Dota 2 patch 7.29

Valve is releasing a new hero in the game with the upcoming Dota 2 patch 7.29. The new hero will make the hero pool of the game hit 120. A lot of predictions are coming out about the upcoming hero in the game. However, have we already seen the hero? It seems like yes, but thanks to the Dota: Dragon’s Blood series. We have already seen who is going to appear in every game of Dota 2 in the upcoming days. If you are a fan of Marci, we have bad news for you. 

The community thinks that Marci is far from being one of the most interesting Anime characters in the game. Along with the new hero, we are going to get some balance changes in the patch as well. However, what do you think is more important? Balanced changes or a new hero? Looks like there is no competition. 

Welcome the Goddess

While people dream about Marci coming to the game, it is unfortunately the Goddess of the moon, Selemene. This news is also not confirmed, as most of the community members think that Selemene is going to appear in the new patch. Valve has given multiple hints to the community to figure out the upcoming hero in the game. The teaser for Patch 7.29 contains a dark purple theme. 

We are talking about the theme because the previous new heroes in the game had a similar color as the teaser theme. 

Who is Selemene?

Selemene is one of the major characters in the Dota world. A lot of heroes and multiple elves in the game worship her. The character has both good and evil sides to it. It totally depends on how you look at the Anime. If you are on her side, you will see her helping her worshippers as a Goddess. However, if you are not on her side, you will see a pure evil with treacherous intentions. The evil side is a little more prominent of the character as she gaslights her followers to do bad deeds. As they commit heinous acts, she blames it on them. 

Selemene’s Abilities

We still don’t know what the new character can do with her spells. However, we do know that the hero has extreme magic power. Similarly, she holds the ability to manipulate mortals very easily. We don’t have to wait for a long time as in a few days, the new patch will come out. It seems very interesting that Valve is reviving the Animes into the game. 

Chances of Kaden?

The community is also thinking about the new hero in the game to be Kaden. Kaden is the strongest Dragon Knight in the Anime series. If he actually comes to the game, it will be very interesting to see another Dragon Knight roaming the map. The new patch is coming on the 9th of April. Until then, we can only predict who will be the upcoming character in the game.