Karrigan FaZeClan

Mousesports has recently confirmed the departure of its in-game leader Finn ‘Karrigan’ Andersen. The professional is undoubtedly one of the legends of the game. Similarly, Karrigan makes his return to FazeClan after staying away from the squad for two straight years. 

In-Game Leader

People often think that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive works better if you have an all-legend team playing for you. However, it does not work this way. You can hire the best players in a single team who can easily hit multiple headshots in a single match, but your team would not be able to bring out the most success. In order to become successful in the game, an in-game leader is very important. Some professionals say that an in-game leader is a key to organizing the troops in every match of CSGO.

Karrigan has also shown up as one of the best in-game leaders in the competitive CSGO scene. He has come up with different squads and led them to multiple victories. 

Mousesports to Faze Clan 

After spending a few years with the all-star roster of Faze Clan, Karrigan left the team and joined Mousesports in 2019. During his time with Mousesports, the Danish professional took control over a squad of youngsters. However, the professional has now said goodbye to Mousesports to join his former home, Faze Clan. 

The official news on Karrigan’s leaving the squad came out earlier this morning of 15th February. Mouz wished Karrigan the best of luck for his future. The post also said that both parties mutually planned his exit from the squad. After one hour, Karrigan replied to the post saying he is coming back home. In this statement, the professional pointed towards Faze Clan. 

Mousesports Roster

Mousesports has already found Karrigan’s replacement in the team. The team is all set to welcome the former Renegades professional, Christopher ‘Dexter’ Nong. The official roster of Mousesports now contains Dexter, Frozen, Bymas, Ropz, Acor, and ChrisJ.

This new squad looks very powerful and will compete in the upcoming CSGO tournaments. 

Faze Clan’s Roster

As Karrigan comes back home at Faze Clan, the professional will take Olof ‘Olofmeister’ Kajbjer’s place in the team. The new official squad of Faze Clan now contains Rain, Twistzz, Broky, Karrigan, and Coldzera. The new roster looks promising as Karrigan joins them. 

Karrigan is well known for his in-game leadership skills. He has won multiple big titles as a leader in a squad. His 2 year run with Mousesports comes to an end as the contract expires. The organization says that the termination is mutual as the players wanted to leave the squad before the #IEM Katowice as well. Karrigan might become the in-game leader at Faze Clan once again. In order to witness the former squad playing together once again, we will have to wait a few days. Karrigan’s return will definitely make Faze a better team and more competitive. In a couple of days, the team will compete in the Katowice.