Dota 2 patch 7.29

As the first season of DPC 2021 came to an end, Valve introduced a new patch along with a new hero in the game. With the previous release of 7.28 in December, fans were not happy with the gameplay changes and updates. However, the higher members of the CIS region suggested that Valve might release a new patch with the remaining updates. Later on, Valve confirmed that the organization will release a major patch that will resolve a lot of issues and fulfill many demands.

Earlier today, Patch 7.29 and a new hero, Dawnbreaker went live in the game. While the community is busy talking about the new hero in the game, there are several gameplay changes that need to be pondered upon. 

The arrival of the Dawnbreaker

The most important part of the new patch is the new hero in the game. The new female Carry has a unique model and carries a great weapon. Dawnbreaker gains power with the number of attacks she provides. As she reaches her limits, she charges her hammer and delivers the punch. Her cosmic power of flying lets her reach any part of the map to fight the enemies. The new hero comes with the regular four abilities with one being passive. 

Starbreaker (Q)

The Q of the hero lets her spin her hammer in a specific direction, damaging the heroes in between. As Dawnbreaker swirls her hammer three times, she hits it on the ground facing, while stunning the units. All the enemies in front of her last slash of hammer get stunned for a small duration and receive damage. 

Celestial Hammer (W)

Dawnbreaker throws her hammer in a specific direction damaging the enemies in the way, that returns to her in a short time. As the weapon comes back to her, it leaves a blazing trail in the direction of coming back. Dawnbreaker can also recall her hammer at any time by clicking the ability again, but this time, the hero moves towards the hammer herself, and they both meet at a center point. 

Luminosity (E)

The E of the hero is passive that allows her to stack her attacks on any enemy unit. As she reaches the third attack, Dawnbreaker charges her hammer and attacks with a critical strike in her next attack. This attack also heals the allies next to her in a specific radius.

Solar Guardian (R)

The Ultimate of the hero creates a pulsing effect at a specific location around an allied unit on the map. This pulse heals the allied units and lets Dawnbreaker teleport there, after a specific channeled duration. Upon landing on the destination, Dawnbreaker deals damage to all the enemy units in her way. 

General Gameplay Updates

The new patch has brought in so many general changes in the gameplay. First and foremost, the Terrain has been updated with so many changes on both the Radiant and Dire side. The jungle camps are moved from different places and more trees are placed on the map. Similarly, the new patch has introduced a new Water Power Rune that spawns at 2 and 4 minutes on both sides of the Power Rune spots. The rune instantly restores 80 mana and 100 health. These runes can also fill the bottle. Similarly, the normal Power Rune respawns at the 6-minute mark. 

Reaching Level 30 on any hero does not provide all the remaining Talents at once. However, from level 27 to 30, a player gets to pick up the remaining Talents from the tree. 

Another big change in the gameplay is the spawning of Bounty Runes. Instead of the previous 4 bounties every fifth minute, only two bounty runes spawn every third minute in the game. Similarly, at the 0-minute mark, 4 bounties spawn with two in the respective jungles and two in the river. Bounty Runes also don’t disappear if they are not picked in time. However, another Bounty respawns right next to the previous one. The general change also includes the second Roshan kill. The second kill now provides an Aghanim Shard that a hero needs to consume in order to use it. Valve has also included Hoodwink into the Captain’s mode of the game but has not released her Scepter and Shard update. Similarly, players can no longer share Tangoes during the strategy time in the game. There are tons of other changes in the game including almost every hero, you must read all the details on the official Dota 2 website.

Changes in Teleportation and Outposts

The new patch has changed almost every part of the game. Instead of the previous three, every hero in the game now starts with one Teleport scroll. Upon dying, every hero gains a single TP charge. Similarly, the previous TP cost of 90 is now 100. 

Similarly, Valve has also worked on the Teleportation range over the towers and outposts. The previous building range for TP of 575 is now 800. Similarly, the long TP on the outpost of 6 seconds is now 5. Patch 7.29 has also changed the position of Outposts on the map. They are still in the middle of the jungle, but a little bit displaced from the previous positioning. The Outpost vision is also changed from 700 to 500.

Tree Destruction

A lot of abilities and items in the game are capable of destroying the trees in the way. Valve has recently worked on this phenomenon as well. There are a few abilities and items that do not destroy trees on the map anymore. These abilities and items include Meteor Hammer, Mortimer Kisses, Earth Splitter, and Macropyre. Similarly, the tree-respawn interval of 5 minutes is now 3. This means that the map will remain dense for a longer time. A lot of abilities are brought to limits while destroying the trees on the map. These abilities do not destroy trees to the full extent as they used to do before including Spit Out, Blast Off, Skewer, Gust, Wild Axes, and many more.