Valve ban coaches

Esports Integrity Commission ESIC revealed 37 coaches last year using the spectator bug in the game. In August 2020, pro esports league ESL removed coaches from several teams like Heroic, MIBR, and Hard Legion. The spectator bug basically allowed the coaches to spectate the map from anywhere without the enemy team knowing. The investigation went on for months and the Integrity Commission found more coaches guilty. Eventually, ESIC declared around 37 coaches guilty of using the bug at some point. 

ESIC and the Punishments

The ESIC awarded punishments to the coaches according to their usage of the bug. The Commission looked over every tournament organized by DreamHack, ESL, and any other league to hand over the sanctions. The organization also followed the standard ‘sanctions and concessions matrix’ that applied demerit points according to the duration and frequency of the bug abuse. The organization also divided the punishments into 4 levels. According to the demerit points, coaches received bans ranging from five months to three years. Also, the concessions included the confession and helping in the investigation. 

Valve to jump in

Recently, Valve has also made its appearance in the scene. According to the reports of ESIC, Valve has given some serious punishments to the guilty coaches. In some cases, several coaches are prohibited from entering different Majors of the game. However, in other cases, Valve has banned the coaches from the scene for a lifetime. These bans are very strict and according to the ESIC reports of the investigation. 

Demerit Points

According to the ESIC’s official report, the demerit points decide the duration of the ban to a specific professional. 2 Demerits bans a coach from one Major tournament of the game. Similarly, 3 or 4 demerits ban coaches from 2 or 3 Majors respectively. Moreover, 5 demerits ban coaches from 5 Major tournaments. The organization started giving a permanent ban from 6 demerit points and above. A lot of coaches also received this punishment as well. 

Valve’s New Rules

These bans totally vary according to the intensity and duration of bug abuse. Recently, Valve has also changed its rules to mandate. The organization says that only the players will be allowed in the room during an online match. None of the staff members or coaches can sit in the room or join the server during an online match. This means that no staff member or a coach can communicate with the team during a match from now on. 

The ESIC is working hard on making the esports scene better. Just last week, the organization issued suspensions against 35 Counter-Strike players for betting in the game. These suspensions also range from one to five years in the game. As the ESIC brings in some strict rules, Valve also issues the same punishments. Multiple coaches are not allowed to enter any Valve organized tournament for the whole lifetime. The ESIC says that the organization will keep on working to make esports a better place.