Recently, Roman ‘RAMZES666’ Kushnarev and Alexey ‘Solo’ Berezin formed a new professional Dota team, called ‘Dota Team’. The team also participated in the EPIC League Season 3. However, this league became the first and the last series for the squad. On March 4th, Ramzes666 and Solo formed this new team which would participate in Division 1 of the Epic League. However, before the series could come to an end, Brame and HellRaisers defeated Dota Team to eliminate them. Right after the tournament, Ramzes666 and Solo disband the newly formed Dota Team. 

Iceberg with the Insights

A famous Dota 2 player and Na’Vi’s professional member, Bogden ‘Iceberg’ Vasilenko recently revealed some information about Dota Team on his live stream. The professional said that Ramzes666 and Solo already told him that Dota Team will be a short stint. Similarly, Iceberg revealed this information before the beginning of the Epic League Season 3. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to the community that the newly formed team disbanded right after one series. 

Solo and Ramzes666

Solo and Ramzes666 have played in many different professional teams over the past few months. These professionals have also made other teams and disbanded. Therefore, the quick end of the Dota Team comes as no surprise to anyone. Both professionals formerly played for Virtus Pro. Solo played for Virtus Pro for about four years, before joining No Techies. Similarly, Ramzes666 played for Virtus Pro for about three years, before joining Evil Geniuses. 

Dota Team Roster

The official roster of the newly formed Dota Team included Alexey ‘Nongrate’ Vasilyev, Rostislav ‘Fn’ Lozovol, Roman ‘RAMZES666’ Kushnarev, Rinat ‘KingR’ Abdullin, and Alexey ‘Solo’ Berezin. All the members now leave the team and are looking for a new home in the DPC. Before the next official tournament, some of them will be playing from different teams for sure. 

No Techies

Solo goes back to play from the previous squad he had been playing from, No Techies. It seems like Ramzes666 will also join the professional as the rest of the members already left the team. In the upcoming season, No Techies will begin playing from the Lower Division of the region. The team unfortunately finished last at the CIS 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division. This is the reason that all the other members felt that disbanding is the only option for the squad. 

Dota Team had a good run at the group stage of the Epic League Season 3. The team only lost 1 series before entering the playoffs. Dota Team also started the playoffs in the upper bracket, facing Brame in its first round. However, the team could not pull victory and dropped down to the lower bracket to face HellRaisers. Surprisingly, the team lost 2-0 to HellRaisers as well and got eliminated. Due to this poor performance, the Russian professional stars decided to disband the team and look for another opportunity. Currently, Solo and Ramzes666 are both looking for a team to play some professional Dota.

Virtus Pro is relaunching the youth Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster under the name, VP.Prodigy. The organization has formed a young roster in many other esports games as well. Similarly, the goal behind forming this roster is to bring new and younger talent to the game. The manager of the organization also speaks about how Virtus Pro finds it very crucial to forming a youth roster as well. 

Manager’s Remarks

The official shooter branch manager, Mikhail Artemyev, says that the organization always likes to take risks and chances when it comes to a younger roster. It is very important to look for younger players who are passionate about CSGO at their younger ages. The manager also says that the organization understands that talent is not the only way to success. A team does not only win multiple titles due to talented players. However, it is a combination of game sense, coordination, and many other little things. The organization now aims to work on the younger members to enhance their communication gap and build their game sense while playing together.

He also says that VP.Prodigy aims for every young player to reach his full potential. We are sure about the members that they will succeed in accomplishing everything we set out to do.  The manager also talks about the competitive pressure of the game. He says that the young members are currently at the stage to take their careers to a higher level. Similarly, the organization will try its best to prevent the members from the competitive pressure, so they enjoy the game. 

