As the second DPC season is about to begin, a lot of Dota 2 teams are shuffling their rosters. Natus Vincere also announces a huge change in its official Dota 2 roster. According to the official announcement of the organization, Ramzes will replace Viktor ‘GeneRaL’ Nigrini in the team. Ramzes has been looking for a team since Evil Geniuses released him from its banner at the beginning of February. The professional announced that he is looking for a new team a few days ago, and Na’Vi responded.

Any Reasons?

Na’Vi has not announced any specific reasons for making a shuffle in its official roster. The upper-division open qualifiers of the CIS region are due to play on the 13th of April. Before that, Na’Vi dropped one of its members to make a place for Ramzes in the team. It seems like Ramzes was the only top professional that was free and looking for a team after the conclusion of the first Major of the season. The new roster is now practicing together to come out stronger in the second season. 

Natus Vincere’s Roster

As Na’Vi took in Ramzes, the professional finally reunited with one of his Virtus Pro’s teammates from 2019, RodjER. The official roster of Na’Vi now includes Alik ‘V-Tune’ Vorobey, Ramzes, RodjER, Bogdan ‘Iceberg’ Vasilenko, and Andrii ‘ALWAYSWANNAFLY’ Bondarenko. Alwayswannafly plays as the captain of the team. Similarly, Na’Vi has Andrey ‘Mag’ Chipenko as their head coach and Sergey ‘AnahRoniX’ Bikovskiy as their manager.

DPC Points

With its previous roster, Natus Vincere finished second in the CIS regional league. This finish provided them 300 DPC points and $28,000 prize money. With this many points and high regional league ending, Na’Vi had an invitation to the Singapore Major as well. However, the team had to withdraw from the Major as both Alwayswannafly and Iceberg tested positive for COVID-19 right before the event. The team failed to travel to Singapore and lost the chance to win more. 

Ramzes as Stand-in

As Na’Vi failed to send players to the Major, the organization first tried to use Ramzes as a stand-in in the Major. Also, the team decided to use the head coach, Mag, for the remaining slot, to enter the tournament. As the team announced this decision, Mag also got tested positive for COVID-19. Due to further travel restrictions and getting another stand-in into the squad, the team completely withdrew from the event. 

Top Contender

The CIS region of Dota 2 is very strong and many teams are battling for the top spot. However, Virtus Pro is currently holding the highest rank with its tremendous efforts. With Ramzes joining Va’Vi, the team holds a new power in it. It is for sure that Na’Vi will fight for the highest place in the region during season 2 of the DPC. Fans have high hopes for this new amendment in the team. Na’Vi has already been performing really well. However, the addition of Ramzes will further uplift the team’s performance.

As the first season of Dota Pro Circuit 2021, comes to an end, team registrations are now open in different regions of Dota 2. This means that multiple roster changes will take place and we would be able to see some unexpected shuffles. Valve will lock all the rosters before the beginning of the open qualifiers of the second season of DPC. The official page of the open qualifiers registration tells us a lot about the current movements between the teams. 

According to the official page, MidOne and Kpii seem to join Team SMG in the Southeast Asia region of the game. Both professionals are currently joining the team on a trial basis. However, if the roster fits, they will continue to compete and try to book a spot in the lower division of the region. 

Replacement in Team SMG

The official registration page of the open qualifiers of DPC shows that MidOne and Kpii are now part of the Team SMG. Both members have replaced Cheng ‘VtFaded’ Jia and Michael ‘Ninjaboogie’ Ross Jr. to get into the team. Ninjaboogie is already playing with another stack, and will possibly join that team. However, both members are still registered under SMG’s banner. This shows that SMG has still not given permanent positions to MidOne and Kpii in the team. 

SMG’s Roster

After the joining of MidOne and Kpii, SMG’s official roster has changed. The new official roster contains Ahfu94, Kpii, MushiChaiYF, MidOne, and Neah666-. The new roster looks promising and very powerful. Time will tell what this new team can bring in the upcoming open qualifiers. 

MidOne back in SEA?

OG recently released MidOne from its official roster after failing to qualify for the first Major tournament of DPC. MidOne has been playing in Europe for more than five years now. At first, the professional played with Team Secret, which continued for four straight years. Later on, he joined Notail and the squad to play for OG. If MidOne now officially joins Team SMG, it will be his first time playing back in the SEA server of Dota 2, since he left Fnatic in 2016. 

