Team SMG

As the first season of Dota Pro Circuit 2021, comes to an end, team registrations are now open in different regions of Dota 2. This means that multiple roster changes will take place and we would be able to see some unexpected shuffles. Valve will lock all the rosters before the beginning of the open qualifiers of the second season of DPC. The official page of the open qualifiers registration tells us a lot about the current movements between the teams. 

According to the official page, MidOne and Kpii seem to join Team SMG in the Southeast Asia region of the game. Both professionals are currently joining the team on a trial basis. However, if the roster fits, they will continue to compete and try to book a spot in the lower division of the region. 

Replacement in Team SMG

The official registration page of the open qualifiers of DPC shows that MidOne and Kpii are now part of the Team SMG. Both members have replaced Cheng ‘VtFaded’ Jia and Michael ‘Ninjaboogie’ Ross Jr. to get into the team. Ninjaboogie is already playing with another stack, and will possibly join that team. However, both members are still registered under SMG’s banner. This shows that SMG has still not given permanent positions to MidOne and Kpii in the team. 

SMG’s Roster

After the joining of MidOne and Kpii, SMG’s official roster has changed. The new official roster contains Ahfu94, Kpii, MushiChaiYF, MidOne, and Neah666-. The new roster looks promising and very powerful. Time will tell what this new team can bring in the upcoming open qualifiers. 

MidOne back in SEA?

OG recently released MidOne from its official roster after failing to qualify for the first Major tournament of DPC. MidOne has been playing in Europe for more than five years now. At first, the professional played with Team Secret, which continued for four straight years. Later on, he joined Notail and the squad to play for OG. If MidOne now officially joins Team SMG, it will be his first time playing back in the SEA server of Dota 2, since he left Fnatic in 2016. 

Kpii to find a new Home

TNC Predator released Kpii from its official roster at the end of the DPC’s first season on the 3rd of March. The professional has been looking for a new home since then. However, it seems like Kpii has found the answer and will continue playing with SMG for the rest of the season. 

SMG’s Second Roster

Team SMG started its Dota 2 franchise in January and this has been its second shuffle in the roster, since then. The team will now participate in the qualifiers for the second season which begins on April 6. One team from each set of open qualifiers will qualify for the lower division for season 2. It is yet to be seen what the new roster of SMG brings for the fans. The team now looks solid and prepared.