Riot Games changed the first-person shooter game trend with the release of Valorant. The organization officially released the game on 2nd June 2020. In October 2019, Riot Games initially provided a teaser of the game with the name of Project A. Eventually, the beta version of the game came out on the 7th of April 2020. The game is only available for Microsoft Windows for right now but Riot has a lot of plans for the future of the game. The game attracted an enormous amount of audience in a very short time. 

New Features to the FPS Gaming

Valorant has introduced a lot of new features to first-person shooter gaming. Before Valorant, mainly two famous games like Valve’s CS: GO and Blizzard’s Overwatch ruled the industry. Both of them worked differently. Although both of the games are the first-person shooter, Overwatch is a little high paced and follows many abilities during a match. Similarly, CSGO is a little slow-paced game with players reaching a certain point to fight and win the match.

However, Valorant has brought a lot of new features and we think they are the best of them. As a whole, the gameplay of the Valorant is somehow the clone of CSGO. Players need to face their enemies and dominate to win the match. Valorant is a 5-man strategy game. Instead of only providing the fighting, Valorant also provides multiple abilities that players can use during a match to win. 

Each Character with an Ability

Valorant currently has 10 characters in the game. With each big update in the game, new characters join the scene. Unlike CSGO, Valorant’s every character has some abilities with it. So you can use your character’s abilities during a match to strategize your moves and win. This has given players a new taste of FPS gaming and that is why a lot of professional players are changing their paths from CSGO to Valorant. The abilities let the players enjoy each game with different scenarios. This is how Valorant is changing the way professionals used to play FPS games. 

Change in Rounds

Valorant comes with a new way of awarding a winner. The matches are played as a best-of-25. The first team to win 13 rounds wins the whole match. One of the teams starts with attacking and the other one defends. However, after 12 rounds, the roles switch. The defense and attack mechanism is the same as CSGO provides. 

Game Mode

Right now, Valorant is only offering one game mode, Defuse. The name of the game mode speaks for itself. One of the team’s plants a spike and the other one tries to defuse it. Valorant has promised to bring new modes into the game very soon. With each new mode entering the game, more players will be attracted to the game. 

Tournaments and Events

Valorant is joining hands with multiple organizers of the esports industry. The new Riot Games production is planning to produce mega tournaments with huge prize pools to attract the community. Due to this, the community is changing and reshaping as the competitors are jumping into the pool as well. 

Valorant is currently collaborating with ESL, FACEIT, and ELEAGUE. These are the organizations that are mostly responsible for the biggest events in the industry. ESL is the company that organizes tournaments for almost every esports. The attractive thing about the organization is that it is available in almost every region of the world. Throughout the year, ESL keeps on organizing events like ESL Birmingham, ESL Los Angeles, and a lot of others too.

With the collaboration with event giants, Valorant is now going to organize several huge tournaments. 

Similarly, Riot Games is not neglecting the power of the smaller organizers too. The company is collaborating with different region-based smaller organizers as well. This is providing Valorant the chance to grow on a lower scale as well. The game is gaining more popularity with these events.

In just a few months, Valorant managed to organize multiple tournaments on a bigger scale. The tournaments like BLAST Twitch Invitational, Dell Gaming Cup, WePlay Invitational, ROG Cup, ESPN Esports Invitational, Liquid ProAM Valorant Showdown, Valorant Beta Masters, and Twitch Rivals: Valorant Showdown made the game more famous than ever. Right now, almost every big tournament includes Valorant in it. 

Fast-paced Gaming

With the release of Valorant, the first-person shooting witnessed a new style for gaming. Unlike CSGO, Valorant is much more fast-paced. With each character with multiple abilities, the game provides more strategy building than CSGO. The community is now much more interested in fast-paced games. With the monotonous effect, CSGO has dealt on the community, Valorant looks promising to bring new things in the gaming world. 

Big Community

Valorant is growing rapidly with every passing day. The game became very famous in a very short time. Riot Games is now focusing to build up the biggest community for any esports game ever. To do so, the organization is making multiple collaborations with different esports organizers. Right now, Valorant’s community is big enough that several tournaments have already occurred in a few months. Not just this, Valorant is focusing on breaking other games players to attract towards the new FPS game. A lot of professional CSGO players left the game to join the Valorant professional scene. This not only brings the player to the game but also brings the community with it. All the fans come to witness their favorite star play the game. While they do so, most of the fans then try to play the game themselves. This is how Valorant is growing rapidly. 

Rapid Team Formations

Due to the short time Valorant had, the professional teams built up very quickly. In most of the cases, some teams borrowed the professionals to play as stand-ins for them to compete in the pro scene. However, the professional teams took no time in switching to Valorant. The teams almost got built with-in a month of its release. The famous T1 series also included multiple teams that included stand-ins in them. 

This pace has set an example in the community about how fast all the teams joined together to form the professional scene of the game. 