Kpii to find a new Home

TNC Predator released Kpii from its official roster at the end of the DPC’s first season on the 3rd of March. The professional has been looking for a new home since then. However, it seems like Kpii has found the answer and will continue playing with SMG for the rest of the season. 

SMG’s Second Roster

Team SMG started its Dota 2 franchise in January and this has been its second shuffle in the roster, since then. The team will now participate in the qualifiers for the second season which begins on April 6. One team from each set of open qualifiers will qualify for the lower division for season 2. It is yet to be seen what the new roster of SMG brings for the fans. The team now looks solid and prepared.

The first Dota 2 Major of 2021 comes to an end with Invictus Gaming taking the title with it. Invictus Gaming defeats Evil Geniuses in an epic 3-2 grand final to take the grand title. The team had an amazing journey throughout the tournament and cam all the way from the lower brackets to win the tournament. 

DPC points and Prize Money

Invictus Gaming’s champion roster contains two Malaysian players – Chan ‘Oli’ Chon Kein and Thiay ‘JT-’ Jun Wen. The very strong Southeast Asian duo and their Chinese teammates take away the huge $200,000 prize pool. Similarly, the team also secures 500 DPC points. These DPC points will help Invictus Gaming to secure a position at The International 10. 

EG with an early lead

Evil Geniuses came into the Major with a very strong roster. The team had a Filipino superstar Abed ‘Abed’ Yusop, a Singaporean veteran Daryl Koh ‘Iceiceice’ Pei Xiang, and three other North American professionals including the mighty Arteezy. The team built an early lead with a 2-0 start to the grand finals. However, IG turned the game around in Game 3. IG went on to win the last three games in a row. 

Game 1

The first game of the grand finals was a back-and-forth matchup between the two great teams. IG took an early lead in the game, but EG turned around later with multiple late-game team fight victories. In 58 minutes, IG had to tap out after losing the final fight. 

Game 2

EG kept the pressure on IG by pushing hard in the early phase of Game 2. The team managed to take the victory in less than half an hour. IG lacked the Carry pick as they chose Faceless Void which did not prevail very well in the team fights. FlyFly from IG struggled throughout the game to get the items to create an impact.

Game 3

The best game of the series arrived when both teams faced each other in the third round. In the early game, IG took a huge lead, which EG turned around with a crucial team fight victory. Later on, IG returned the favor by marking a comeback and winning the game. In other words, game 3 was a proper roller coaster ride. 

Game 4

IG had an upper hand when it came to draft in the fourth game of the series. The team started with an early lead in the laning phase and kept on pushing the lanes very fast. Eventually, IG did not give any opportunity to EG to turn around and took game 4 very easily.

Game 5

EG had an early game advantage in the final game of the series. The team successfully shut down Flyfly’s Specter and dominated all the lanes. However, Flyfly gathered the farm and did not die even once in the game. After winning multiple team fights, EG called out GG and IG became the first Singapore Major champions. The team now prepares for season 2.

Dota 2 fans are currently enjoying the first Major of the season. The competition at the Singapore Major is heating up every day. The first day of the Major gave us plenty of action as multiple big teams faced each other and played their best game. Let’s take a look at all the series of the day and how each team got their deserved victory. 

Evil Geniuses vs Fnatic

The day began with Evil Geniuses facing Fnatic. Both teams played their first official series at the Major, but they constantly kept their eyes on the Wild Card series. Game 1 began with some obvious bans, both teams go for banning Io and Puck. EG comes up with the first-pick turn and goes for Death Prophet. It didn’t come as a surprise as DP is the fourth most picked hero this Major and has a win rate of 49%. While Fnatic kept thinking about DP’s role in the game, Tal ‘Fly’ Aizik takes it to the Safelane to support Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev as position 5. 

EG took the first blood and started solid. However, Fnatic somehow managed to bounce back and balanced the laning phase. The game started a little passive and both teams focused on farming and objectives. We only witnessed 10 kills on the board at the 15-minute mark. At this point, Fnatic had a slight gold advantage which eventually turned into EG’s favor. EG held on to its advantage and took the first Tier 3 tower with a strong 9K gold lead. At the 26th minute, EG wiped out Fnatic and secured the first game. 

The second game began with an obvious ban of Death Prophet by Fnatic. On the other hand, Fnatic also picked Enigma for Natthaphon ‘Masaros’ Ouanphakdee. Fnatic also chose Techies as their last pick which made the game more interesting. To counter Enigma and Fnatic’s lineup, EG picked Naga Siren for Arteezy and Pango for Iceiceice. As expected, EG started dominating the game at the 18-minute mark. At the 24-minute mark, EG took a great team fight to grab a solid 8K gold advantage. 

