Valve Overwatch

Valve announced that Dota 2 would get an Overwatch system like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The goal of the system was to eliminate the negative behavior and trash-talking from the game. However, after the announcement, the system never came out. Recently, with a new update, the Overwatch system is now live in Dota 2. The community is happy with this new update in the game. Valve’s main target is to reduce the toxicity in the game to a minimum extent. 


The Overwatch system will work exactly as it works for the CSGO’s community. In CSGO, Valve gives a free hand to the higher members of the community to help them eradicate negative behavior. Just like that, in Dota 2, Valve will give an opportunity to the top members of the community to review the reports. As a player receives multiple reports from different members of the game, the Overwatch system will send the replay of the game to a higher community member. The member will then review the whole replay and reply with an answer. The responses can be guilty, not guilty, or not enough evidence. 

In this way, it will become easier for Valve to grant punishment to a member without reviewing the report itself. 

New Reporting Methods

Players can use multiple ways to report a player in the game. You can easily report a player through the scoreboard or by clicking on the flag on the hero portrait. While submitting a report, you can also use markers to indicate offenses. These markers basically make the reports easier to review. After the recent update, each player will receive a distinct pool of reports for Overwatch. 

As you report a player in the game, you will consume one Overwatch report. Regardless of how many times you report the same player in the game, you will only consume one report for one game. 

Communication Reports

Valve has currently not done anything new to the communication reports in the game. A player still receives an option to report a member for communication, in the post-game menu. Therefore, communication reports are a little distant from the Overwatch reports in the game. However, there is one new feature for communication abuse as well. Valve has introduced a method in which the deserving players will receive a mute in the game automatically. This means that the players will not be able to use chat or voice in the game as they receive the bans.

Previously, Valve used to prohibit the members from spamming the chat lines or voice chat during the game, as a result of a ban. However, now they queue the game with a mute from the very beginning. 

Also, the teammates can see the automatic mute on a member in the game. It is in their control to unmute a teammate if they want to. 

Valve is currently working on improving the community for Dota 2. The introduction of Overwatch is definitely going to improve the game quality. The community is happy and thankful to Valve for this feature.