High Coast Esports

Swedish Esports organization, High Coast recently announced its presence in Dota 2. The organization has picked up Chicken Fighters roster for its first official squad in the competitive Dota. The team will begin its competitive journey by competing in the Europe Regional League 2021. In a few days, we will witness the Swedish squad playing together once again.

Chicken Fighters

Professionals from multiple organizations joined together to form the Chicken Fighters roster. In previous days, a very famous Dota 2 squad, Ninjas in Pyjamas announced that it will release all the players under its contract. The team gave up its roster due to an unclear path to financial stability. Three players from Ninjas in Pyjamas moved to form a new team, Chicken Fighters. Similarly, they also looked for other Swedish players to join. Eventually, the team booked two other professionals from OG Seed to create a complete Swedish stack. The team has played in several tournaments with some impressive results.

High Coast’s roster 

As High Coast acquired the complete roster of Chicken Fighters, multiple professionals changed their roles in the game. The team currently consists of Ondrej ‘Supream’ Starha, Charlie Arat, Adrian ‘Era’ Kryeziu, Andreas ‘Xibbe’ Ragnemalm, and Rasmus ‘Chessie’ Blomdin. Under the new name, former OG Seed players Xibbe and Chessie have changed their roles in the game to fit Hard Support and Offlaner, respectively. The team is officially set to face competition like never before in the strongest region of the game. 

Upper Division

High Coast Esports managed to qualify for the Upper Division of the Europe Regional League. The team became the last one to do so, to earn their chance at the upcoming Major. The team can also earn multiple DPC points for a place at The International. 

High Coast Esports

High Coast Esports first came into being in December 2019. The organization picked up its first Swedish team in January 2020. Similarly, High Coast has ventured its limits in Rocket League and Rainbow 6 Siege. However, this is the first experience for the organization in a very famous MOBA, Dota 2. 

Debut in Dota 2

As High Coast enters Dota 2, the team is set to face some of the best teams in the game. The team is competing in the European region which is considered the strongest region of the game. On the 23rd of January, High Coast will play its first matchup against Team OG. 

This is the first time High Coast Esports is exploring a MOBA game in the esports industry. The organization has enjoyed multiple games, but this time, they announce their Dota 2 journey as well. The team is going to play at the Upper Division of the European Regional League. High Coast will also face multiple strong teams like Nigma, Team Secret, and multiple others. In order to survive their fresh journey, the team will have to represent a classic performance. In just one day, we will get to see the team play its first match against Team OG.