Fnatic kept trying with multiple smoke ganks, but EG’s draft gave them more mobility and grip on the map. EG kept on winning fights and eventually gained Megas at the 45-minute mark. Fnatic still tried holding EG out for 5 minutes, but eventually called out GG at 50-minute. EG now moves forward and Fnatic goes down to the lower bracket. 

Invictus Gaming vs Vici Gaming

The next series began with the regional rivals Invictus Gaming and Vici Gaming. IG came up with a strange draft by picking Phantom Lancer for Jin ‘Flyfly’ Zhiyi. IG also secured the first-blood, but the lanes came out even for both teams. Eventually, IG started taking the lead in the game by pinning multiple heroes down from Vici. Vici Gaming bounced back during the mid-game by taking down Void Spirit and grabbing a slight gold advantage. The advantage for Vici could not hold long as IG took another great team fight at the 21-minute mark, and took back the lead. Without any further obstacles, IG took the first game in fashion.

Vici Gaming came out stronger with the drafting phase in game 2, by picking Death Prophet in the Midlane and Juggernaut in the Safelane. The draft started paying off as the game moved past the laning phase. IG did not have any response to the Juggernaut pick and eventually called out GG at 44-minute. 

As the series moved to a decider, IG brought out its finest game. The Templar Assassin pick for IG proved beneficial as Emo single-handedly carried the game. In just 37 minutes, IG had a strong 28K lead and complete map control. It was at this moment, IG took the last fight and Vici had to tap out and call GG. With a 2-1 victory, IG now moves in the upper bracket and Vici Gaming drops to the lower brackets. 

Thunder Predator vs Team Secret 

We finally got to the most wanted series of the day. Thunder Predator performed exceptionally well throughout the Group Stages. Similarly, Team Secret is currently playing on another level and beating every team they face. 

Game 1 began with Secret going for a more reliable draft as Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov took Enchantress for himself and gave Monkey King to Lasse ‘Matumbaman’ Urpalainen. As the laning phase ended, Secret looked in complete shape with a 10K gold lead. Thunder Predator tried to bounce back by burning out Monkey King’s Aegis at 20-minute. This eventually led the team to pressure Secret on their Tier 3 tower. However, a beautiful Arena from Ludwig ‘Zai’ Wahlberg pushed Thunder Predator back to base. At the 42-minute mark, Secret had a strong 38K gold lead and TP had to call out GG.

Game 2 began with Secret going for an unusual draft. Puppey sent Matu to Midlane this time and Nisha went on to carry the game with Mars. The switches worked like a charm for Secret as Matumbaman with his Abbadon turned off Batrider from Thunder Predator. Yapzor also played an incredible game with his Tusk by securing 22 Assists on the map. Thunder Predator could only hold the game for 38 minutes until Secret pushed them to lower brackets.

Virtus Pro vs PSG.LGD

The last series of the day had China facing the CIS squad. The game started a little slow with LGD taking the first-blood at the 4-minute mark. The lanes went pretty normal and equal for both teams. At the 15-minute mark, LGD had a slight 2K gold as well as a 2 kills advantage. Virtus Pro kept on trying to make it work with their Doom pick and tried taking Roshan at the 38-minute mark. Little did they know, LGD came in and wiped VP out. At 47 minutes, LGD closed the first game with a dominant victory. 

VP picked Mars and Enchantress in game 2 once again. Both teams played a little passive in the second game as we could only see 3 kills on the board till the 10-minute mark. At the 30-minute mark, VP’s Wraith King died twice and LGD went straight on pushing high ground. Virtus Pro went on throwing some buyback in the effort of holding the towers. However, LGD kept pushing their ways to VP’s base and eventually took the game.

Virtus Pro now goes to the lower brackets and PSG.LGD goes ahead in the upper bracket.

Riot has released a new patch 2.06, for Valorant, that includes not only the weapon changes but also multiple agent amendments. The Valorant NA Champions tour came to an end last week. Sentinels took the title after representing a dominant run throughout the series. After the tournament, it seemed like new changes would come to the game. The latest patch focuses on changes in Viper and Yoru. Similarly, Bucky the shotgun also went through slight changes.

Changes to Viper 

Riot is trying to bring multiple changes to Viper but keeping the original essence of Viper alive. The theme and gameplay are just the same, besides some abilities. In an official statement, Riot said that Viper should claim her ground with force and dare and should always challenge her opponents. The changes to her spells include Toxin. 

