Dota 2

Dota 2 recently received its big day. Not only a Netflix anime based on the game came out, but Valve also released a huge update for the game. The new update in the game primarily focuses on making things easier for the newcomers. Similarly, Auto Chess, which started as a Dota 2 mod in the beginning, also brought in some similar changes. 

The new Interest

As Netflix released the all-new Dota: Dragon’s Blood anime, there are high chances that people will show more interest in the game. Tons of new players will also start playing the game after watching the series. However, there are 119 heroes in Dota 2, with each hero owning unique abilities. It is not easy for a new player to just get into the game and start playing. However, it takes a lot of time to master the game and learn the basics. Similarly, the veterans of Dota 2 are also not so forgiving. 

Rookies of Dota 

Instead of getting into the whole game at once, Valve has introduced a new method to train the rookies of the game. All the new members will have access to four tiers of quest-like objectives. These players will also receive multiple rewards as they complete the objectives. Players will also have a new streamlined shop and a glossary for their help and better understanding. For the practice factor, Valve has introduced improved bots that the new players will have access to. During the game, multiple tips from the wizard will appear on the top of the screen to teach the players about the opponents. 

New Player Mode

Valve has also introduced a new player mode in the game, that all the players will have access to. This game mode will have a smaller hero pool and no-leaving penalty. In this way, these new players will learn the game faster and easier. Similarly, when the new players queue for the match, they will only connect with other new members. New players will never connect with the experienced party players until they are done with their training. 

Valve is also taking action against the smurf players in the game. Multiple experienced players in the game sometimes make alternative accounts to destroy the rookies in the game. However, Valve is now tracking them down and handing over huge penalties. 

Return of the Hype

Dota 2’s massive hype has not seen any kind of rise over the past few years. Since last March, according to Steam Charts, between 400,000 and half million people have played Dota 2. However, the game did not enter the hyped games list during the lockdown. Valve is hoping that the new series on Netflix will prove itself as a breakthrough for the game. A lot of new members will join the community for sure. Similarly, multiple old members will also sign in again to relive the memories. Let’s see if Valve can take Dota 2 at a new height or not.