Invictus Gaming

The first Dota 2 Major of 2021 comes to an end with Invictus Gaming taking the title with it. Invictus Gaming defeats Evil Geniuses in an epic 3-2 grand final to take the grand title. The team had an amazing journey throughout the tournament and cam all the way from the lower brackets to win the tournament. 

DPC points and Prize Money

Invictus Gaming’s champion roster contains two Malaysian players – Chan ‘Oli’ Chon Kein and Thiay ‘JT-’ Jun Wen. The very strong Southeast Asian duo and their Chinese teammates take away the huge $200,000 prize pool. Similarly, the team also secures 500 DPC points. These DPC points will help Invictus Gaming to secure a position at The International 10. 

EG with an early lead

Evil Geniuses came into the Major with a very strong roster. The team had a Filipino superstar Abed ‘Abed’ Yusop, a Singaporean veteran Daryl Koh ‘Iceiceice’ Pei Xiang, and three other North American professionals including the mighty Arteezy. The team built an early lead with a 2-0 start to the grand finals. However, IG turned the game around in Game 3. IG went on to win the last three games in a row. 

Game 1

The first game of the grand finals was a back-and-forth matchup between the two great teams. IG took an early lead in the game, but EG turned around later with multiple late-game team fight victories. In 58 minutes, IG had to tap out after losing the final fight. 

Game 2

EG kept the pressure on IG by pushing hard in the early phase of Game 2. The team managed to take the victory in less than half an hour. IG lacked the Carry pick as they chose Faceless Void which did not prevail very well in the team fights. FlyFly from IG struggled throughout the game to get the items to create an impact.

Game 3

The best game of the series arrived when both teams faced each other in the third round. In the early game, IG took a huge lead, which EG turned around with a crucial team fight victory. Later on, IG returned the favor by marking a comeback and winning the game. In other words, game 3 was a proper roller coaster ride. 

Game 4

IG had an upper hand when it came to draft in the fourth game of the series. The team started with an early lead in the laning phase and kept on pushing the lanes very fast. Eventually, IG did not give any opportunity to EG to turn around and took game 4 very easily.

Game 5

EG had an early game advantage in the final game of the series. The team successfully shut down Flyfly’s Specter and dominated all the lanes. However, Flyfly gathered the farm and did not die even once in the game. After winning multiple team fights, EG called out GG and IG became the first Singapore Major champions. The team now prepares for season 2.