Cloud9 CSGO

Cloud9 is a huge name in the competitive Counter-Strike:Global Offensive scene that looks to last forever. However, the organization is taking a step back from the competitive scene, for the time being. The team is disbanding due to several financial and remote training issues caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. According to the official news from Cloud9, the organization stepping back temporarily and might return to the scene later. 

French Esports News

Multiple official statements came out about the dropping of Cloud9 from the competitive CSGO. A report on the 26th of March, by a French website, 1Pv, said that Cloud9 has stopped its CSGO project after failing to qualify for the EPL Season 13. The report also included the news about the future of the professionals in the team. All the members of Cloud9 are currently placed on the bench. 

RushB News

Right after 1Pv’s news caught fire, another CSGO news channel, RushB released information about Cloud9’s current plans. RushB somehow managed to reach the CEO of Cloud9, Jack Etienne. The CEO talked about the current situation of the world and how people are thriving in these difficult conditions. He also said that the organization failed to provide boot camps, housing, and mental health to the professionals due to multiple restrictions. This eventually resulted in disbanding the team and taking a break from the competitive scene. 

Cloud9’s Roster

This news came out as a surprise and definitely not the one, fans were expecting. Multiple community members also took it as an April’s fool surprise by saying that it is the team that won the Boston ELeague Major in 2018. However, the team eventually confirms the authenticity of the news. The official roster of Cloud9 includes Alex ‘Alex’ McMeekin, Patrick ‘Es3tag’ Hansen, Erick ‘Xeppaa’ Bach, William ‘Mezii’ Merriman, and Ricky ‘Floppy’ Kemery. All the members are still bound to Cloud9 and remain under the contract. However, the organization has benched all the members until it comes back to the scene.

Temporary Break

The CEO of the organization says that Cloud9 is not leaving the competitive CSGO forever. The announcement said that the organization is still passionate about CSGO and competing. However, the team would not come back to the official scene until the global conditions are alright and the members can play and train together once again. 

As the team moves to an unannounced temporary break, all the members are still under the contract. The team has not let go of any professional while benching them for the time being. It is highly likely that all the members will find new homes as they have no idea how long Cloud9 is planning to stay out of the scene. There are also rumors that the professionals might jump to Valorant and would never return to CSGO. However, nobody knows about their future as none of the members has said anything yet. All the fans and community members wait for Cloud9 to come back.