Singapore Major Playoffs

Dota 2 fans are currently enjoying the first Major of the season. The competition at the Singapore Major is heating up every day. The first day of the Major gave us plenty of action as multiple big teams faced each other and played their best game. Let’s take a look at all the series of the day and how each team got their deserved victory. 

Evil Geniuses vs Fnatic

The day began with Evil Geniuses facing Fnatic. Both teams played their first official series at the Major, but they constantly kept their eyes on the Wild Card series. Game 1 began with some obvious bans, both teams go for banning Io and Puck. EG comes up with the first-pick turn and goes for Death Prophet. It didn’t come as a surprise as DP is the fourth most picked hero this Major and has a win rate of 49%. While Fnatic kept thinking about DP’s role in the game, Tal ‘Fly’ Aizik takes it to the Safelane to support Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev as position 5. 

EG took the first blood and started solid. However, Fnatic somehow managed to bounce back and balanced the laning phase. The game started a little passive and both teams focused on farming and objectives. We only witnessed 10 kills on the board at the 15-minute mark. At this point, Fnatic had a slight gold advantage which eventually turned into EG’s favor. EG held on to its advantage and took the first Tier 3 tower with a strong 9K gold lead. At the 26th minute, EG wiped out Fnatic and secured the first game. 

The second game began with an obvious ban of Death Prophet by Fnatic. On the other hand, Fnatic also picked Enigma for Natthaphon ‘Masaros’ Ouanphakdee. Fnatic also chose Techies as their last pick which made the game more interesting. To counter Enigma and Fnatic’s lineup, EG picked Naga Siren for Arteezy and Pango for Iceiceice. As expected, EG started dominating the game at the 18-minute mark. At the 24-minute mark, EG took a great team fight to grab a solid 8K gold advantage. 

Fnatic kept trying with multiple smoke ganks, but EG’s draft gave them more mobility and grip on the map. EG kept on winning fights and eventually gained Megas at the 45-minute mark. Fnatic still tried holding EG out for 5 minutes, but eventually called out GG at 50-minute. EG now moves forward and Fnatic goes down to the lower bracket. 

Invictus Gaming vs Vici Gaming

The next series began with the regional rivals Invictus Gaming and Vici Gaming. IG came up with a strange draft by picking Phantom Lancer for Jin ‘Flyfly’ Zhiyi. IG also secured the first-blood, but the lanes came out even for both teams. Eventually, IG started taking the lead in the game by pinning multiple heroes down from Vici. Vici Gaming bounced back during the mid-game by taking down Void Spirit and grabbing a slight gold advantage. The advantage for Vici could not hold long as IG took another great team fight at the 21-minute mark, and took back the lead. Without any further obstacles, IG took the first game in fashion.

Vici Gaming came out stronger with the drafting phase in game 2, by picking Death Prophet in the Midlane and Juggernaut in the Safelane. The draft started paying off as the game moved past the laning phase. IG did not have any response to the Juggernaut pick and eventually called out GG at 44-minute. 

As the series moved to a decider, IG brought out its finest game. The Templar Assassin pick for IG proved beneficial as Emo single-handedly carried the game. In just 37 minutes, IG had a strong 28K lead and complete map control. It was at this moment, IG took the last fight and Vici had to tap out and call GG. With a 2-1 victory, IG now moves in the upper bracket and Vici Gaming drops to the lower brackets. 

Thunder Predator vs Team Secret 

We finally got to the most wanted series of the day. Thunder Predator performed exceptionally well throughout the Group Stages. Similarly, Team Secret is currently playing on another level and beating every team they face. 

Game 1 began with Secret going for a more reliable draft as Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov took Enchantress for himself and gave Monkey King to Lasse ‘Matumbaman’ Urpalainen. As the laning phase ended, Secret looked in complete shape with a 10K gold lead. Thunder Predator tried to bounce back by burning out Monkey King’s Aegis at 20-minute. This eventually led the team to pressure Secret on their Tier 3 tower. However, a beautiful Arena from Ludwig ‘Zai’ Wahlberg pushed Thunder Predator back to base. At the 42-minute mark, Secret had a strong 38K gold lead and TP had to call out GG.

Game 2 began with Secret going for an unusual draft. Puppey sent Matu to Midlane this time and Nisha went on to carry the game with Mars. The switches worked like a charm for Secret as Matumbaman with his Abbadon turned off Batrider from Thunder Predator. Yapzor also played an incredible game with his Tusk by securing 22 Assists on the map. Thunder Predator could only hold the game for 38 minutes until Secret pushed them to lower brackets.

Virtus Pro vs PSG.LGD

The last series of the day had China facing the CIS squad. The game started a little slow with LGD taking the first-blood at the 4-minute mark. The lanes went pretty normal and equal for both teams. At the 15-minute mark, LGD had a slight 2K gold as well as a 2 kills advantage. Virtus Pro kept on trying to make it work with their Doom pick and tried taking Roshan at the 38-minute mark. Little did they know, LGD came in and wiped VP out. At 47 minutes, LGD closed the first game with a dominant victory. 

VP picked Mars and Enchantress in game 2 once again. Both teams played a little passive in the second game as we could only see 3 kills on the board till the 10-minute mark. At the 30-minute mark, VP’s Wraith King died twice and LGD went straight on pushing high ground. Virtus Pro went on throwing some buyback in the effort of holding the towers. However, LGD kept pushing their ways to VP’s base and eventually took the game.

Virtus Pro now goes to the lower brackets and PSG.LGD goes ahead in the upper bracket.