VP.Prodigy’s Roster

The official roster of VP.Prodigy includes Eugene ‘R3salt’ Frolov, Armen ‘Cheerful’ Eskuzyan, Nikita ‘BloodyK’ Dobrynin, Ivan ‘Lom1K’ Ovsyanik, Alexey ‘RuFire’ Burakov, and Vladislav ‘Flash_1’ Bykov. RuFire will play as the captain of the team and Flash_1 will be the official coach. 

RuFire’s Comments

The official captain of the team RuFire also talked about the struggle to find the young roster for the organization. He said that while the organization was looking for players, we made sure to not only look for skilled players. However, the organization looked for easygoing and non-conflictual professionals with a bunch of skills. The captain also says that the organization has passed in this regard and found the perfect roster for the team. The team has very good chemistry and every member focuses on the same goal. The squad will try its best to prove its worth in the upcoming matches. 

VP is famous for forming a younger branch in almost every esports game it participates in. The organization is good at taking chances and bringing out new talent. In some other games, VP has also switched the main roster from the younger members as they proved better than the real team. In a few days, the newly formed team will participate in the competitive CSGO scene and will try to prove its worth. Let’s hope that the squad performs at its best and the community gets to see new talent in the game.

Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) has won the recent Rainbow Six Siege UK Ireland Nationals after beating Cowana Gaming in the finals. The team took an epic road to the finals and destroyed Cowana Gaming with a 3-1 victory. During the regular season, Na’Vi finished fourth. Due to its position, the team joined Cowana Gaming, WYLDE, and MNM Gaming in the playoffs. The epic run then started for Na’Vi to reach the grand finals.

Double Defeat

Na’Vi faced Cowana Gaming during the playoffs before the grand finals as well. In the first semi-final, Na’Vi defeated Cowama Gaming with a 7-4 victory. In the second semi-final, Na’Vi faced MNM Gaming that gave a little tough time to the squad. However, Na’Vi took on the challenge and sealed a 2-1victory to reach the grand finals where they beat Cowana once again.

Team Audacity and Demise finished fifth and sixth respectively during the tournament. However, these teams are still in the first division of the region. On the other hand, London Esports and Vexed Gaming finished at the last two spots in the tournament. Both teams will now play in the Rainbow Six Siege UKIN Second Division for the third season. 

Roster Changes

Na’Vi made some roster changes to its official line-up earlier this month. Two new members joined the team before going into the tournament. A very famous Swedish player Rickard ‘Secretly’ Olofsson, and the UK’s professional Nathan ‘Nathan’ Sharp joined the team. Secretly recently left the Chaos Esports Club and now plays with Na’Vi. Similarly, Nathan came out from the MNM Gaming to play for Na’Vi. 

Despite the roster changes, Nathan still played for MNM Gaming on the weekend and Joe played for Na’Vi in his place. Joe will now move to the bench due to recent Na’Vi ‘s new signings. 

Jack’s Response

After winning the finale, Na’Vi’s UK professional Jack ‘Doki’ Robertson wished good luck to Cowana Gaming. Similarly, the professional also said that this was his first tournament after his unbanning. He said that the team had fun and he himself enjoyed every single moment of the tournament. The team now looks forward to the European League. 

Jack says that the European League is very different from the UK International. He also says that the gun skill Na’Vi uses in UKIN does not favor the team in the EUL. Therefore, it will be a completely different scenario for Na’Vi as they face new enemies and new game styles. 

Natus Vincere is highly positive about the upcoming European League. The team says that as the tournament begins on Thursday, the squad will practice and train hard. Similarly, this time, Na’Vi will play with the new members of the squad. Therefore, the team needs more practice to coordinate with the new members before the next tournament. The members of the team say that this year will be a good year for Na’Vi as the team possesses all the required talent to dominate the region. 

Extra Salt defeated Team Pain during the DreamHack Open March 2021: North American challenge. On Sunday, the squad faced Team Pain into the finals. Due to this victory, the team has booked its place at the Intel Extreme Masters XVI Summer Event. The Summer Event is all set to occur between June 3-13. Multiple other teams received their chances to qualify for the event through European qualifiers. Due to that, Complexity Gaming, Heroic, and VOYVODA made it to the Intel Summer Event. However, before playing the Summer event, the team will first participate in the FunSpark ULTI 2020 Europe Final that will take place during April 19-26. 

