Gambit CSGO

Gambit Esports has continued its domination throughout the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021. In the recent upper bracket finals against Natus Vincere, the team took the lead and advanced to the grand finals. Gambit took a 2-1 victory over Na’Vi to move ahead into the tournament. 

The Rivalry 

The matchup between Gambit Esports and Natus Vincere is always one of the most hyped ones. Both teams are capable of increasing the heat whenever it is required. During the last few months, Gambit and Na’Vi have gone toe to toe to produce some of the best games for the fans. Just like their other matchups, both teams fought till the end at the BLAST Premier. 

Game 1 & 2

The first match began with Dust 2 where both teams fought very closely. The scorecard never favored a single squad. However, Gambit took a slight lead in the end and closed the first map with a 16-14 victory. 

Na’Vi took the defeat and came back stronger in game 2 on Ancient. Gambit fought from the Terrorist side this time and could not manage to get the lead in the first half. On the other hand, Na’Vi had all the answers to Gambit’s moves and secured a 9-6 lead in the first half of the map. The second half looked way easier for Na’Vi as the team dominated the whole time. Gambit could only secure one more round and eventually lost the map with a 7-16 scoreline. 

Mirage to Decide

As Na’Vi took the second map, both teams pushed a decider to win it all. Gambit showed a complete class in the final map and dominated from the very beginning. The map began with Gambit winning the first seven rounds in a row. This gave the team an upper hand and higher confidence to tremble Na’Vi. Eventually, Gambit secured the final map by returning the defeat to Na’Vi with a 16-7 final score. This victory pushed Na’Vi into the lower brackets and took Gambit further into the grand finals of the tournament. 

Lower Bracket for Na’Vi

Na’Vi is now to face G2 Esports into the lower brackets of the playoffs. G2 is also in a killer form and is coming along from the lower bracket. There are still chances that Na’Vi would face Gambit again into the grand finals. In order to do that, the squad has to beat an in-form G2 Esports. G2 also secured a well-deserved victory over NIP into the third round of the playoffs. This shows how disciplined the team is and what the squad is capable of. 

The tournament is still interesting as none of the teams got eliminated after the upper bracket finals. Na’Vi still has the chance to fight back and get into the grand finals. However, G2 Esports would do anything to stop Na’Vi. One way or another, it’s a win-win situation for the CSGO fans as the best teams in the competitive scene are all gathered in the final rounds of the Spring tournament.