According to the latest update, enemies that cross through Viper’s toxic screen instantly get inflicted with at least 50 decay. This decay level is directly proportional to the time enemies stay in contact with the toxin. The new patch has also decreased the decay overtime for Viper. The latest changes now cause 10 decay instead of the previous 15. Similarly, the delay in the health region after exiting the cloud screen also becomes 1.5 from the previous 2.5. 

You can now immediately redeploy the Q (Poison Cloud) when picked. Due to this spell, Viper now gets a temporary charge instead of the previous permanent charge. If the cloud is active and Viper dies, it remains active for an additional 2 seconds or until the agent runs out of fuel. The latest update also increased the pickup distance of Viper from 200 to 400. 

The E (Toxic Screen) remains active for 2 seconds if Viper dies. 

Changes to Yoru and Killjoy

There are multiple new buffs and nerfs in the patch for Yoru and Killjoy. The Q (Blindside) now gives 0.6 seconds of Flash activation. Similarly, the Flash duration is now 1.5 from the previous 1.1. The E (Gatecrash) no longer refreshes on kills. However, it now has a cooldown of 35 seconds. The spell gets a buff in the form of lifetime tenure. The spell now remains active for 30 seconds instead of the previous 20. The X (Dimensional Drift) Ult points are now 6. 

Similarly, the C (Nanoswarm) of Killjoy allows the agent to pick up deployed Nanoswarm grenades. This is only possible if the agent picks up the grenade during the buying phase which will restore the charge. 

These little changes are introduced by Riot after an official tournament in the game. The patch does not bring mega changes or new agents in the game. However, it only focuses on making some balanced changes in the game. Besides these agent changes, some weapons changes are also introduced to balance the gameplay. Also, a new head-related transfer function is available in the game now. If you haven’t checked the latest update of Valorant, now is the time to update your game and get into some action.

This has been an amazing week for League of Legends. The highly-waited Space Groove event starts this week, bringing multiple skins, a new pass, and many more things to the game. Similarly, a new Champion is about to show up in the upcoming 11.8 Patch. First, let’s talk about the new face in the game, Gwen. 

11.8 Release Time

According to the official League of Legends 2021 patch schedule, the latest Patch 11.8 is due to release on the 14th of April, Wednesday. The official maintenance times for different regions are not out yet. However, they are 3 am PT for NA, 5 am UK time, and 3 am for CET servers usually. 

Gwen the Doll

Gwen is basically a former doll in The Shadow Isles. The doll is brought back to life by its creator via powerful magic. Gwen then possesses all the tools needed to make her including needles, scissors, and thread. The Champion now transforms these tools into spectral weapons and fights for those who need help across Runeterra. 

The Champion comes with a 550 base health, with a regen of 7. The base mana for Gwen is 330. The Champion is melee and has an attack range of 150. The Champion also possesses multiple abilities including Snip Snip, Hallowed Mist, Skip N’ Slash, and Needlework. Gwen also has a passive (A Thousand Cuts) that deals heavy magic damage according to the max health of the Champion. 

The Q (Snip Snip) of Gwen consumes stacks. The more stacks you have, the greater magic damage you deal. The W (Hallowed Mist) causes Gwen to summon the Hallowed Mist and become non-targetable for all the enemies on the map. The E (Skip n’ Slash) empowers Gwen’s attacks and gives her bonus attack speed. This spell also allows Gwen to deal magic damage. Finally, the R (Needlework) of Gwen allows her to cast multiple cuts to the enemies. Each cut increases the magic damage to the enemies. 

Patch 11.8 Balanced Changes

Riot Games has also included some balanced changes in the game for better gameplay. The changes include Sett’s Knuckle Down. The spell of the Champion does not deal 400 damage to the minions now. However, it is still valid for the monsters. Similarly, the new patch also gives a buff to the Chemtech Putrifier. The item did not do well in the last patch, and therefore, Riot Games has increased its ability power from 50 to 55. 

Along with some technical changes, multiple splash arts came out. The new patch is coming out soon after the Space Groove event. The community is happy with the new Champion coming to the game. The changes to the Champions and items are very less as the game is quite balanced already. On the other hand, the arrival of Gwen will change many things. In a few days, Riot will confirm the official maintenance timings for the patch as well. In order to get more information, stay tuned with us. 