Impressive Run

Extra Salt had an impressive run during the DreamHack Open. The team did not lose a single map during the playoffs. Similarly, during the entire tournament, the team only lost one single map. With this impressive run, the team reached the finals of the tournament. Incredibly, the squad wrapped up the finals to win the epic reward of $35,000. Along with the prize pool, Extra Salt also secured 100 Pro Tour points. On the other hand, Team Pain secured the runner-up position in the series. The team secured $15,000 and 80 Tour points as well. 

The Finale

Pain Gaming chose Inferno as the first map of the finals. In the beginning, Pain Gaming took a valid lead of 8-2. However, as OSee secured a triple-kill, Extra Salt came back into the game. Extra Salt kept the dominant performance on and eventually took the first map with a 16:12 score. 

Both teams kept fighting each other at the set of Train by staying head-to-head. Eventually, Extra Salt took a lead during the late game and Pain Gaming did not get a chance to recover. The second map closed in the favor of Extra Salt with a 16:13 score. 

The last map, Mirage, became the closest fight of them all. Pain Gaming represented amazing plays by not giving any lead to the opponent. However, due to a slight mistake, the team took a map lead and finished the series with a 16:14 victory. 

Star of the Event

The whole team of Extra Salt performed on another level to win the series. However, Josh ‘OSee’ Ohm became the highest-rated player in the series. The professional played a huge part in ensuring the team’s victory with a rating of 1.38. He scored 79 kills during the finals, including a 30 kill-death differential. On the other hand, Wesley ‘Hardzao’ Lopes from Pain Gaming scored 71 kills and 12 kill-death differential. 

Extra Salt is currently ranked 24th in the world. However, the team is performing better than many other professional teams. With this current level of form, the team can easily gain few ranking points. In the upcoming tournaments, Extra Salt needs to maintain the level of the game they are playing right now. The latest tournament for the team is due in April 2021. 

Dota 2 is one of the most famous Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, that is designed and published by Valve. The game is actually a sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), which is a community-made mod for the game, Warcraft III. Dota 2 caters to 10 players in a single match. Each team contains 5 members. The map of the game contains two sides, the Radiant and the Dire. In every match of Dota 2, both teams try and take down the objectives of others to gain in-game gold and experience. As you progress in a match, your hero becomes stronger with numerous items and fights better. Similarly, both sides of the map contain a similar-looking building called the Ancient. The Ancient is the heart of each side and the team to capture this building wins. 

Icefrog started the development of Dota 2 in 2009. Valve officially released the game in July 2013, on different platforms containing Linux, Windows, and OS X. However, the open beta version of the game was available two years prior to its official release on Windows only. 

Dota 2 has been a fan favorite game ever since its release. The game has gathered some of the biggest audiences in esports history. Similarly, Dota 2 also holds the record of the biggest esports tournaments in history. Throughout its time, the game has produced so many opportunities and hundreds have chosen it to be their only source of income. In the following article, we will discuss how Dota 2 has created so many opportunities for the community and how it is lifting the Esports scene. 

Mega Tournaments

If you are an esports fan, you will automatically know the name Dota 2. This is because the game has been on top when it comes to organizing mega tournaments. Over the past few years, Dota 2 has been beating its own record of organizing the biggest esports events. The Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) contains numerous events throughout the year that are organized by well-known esports names. These tournaments hold the record of the biggest prize pools in the history of esports. The game has produced so many opportunities for several players and workers working as organizers. Some of them are listed below.

The International

The International is the most prestigious tournament of the game that occurs every year. It is also called the World Cup of Dota 2. It is organized by Valve in the mid of every year including some of the biggest teams in the professional scene. 