High Expectations

Being a new game, Valorant releases a new character or new map in almost every new update. No other game has ever been so active with its updates and promises. This pace and consistency have set an example in the community. Fans of other esports games also expect heavily of them now. As far as Valorant updates and changes are concerned, fans are extremely satisfied. Valorant is shaping the community very firmly with the new updates and gameplay changes now and then. 

Better Quality

Valorant is focusing more on providing the best quality rather than quantity. The developers of the game think that rather than providing 150 useless characters we can offer 10 characters that work fine. We should not face any kind of trouble with these characters. As the game is new, Valorant is not putting pressure on the developers to release all the upcoming characters at once. The game is setting an example of releasing everything on time. When the community gets easy with the first 10 characters, Valorant will release a few more. Just like this, the game will add several more characters to its character pool. 

The developers also believe to provide better servers. The game is currently unavailable in few regions of the world but Riot Games is making sure that the existing servers should always be working. The anti-cheat software should also always be working. 

These are the examples Riot Games is setting for the community to provide the best product in the market. This new game is a challenge for the existing games. 


In conclusion, we can easily say that Valorant is reforming the esports industry very slowly and gently. The organization is providing the best product and it is setting an example in the community. Multiple contracts with the esports event organizers are also helping the game in setting the foot in the pool with big games. Valorant has grown very rapidly in a very short time. During this time, a lot of professional tournaments took place. 

The new game-play for a first-person shooting game is changing the community’s demands from every game. Each character with ability has paced up the game very much. A lot of Counter Strike: Global Offensive players are saying goodbye to the game to join Valorant as they see a future in the new game. Riot Games has promised to bring a lot of new features to the game. With the release of several new modes for the game, a lot of new characters will also follow. If you are a Valorant fan, it is the best time for you to witness how the game is changing the way the esports community work or even think.

Millions of people around the world watch eSports games. As a result, a lot of people have gotten interested in playing the game as well. The reason for this is that it can be a very fun and exciting game that can definitely keep you on your toes. Although, the most popular sports games with most players happen to be League of Legends and Dota 2. These two games were the first ones that began showing up on the internet as tournaments.

There is also a very popular ESL Heroes of the Storm tournament in which you can bet real money on who will win the title. This tournament has been around for quite some time and it has been a very successful one. So many people from all over the world are able to take part in the tournament each year because there are so many people who play the game. Also, it is very popular for many people to watch as it is more in-depth and allows for different types of strategies to be used with these games. Unlike other games, there are many different types of heroes to choose from. However, this does not mean that it is a very complicated game to learn and get into.

There are some guidelines that are put in place by the company behind the ESL that governs the tournament which is called Eula. Eula requires that players do certain things that help to make the tournament fair for everyone who is participating. Although, this is the case, there are still other tournaments where players may get away with cheating or stealing equipment from other players. Because of this, you should always make sure that you always play by the rules when you are at an event that is held in a certain country.

Esports broadcast deals are being offered by several broadcasters that are interested in the future of eSports. Every broadcaster that offers Broadcast deals is interested in the growth of eSports. They want to offer the best that they can for their viewers to watch. The key to making a profit in eSports is to get viewers to buy advertising space on the screen and streamers to make sales.

One of the newer options for commercial broadcasting of competitions is Twitch TV. Twitch TV has partnered with several popular streamers to stream during competition events, similar to how it does with its popular YouTube channel. This is an excellent option if you can find a good streamer that is willing to stream during a game. You will also get a professional broadcast that is entertaining and informative.

You can find several different channels to stream from on Twitch, including Twitch TV, Hitbox, Streamgator, and TeamSlayer, which offer multiple streams on each page. The only downside to Twitch TV is that you have to subscribe to most of their channels to stream on their site. If you need more than one or two streams then the cost may be a bit higher. Alternatively, there are many other channels to watch that are available to you that do not require a subscription to watch. Just because you can’t get the same games on a professional broadcast doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less.

There has been an increasing number of reports indicating the growth in the industry over the past year. Global participation in esports has grown significantly, and the technology associated with it has improved dramatically. In addition, global awareness of the sport has been greatly increased through the increased mainstream media coverage. The evolution of esports is dependent on the decision of gaming companies to open up competitions across the globe. This growth is allowing all those who were previously unable to participate to do so, and more people are doing so. This means a much larger number of people have access to these games, which can only benefit the game developers.

At first glance, esports looks like any other commercial sport. However, the level of professionalism and consistency is different. Competition rules are unique to each game and thus can determine who the winners are. These winners go on to win much larger prizes than other participants would receive. In addition, as the number of participants grows, the recognition for the games increase, and this has also led to global growth in the commercialization of the games. This provides more support for the companies that create and publish the games, as well as the participants.

The commercial companies who create and publish the games are able to leverage their company’s visibility into a competitive advantage. Through the increasing awareness of the games through international media exposure, these companies can attract large audiences that are interested in engaging in the games. This in turn means more people are likely to invest in the games, as there is less risk of the investment losing money. As this type of economic phenomenon continues to develop and grow, the potential for further growth in the future is a possibility that cannot be overlooked. Of course, when this happens, new regulations are likely to come into play that will limit the potential for the growth of the sports industry in the future.