The Wild Card phase has officially concluded at the ONE Esports Singapore Dota 2 Major. Multiple teams went through upsets and challenges. After all the drama, three best teams including Team Liquid, PSG.LGD, and Vici Gaming qualified for the next round. On the other hand, other teams had to go home due to losing several series during the Wild Card phase. Team Nigma, T1, and AS Monaco Gambit are packing their bags as they receive an early elimination from the first Major of 2021. 

Half Strength

Some of the eliminated teams did not play at their peak form. Therefore, the results are not so surprising to the community. Team Nigma and T1 had to get a stand-in in the team due to one of their members getting COVID-19. The professionals failed to travel to the Major and the teams had to substitute a new member in their places. Therefore, both teams had to face a fully prepared squad and could not pull out their finest performance. 

Nigma to Suffer

Team Nigma suffered the most due to the unavailability of one of its members at the Majors. While their official coach Roman ‘Rmn-’ Paley played with them before as well, the team lacked coordination and could not match his skill set. This eventually led to questionable drafts and insignificant roles in the game. Also, the team lacked positioning into the team fights without their official Offlane player, Ivan ‘MinD_Control’ Ivanov. 

As a whole, Team Nigma went 1-9 in the group. The team could only pull out one victory against Vici Gaming and still sat at the bottom of the chart. The only good news for Team Nigma was that their captain, Kuro ‘KuroKy’ Takhasomi re-completed the all-hero challenge in the competitive Dota. This means that he has used every single hero available in the competitive scene once again. 

T1 without Kuku

T1 also suffered during the Wild Card stage as their third position player, Carlo ‘Kuku’ Palad could not make it to Singapore Major. The team took in Lee ‘Forev’ Sang-don to stand-in for their captain, but the team really looked disjointed. T1 had already been going through multiple roster changes and with their captain going out of the tournament, the team could not perform to its full extent. 

Team Gambit going Home

Out of all, AS Monaco Gambit played really well. The team went really close to make it to the group stages, but eventually, Team Liquid eliminated them in the final tie-breaker round. The team first managed to beat Team Liquid 2-0, but Liquid fought back the same day and advanced to the group stages. 

At first, only two teams were supposed to advance from the Wild Card phase of Singapore Major. However, as Natus Vincere and Beastcoast had to withdraw from the Majors, the organizers changed the format. The teams going forward are going to face a harder challenge as several other professional teams are waiting for them with full potential.

Dota 2 recently received its big day. Not only a Netflix anime based on the game came out, but Valve also released a huge update for the game. The new update in the game primarily focuses on making things easier for the newcomers. Similarly, Auto Chess, which started as a Dota 2 mod in the beginning, also brought in some similar changes. 

The new Interest

As Netflix released the all-new Dota: Dragon’s Blood anime, there are high chances that people will show more interest in the game. Tons of new players will also start playing the game after watching the series. However, there are 119 heroes in Dota 2, with each hero owning unique abilities. It is not easy for a new player to just get into the game and start playing. However, it takes a lot of time to master the game and learn the basics. Similarly, the veterans of Dota 2 are also not so forgiving. 

Rookies of Dota 

Instead of getting into the whole game at once, Valve has introduced a new method to train the rookies of the game. All the new members will have access to four tiers of quest-like objectives. These players will also receive multiple rewards as they complete the objectives. Players will also have a new streamlined shop and a glossary for their help and better understanding. For the practice factor, Valve has introduced improved bots that the new players will have access to. During the game, multiple tips from the wizard will appear on the top of the screen to teach the players about the opponents. 

New Player Mode

Valve has also introduced a new player mode in the game, that all the players will have access to. This game mode will have a smaller hero pool and no-leaving penalty. In this way, these new players will learn the game faster and easier. Similarly, when the new players queue for the match, they will only connect with other new members. New players will never connect with the experienced party players until they are done with their training. 

Valve is also taking action against the smurf players in the game. Multiple experienced players in the game sometimes make alternative accounts to destroy the rookies in the game. However, Valve is now tracking them down and handing over huge penalties. 

Return of the Hype

Dota 2’s massive hype has not seen any kind of rise over the past few years. Since last March, according to Steam Charts, between 400,000 and half million people have played Dota 2. However, the game did not enter the hyped games list during the lockdown. Valve is hoping that the new series on Netflix will prove itself as a breakthrough for the game. A lot of new members will join the community for sure. Similarly, multiple old members will also sign in again to relive the memories. Let’s see if Valve can take Dota 2 at a new height or not.