Valve started organizing The International in 2011 to celebrate the game and spread the name Dota 2. At that time, the tournament offered a huge prize pool of $1 million. Since then, every year, the prize pool of the tournaments beats the previous year. In 2020, the tournament hit a $40 million prize pool mark by breaking its own previous record of $33 million. However, the organizers could not carry out the tournament due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. Valve delayed the event for an indefinite time. However, the organization has announced that the tournament will occur in 2021 for sure. 

Around 18 teams from around the world qualify for the event and each team leaves the tournament with some amount of money. Over the years, many underdog teams came in the series and secured millions of Dollars. One of the most famous underdog teams ‘Wings Gaming’ surprised the community by actually winning the tournament in 2016 and securing more than $9 million. 

The International does not only provides opportunities to the teams, but also looks after multiple casters, video makers, and many others involved. 


Electronic Sports League (ESL) is one of the biggest event organizers in the Dota 2 professional scene. The organization brings players and teams from different parts of the world to compete and win. ESL hosts numerous Major and Minors in Dota 2. The best part of the tournament is that it occurs in almost every region of the game. Some of the examples for the ESL One series are ESL One Birmingham, ESL One Los Angeles, ESL One Germany, ESL One Thailand, and many more. 

Each of these tournaments holds great prize pools for every team qualifying. Not just this, these tournaments provide opportunities to the smaller teams in the regions as well. For example, in some Minor tournaments of Dota, teams with no DPC points at all could also qualify if they play the qualifier rounds and win. That is why ESL is always up to providing several opportunities in Dota 2. 


DreamHack is one of the biggest LAN party tournament organizers. The organization has spread its multiple branches in Dota 2. Throughout the year, multiple DreamLeagues by DreamHack occur. The tournament is also a sea of opportunities for all the professional Dota 2 teams. The best of the organization is that it divides multiple branches that organize several tournaments for different levels in the game. For the highest professional tier in the game, the organization arranges the DreamLeague every season. Similarly, for the smaller teams in each region, DreamHack offers weekly tournaments. These weekly tournaments also hold prize pools for around $1000. 

Especially in the regions where bigger organizations are not working, DreamHack offers their tournaments to keep the Dota pro scene alive. 

This is how, these tournaments that occur every week and every season, provide tons of opportunities to the big teams as well as the smaller teams in the scene. 

Other than these tournament organizers, Dota 2 has multiple other members that are working continuously to provide opportunities to the smaller members of the game. 

Become a Pro

If you are good at Dota 2, you can achieve a higher MMR in the game. As you cross the 6K limit, you start getting matches with professional players in the scene. It totally depends on you how you then perform and rise to the next level. Most of the time, when some professional players look at a player in the pub who is constantly performing really well, they approach the member and get him/her into the official squad. 

It is really that simple to become a professional Dota 2 player. Many of the Dota 2 stars already share their stories about how they got the chance to get into the scene. One of the most famous Dota 2 players, Amer ‘Miracle-’ Al-Barqawi also talks about his beginning and how he became a professional Dota 2 player. The star says that as he hit higher MMR, he received a direct message from his former teammate ‘Notail’ about joining him and playing with him. A lot of others also joined the professional scene in the same way.

A professional Dota 2 player makes millions of dollars throughout the year. The good thing about becoming a professional player is that you have infinite opportunities. You don’t have to b skillful at Mathematics or Physics. However, you just need to play the game at your very best and someone will find you for sure. Therefore, becoming a professional Dota 2 player is one of the biggest opportunities, the game offers. 

Casting Opportunities

As we know that Dota 2 is a game that focuses a lot on its huge tournaments. Every tournament in the professional scene requires multiple casters. Every region in the game has several famous casters that usually commentate the tournament matches as well as some important pubs for the fans. Casting is exactly similar to normal sportscasting and members actually make it their only source of income. 

