could not deliver the desired results and became the first team to go home from the Major. 

Team Nigma did not release any statement about the shift in the roster. However, it seems like the decision was internal. The team lacked coordination at the Major and thus, the organization had to find a new member in the team. 

New Home to find

As Nigma has given W33 the free will to find a new team, it does not look very easy for the professional. Considering that the second season of DPC is already about to start, W33 will not have enough time to fit into a new stack and start from the beginning. However, the veteran has earned a lot of respect in the professional scene, and it is just a matter of time when he finds a new team to play Dota again. 

Last Day to Drop Players

Today is the last day for the teams to drop professionals without receiving any penalties for their DPC points. As most of the teams already announce their roster shifts, Valve has given some time for the new players to register with the new stacks. The official deadline for new players to sign with the teams is 11th April. Any professional joining a team after this date will receive a penalty for his DPC points. These decisions and penalties will run out prior to the regional leagues. 

Future of Nigma

Nigma is currently looking for the fifth member in the official roster. The team is without any doubt considered one of the strongest in the European region. In a few days, we will get another announcement from the organization telling us about the new member in the stack. There are few Dota professionals that are available at the moment. However, KuroKy has not given any idea to the community about the new member. Whatever they choose, we will get to see a new strong team once again in the second season of DPC. 

With the announcement of the second season, Valve is also releasing a new patch in the game. All the teams will adopt the new changes in the patch and will come back to play the qualifiers to make it to the second Major. Right now, the regional league are going to begin and we will have a lot of action back to the scene.