Team Nigma has officially made its first roster shift since its existence in 2019. The organization officially announced today that they will move W33 from their main roster. Before the second season of DPC 2021 begins, Nigma has announced W33 as their inactive player. Similarly, the organization has also given free will to the professional to look for any other opportunity that falls upon him. 

The Singapore Major

The roster shift came out after Team Nigma made it to the One Esports Singapore Major as the third seed from Europe. The stack had to play with a stand-in as Mind Control tested positive for COVID-19. Nigma could not deliver the desired results and became the first team to go home from the Major. 

Team Nigma did not release any statement about the shift in the roster. However, it seems like the decision was internal. The team lacked coordination at the Major and thus, the organization had to find a new member in the team. 

New Home to find

As Nigma has given W33 the free will to find a new team, it does not look very easy for the professional. Considering that the second season of DPC is already about to start, W33 will not have enough time to fit into a new stack and start from the beginning. However, the veteran has earned a lot of respect in the professional scene, and it is just a matter of time when he finds a new team to play Dota again. 

Last Day to Drop Players

Today is the last day for the teams to drop professionals without receiving any penalties for their DPC points. As most of the teams already announce their roster shifts, Valve has given some time for the new players to register with the new stacks. The official deadline for new players to sign with the teams is 11th April. Any professional joining a team after this date will receive a penalty for his DPC points. These decisions and penalties will run out prior to the regional leagues. 

Future of Nigma

Nigma is currently looking for the fifth member in the official roster. The team is without any doubt considered one of the strongest in the European region. In a few days, we will get another announcement from the organization telling us about the new member in the stack. There are few Dota professionals that are available at the moment. However, KuroKy has not given any idea to the community about the new member. Whatever they choose, we will get to see a new strong team once again in the second season of DPC. 

With the announcement of the second season, Valve is also releasing a new patch in the game. All the teams will adopt the new changes in the patch and will come back to play the qualifiers to make it to the second Major. Right now, the regional league are going to begin and we will have a lot of action back to the scene.