With the increasing number of tournaments every now and then, Dota 2 has a huge casting range and a lot of famous casters that are currently working in the scene. Some of the most famous Dota 2 casters are Sheever, ODPixel, Blitz, Capitalist, Tobiwan, 5400 from China, and many others. 

According to some official Esports insights, a Dota 2 caster normally makes around $1000 per broadcast. This is a huge amount and can be adopted as a proper career. 

As we talked about some of the weekly tournaments from different organizations, these tournaments are on a smaller scale and do not include the many famous broadcasters in it. In such events, many new broadcasters get the opportunity to commentate the game for the fans. Therefore, casting is a huge catch offered by Dota 2 and many are getting it as their career path. 

Coaching Opportunities 

The average age for an esports player is around 18 to 30. Mostly, professional players announce retirement from the scene when they reach this specific age group. However, the journey never ends there. Dota 2 has a huge professional scene and almost considered the biggest in esports. There are countless professional teams that are operating in different regions of the world. Each team looks for a coach, as it should. When a professional player retires from the pro scene, usually he/she becomes a coach for another team and continues his/her career with the game. 

If you are really good at Dota 2 and do not feel like playing 12 hours a day, you can try and become a professional coach for a team. Normally, the professional coaches in Dota 2 make more than thousands of dollars. 

In order to become a coach, you should be good at decision-making and planning new strategies. If you feel that you are too old to play the game for the whole day, you can get yourself into the coaching lines. Therefore, coaching is a huge career opportunity that Dota 2 offers in the esports scene. 

Streaming Opportunities

The world is changing so fast and so are multiple trends with it. People have adopted new ways of watching live sports and channels. Live streaming has taken over the former technologies and people now watch their favorite matches live on the internet only. Some of the most famous streaming platforms for esports are Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and many more. As we know that Dota 2 is one of the most famous MOBA games in the history of esports. Other than League of Legends, Dota 2 is always ranked second when it comes to viewership and audience engagement. In 2019, the viewership for the biggest tournament of Dota 2, The International 9, reached around 1.08 million concurrent people. Similarly, in the past year, the game broke its own previous records for viewership. This means that there are millions of people that are ready to see Live Dota all the time. 

A famous streamer with thousands of subscribers can make more than $5000 per month. This earning is easily more than most of the reliable jobs out there. There are no limitations for anyone who wants to become a Dota 2 streamer. You just need a camera and a computer on which you play the game while your fans watch you. Therefore, streaming is one of the significant careers that Dota 2 offers. 


If you think that you are just an average Dota 2 player, but love the game a lot, you can still make it as your professional career. You just need to have a great mind when it comes to statistics and analyzing data. If you like digging into the stats of the game and search for records, you can become a professional statistician for Dota 2. Not just Valve, many other websites offer this position openly to cover all the statistics for Dota 2 only. These statistics can be about each player’s profile, keeping a tap on the MMRs, checking which server is hosting the biggest audience, which server is not performing to its previous scale, and many more. 

This job is permanent and you can enter into the professional Dota 2 scene by becoming a statistician for the game. Therefore, this is a great option for your career in Dota 2. 


Multiple famous YouTube channels offer video clips for Dota 2 for the fans. These clips are either about the tournaments going on or some funny clips of the week. If you think you have excellent video editing skills and can edit videos with amazing graphics, you just found a new career opportunity. Valve itself offers jobs for several editors as the organization makes many video clips as well as movies for the game. For example, whenever a new update of the game comes out, a trailer also follows.

Similarly, Valve is famous for making ‘Truesight’ every year. This movie is about the biggest event of the game ‘The International’. In the movie, Valve shows how the professional players actually communicate during the game and under severe pressure situations. These movies require heavy editing and a team of skilled professionals. 

Other than that, numerous famous YouTube channels also follow the trend and try to make videos for the most amazing plays every now and then in the game. If you are good at video editing, Dota 2 can provide you a successful career path in this regard. Hence, Dota 2 is not just about playing, it can be a career very easily. 