It came out as a surprise to the fans that TSM eliminated Evil Geniuses from the LCS Mid-Season Showdown today. The team now moves on in the losers bracket after taking a tense victory. TSM proved to be a better team today as they crumbled EG with an upset. The team had perfect coordination throughout the match and took a lot of risks during the drafting. TSM believes that the victory belongs to the recent import in the squad. The League of Legends veteran SwordArt played Support and carried the team on his back. His team fight calls are now a weapon of TSM as the squad is highly capable of picking up fights at the right moments. 

Fans of EG

Fans of EG are feeling the frustration of receiving a close defeat. The team almost had the victory but could not pull the right decisions. It seems like EG’s draft is still lacking to punch the enemies with its full power. The team consists of some of the best players in the world. However, they still lacked coordination during the best of five series against TSM.

Upcoming matches for TSM

TSM is still not in the condition to relax and enjoy the victory over EG. In the coming weeks, the team is heading for much tougher opposition. TSM’s team fighting is still one of the best in the competitive scene of League of Legends. The current official coach of the team is Bjergsen. During the semi-finals against Evil Geniuses, Bjergsen showed the best variations in the draft, and the team handled it perfectly. Similarly, Huni’s role at Top Lane is yet to be defined officially. 

The Semi-Final

The series began with TSM taking control of the map. The team scored a comprehensive victory and closed the game while slaying 4 dragons in the way. Similarly, game 2 went in the favor of EG. The team marked a solid comeback and won the second game dominantly. The fun began with game 3 when both teams looked in solid form. EG remained in the driver’s seat for most of the game. However, a back-breaking counterplay by TSM drifted the whole momentum EG created. The pinpoint hook by SwordArt’s Nautilus shattered EG’s confidence that the squad was carrying for a game and a half. 

Game 4 began with a pause but eventually ended with the same results. Both teams took multiple fights. EG looked solid in the last few fights but TSM had answers for every move. Eventually, TSM closed the series and did not give any chance to EG to push the series in a five-setter. 

Next Series

As EG goes home from here, TSM now waits for its next matchup. The team will face the winner of the series between 100 Thieves and Dignitas. TSM was in this state last year as well. This similar situation turned out bad for the team last time, but it seems like TSM is in good form this year.

Cloud9 is a huge name in the competitive Counter-Strike:Global Offensive scene that looks to last forever. However, the organization is taking a step back from the competitive scene, for the time being. The team is disbanding due to several financial and remote training issues caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. According to the official news from Cloud9, the organization stepping back temporarily and might return to the scene later. 

French Esports News

Multiple official statements came out about the dropping of Cloud9 from the competitive CSGO. A report on the 26th of March, by a French website, 1Pv, said that Cloud9 has stopped its CSGO project after failing to qualify for the EPL Season 13. The report also included the news about the future of the professionals in the team. All the members of Cloud9 are currently placed on the bench. 

RushB News

Right after 1Pv’s news caught fire, another CSGO news channel, RushB released information about Cloud9’s current plans. RushB somehow managed to reach the CEO of Cloud9, Jack Etienne. The CEO talked about the current situation of the world and how people are thriving in these difficult conditions. He also said that the organization failed to provide boot camps, housing, and mental health to the professionals due to multiple restrictions. This eventually resulted in disbanding the team and taking a break from the competitive scene. 

Cloud9’s Roster

This news came out as a surprise and definitely not the one, fans were expecting. Multiple community members also took it as an April’s fool surprise by saying that it is the team that won the Boston ELeague Major in 2018. However, the team eventually confirms the authenticity of the news. The official roster of Cloud9 includes Alex ‘Alex’ McMeekin, Patrick ‘Es3tag’ Hansen, Erick ‘Xeppaa’ Bach, William ‘Mezii’ Merriman, and Ricky ‘Floppy’ Kemery. All the members are still bound to Cloud9 and remain under the contract. However, the organization has benched all the members until it comes back to the scene.

Temporary Break

The CEO of the organization says that Cloud9 is not leaving the competitive CSGO forever. The announcement said that the organization is still passionate about CSGO and competing. However, the team would not come back to the official scene until the global conditions are alright and the members can play and train together once again. 

As the team moves to an unannounced temporary break, all the members are still under the contract. The team has not let go of any professional while benching them for the time being. It is highly likely that all the members will find new homes as they have no idea how long Cloud9 is planning to stay out of the scene. There are also rumors that the professionals might jump to Valorant and would never return to CSGO. However, nobody knows about their future as none of the members has said anything yet. All the fans and community members wait for Cloud9 to come back.