Event Coordinator

Whenever you look at a big tournament going on, there is always a huge effort by the coordinators that you miss on. There are several behind-the-scenes shenanigans like keeping the seating arrangements, handling security, media, and many other small tasks. As Dota 2 is a game with a huge tournament base, the event coordinator is a job that is always available. If you think that you are really good at handling teams and events, you can become a professional event coordinator for Dota 2. As there are plenty of organizers for Dota 2 that offer tournaments, there are high chances that you get into one of them. Therefore, becoming an event coordinator for Dota 2 is a job that nobody thinks of, but definitely exists.

The first season of DPC 2021 brought so many surprises and amazing gameplays for the fans and the community. The biggest surprise became the previous ‘The International’ champions, OG, not making it to the Singapore Major 2021. All the regions finalized their last series on the 28th of February except China. The Chinese region will conclude its game by 13th March. However, we already have all the names of the teams that will compete at the Singapore Major by One Esports. 

The Singapore Major

The Singapore Major is the first Major of the 2021 DPC. The tournament will begin on the 27th of March with a prize pool of $500,000. Along with a huge prize pool, the DPC points are really important for every team participating. These points will allow the teams to make it to The International. A total of 18 best teams will make it to the tournament with the highest DPC points at the time. 

Multiple Spots

The Major has multiple spots for each qualifying team in the scene. The top team from each region will directly reach the playoffs of the Major. Similarly, the second-best team will make it to the group stages. However, the third and the fourth team will get a Wild Card spot in the Major. 

CIS Region

Every region went through some series of games to decide the qualifying teams for the Major. For the CIS region, the competition became very strong when the two best teams in the game, Virtus Pro and Natus Vincere faced each other. However, Virtus Pro came out on top and made it to the playoffs of the Major. Similarly, Natus Vincere came on the second spot and made it to the group stages. Moreover, AS Monaco Gambit took the Wild Card spot in the Major.

European Region

The European region is the strongest region of Dota 2 where most of the top-rated teams compete against each other. For this region, Valve decided to choose the top 4 teams to get to the Majors. As usual, Team Secret came out as the most dominant and made it to the Playoff spot directly. Team Alliance secured the second position and got to the Group Stages. Similarly, Team Nigma and Team Liquid secured the Wild Card spot 3 and 4 in the Major. 

North American

Only two professional teams made it to the Majors from the North American region. Evil Geniuses came on top to make it to the Playoffs. However, Quincy Crew came on the second spot to get to the Group Stages.

South American

The South American region also promoted two teams to the Major event. Beastcoast took the first spot in the list and made it to the Playoff spot. However, Thunder Predator made it to the Group Stages of the event. 

Southeast Asian

The Southeast Asian region of the game received three spots to fill the best teams. Team Fnatic came out as the strongest and made it to the Playoffs. Whereas, Neon Esports reached the Group Stages of the event. However, Team T1 received the Wild Card spot at the event.

One of the most famous Thai Dota 2 professionals, 23Savage reached a new MMR milestone in the game today. The professional has broken all the records by becoming the first-ever player in the game to reach 12,000 MMR. 23Savage has shared his game record of the previous 8 days in which he gained immense MMR to reach this highest level. He went on with a record of 40-25 in the last week. 


23Savage is a famous carry player with multiple signature heroes. In the last few weeks, the professional has spammed his all-time favorites Morphiling, Arc Warden, and Troll Warlord. He holds a significant win rate on each of these heroes and thus reached this level of MMR. He also tweeted this news with a screenshot of his highest MMR in the world.

11,000 MMR?

Dota 2 had the all-time highest MMR bracket of 11,000 previously. 23Savage became the second man to reach that level of MMR, right after Evil Geniuses’ star Abed. However, Abed could not beat 23Savage when it came to 12,000 MMR. The carry player has shown some amazing plays in his pubs. However, he is still looking for a team to join in the professional scene. 

Days with Fnatic

23Savage previously played for Southeast Asian giant Fnatic previously. However, the 10-month journey came to an end with a surprise parting of ways. This happened last summer when the star joined the Chinese powerhouse Vici Gaming. However, in January, the professional had to leave the team before even playing a single professional match under the banner. 

Chances at The International

The first season of Dota Pro Circuit is over now and most of the teams are already qualified. There are multiple professionals that did not get a chance with any team to compete in the first season. Similarly, these professionals now have to wait for the next season to begin. If 23Savage missed another season of DPC, there are chances that the professional might not be able to compete at The International 10. 

Changes in the Rules

Unlike some of the previous years, Valve has come up with new rules for the 2021 DPC. This year, there will be no qualifiers for The International. However, every team in the second season of the DPC will have to play a regional qualifier to make a place at the TI. All the upper division and lower division teams will compete against each other to secure their spots. Teams will also qualify from their region and come to the main stage of the event. As 23Savage is currently not playing from any professional Dota 2 team, there are high chances that the professional might miss his chances during season 2 as well. In order to reach the most prestigious event of the game, 23Savage has to find a new home before the time runs out. 

The professional marks a new record of the highest MMR in the game. However, let’s see who will break this new record in the game. had a pretty impressive run throughout the last one and a half year in the competitive Dota 2. The team finished at the top spot multiple times and appeared at the podium several times too. However, the news of one of the squad members leaving comes as a surprise to the community. The famous Austrian professional Dota 2 player, Tobias ‘Tobi’ Buchner has decided to leave the European squad of the team. In his place, a new professional is playing with the squad for over a month. Most likely, Kezhu will replace Tobi for the offlane vacant position in the team. 

Official Announcement

Last night, made an official announcement about the departure of Tobi from the squad. Tobi has been playing for the offlane role in the team for around 14 months. During his time with, the professional has produced some great plays. It is for sure that a lot fans would be disappointed by this news. 

Goodbye from the Captain

The captain of the squad, Melchior ‘Seleri’ Hillenkamp also posted a farewell message to his offlane player in the team. The two professionals have played together since the beginning of the team. The community knows that both of the professionals share a strong bond with them. Similarly, a farewell Tweet also represents the respect between each other. with Tobi had an impressive run with Tobi on its squad list. Throughout the year 2020, the team has won around 10 tournaments. Some of these victories include Dota Summit 13 in November. The team took down the two-time International champions, OG as well as Team Liquid to win the series. The team has always been considered the underdog who can beat any top team at any time. However, after the impressive run of 2020, is now considered as a Dark Horse who stays strong everytime and beats anyone it faces. 

Lower Division Journey

After all the success during the 2020, failed to make it to the Upper Division of the DPC. Due to the extreme competition and talent in the European region of the game, had to start its 2021 DPC run from the Lower Division. Currently, the team is playing with Kezhu as an offlaner. The team is doing pretty well and most likely, Kezhu will stick for a longer time with the team. 

As Tobi parted ways from, the professional is still looking for a new home in the region. The team wishes best to the professional through Twitter and releases him. Similarly, the captain of the squad also wishes him the best of luck. Tobi has proved himself as a reliable Offlaner in the game. It is just a matter of time when he finds a new squad to play the game with. Currently, is playing with Kezhu and doing good in the Lower Division of the DPC.

Team Liquid’s Valorant’s squad is a little weak when compared to its other teams. Recently, Team Liquid has struggled to get to a victory in the game. The team still lacks a title in the game and the squad needs it to prove themselves worthy of competition. After several attempts, it looked like Team Liquid needed an update in the roster. However, Team Liquid recently announced that the organization is adding a new member to the roster. The team has joined hands with an ex-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Jamppi to its official Valorant roster. 

Previous Roster

The previous roster of Team Liquid disappointed a lot of fans and analysts in the competitive Valorant scene. The team had to face a lot of early losses at the VCT Challengers tournaments. In Challengers One, Team Liquid qualified for the closed qualifiers but then lost against FunPlus Pheonix. Later on, in other Challengers, the team could not even cross the open portion of the qualifiers. Similarly, Team Liquid also failed to jump past the quarterfinals in the First European Strike. As the previous roster of the team could not achieve much in the scene, Jumppi’s addition to the roster will definitely bring a lot to the team.

Jamppi’s Ban from CSGO

Elias ‘Jamppi’ Olkkonen is a 19-year-old Finnish professional player. The player represented ENCE in the competitive scene of CSGO. However, Valve banned the professional before his rising days. The star could not perform much in the CSGO scene and thus moved to Valorant. As he got banned by Valve’s Anti-Cheat system, the player also missed the opportunity to get to OG’s CSGO lineup. 

The professional then sued Valve, asking for his missed earnings and the removal of a permanent ban. However, the lawsuit did not go as planned and the professional had to switch to Valorant.

Jamppi’s Response

Jamppi recently talked about his vision about Valorant and what he expects from the competitive scene of the game. The professional thanked ENCE for the lifetime opportunity to compete with the top-tier CSGO teams. He also said that he could not chase his ultimate dreams and thus he has decided to switch to a new game and set new goals. The professional was also grateful for all the support he received during his time with ENCE. 

Jamppi with Team Liquid

Jamppi recently revealed his dual role in the squad as Operator/Jett. Similarly, Team Liquid revealed that the professional will replace Adam ‘Ec1s’ Eccles. With the addition of the new member in the squad, the community now hopes for greater results from Team Liquid. Team Liquid now focuses on winning some titles and making their name in Valorant as well. The upcoming big event is Challengers 3, where Team Liquid can dominate and come up with a new game style. For now, we can keep an eye on Team Liquid for the upcoming events as a new member joins the squad.

A brand new Rainbow Six Quarantine leak has revealed the first glimpse of the gameplay of the Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Recently, Ubisoft also revealed a Rainbow Six Siege follow-up. The follow-up said nothing about the gameplay and virtually released nothing. However, the organization has scheduled the new gameplay release later this year. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of games got delayed due to less workforce in the scene. The community expected Rainbow Six to become one of these. However, Ubisoft reconfirmed that the game will release this year. 

Whether it actually happens or not, we still have our first look at the gameplay of the shooter due to the Quarantine leak. 

The Leak

The leak did not come out from any of Ubisoft’s partners or Ubisoft itself. However, it came out from the depth of the internet. Unfortunately, the leak does not provide an extensive look at the game. Rather it contains zero details about the game and just quick video footage. The video is about a shooter hitting around in a room. However, we can look at the graphics and some other minor details. 

A Screenshot

Along with a small video clip of the game, a screenshot of the gameplay also came out. Once again, the screenshot is not giving out a lot of details but we can just look at it as we have not received any details about the upcoming game. As a matter of fact, beyond the reveal trailer, the community has not seen anything about the new game. 

Ubisoft’s Response

At the moment, Ubisoft has not released any kind of response to the leaked gameplay clip. The organization has always kept it this way by not commenting on any kind of leak in the past. However, if the company changes a little bit and decides to release a short comment on the leak, we will update it for sure. In the meantime, we can only look at the leaked video and try to demonstrate the gameplay in our own imaginations. As for the leak, its authenticity is still under question and nobody knows if it’s real or not. 

Rainbow Six Quarantine 

While talking about the Rainbow Six Quarantine, the game is under development for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Ubisoft has still not released the unexpected date for the game to release. However, it confirmed that the game will come out this year at any time. Just like other games, Quarantine can also get delayed due to the global pandemic going on. However, Ubisoft has put in some extra work and decided to release the game this year. In few months, we will able to look at the complete game as it releases. Similarly, we will also know if the leaks are true or not. For now, we can just get excited and look at the leaked clip to know what to expect from Ubisoft.