Ramzes Dota 2

As the second DPC season is about to begin, a lot of Dota 2 teams are shuffling their rosters. Natus Vincere also announces a huge change in its official Dota 2 roster. According to the official announcement of the organization, Ramzes will replace Viktor ‘GeneRaL’ Nigrini in the team. Ramzes has been looking for a team since Evil Geniuses released him from its banner at the beginning of February. The professional announced that he is looking for a new team a few days ago, and Na’Vi responded.

Any Reasons?

Na’Vi has not announced any specific reasons for making a shuffle in its official roster. The upper-division open qualifiers of the CIS region are due to play on the 13th of April. Before that, Na’Vi dropped one of its members to make a place for Ramzes in the team. It seems like Ramzes was the only top professional that was free and looking for a team after the conclusion of the first Major of the season. The new roster is now practicing together to come out stronger in the second season. 

Natus Vincere’s Roster

As Na’Vi took in Ramzes, the professional finally reunited with one of his Virtus Pro’s teammates from 2019, RodjER. The official roster of Na’Vi now includes Alik ‘V-Tune’ Vorobey, Ramzes, RodjER, Bogdan ‘Iceberg’ Vasilenko, and Andrii ‘ALWAYSWANNAFLY’ Bondarenko. Alwayswannafly plays as the captain of the team. Similarly, Na’Vi has Andrey ‘Mag’ Chipenko as their head coach and Sergey ‘AnahRoniX’ Bikovskiy as their manager.

DPC Points

With its previous roster, Natus Vincere finished second in the CIS regional league. This finish provided them 300 DPC points and $28,000 prize money. With this many points and high regional league ending, Na’Vi had an invitation to the Singapore Major as well. However, the team had to withdraw from the Major as both Alwayswannafly and Iceberg tested positive for COVID-19 right before the event. The team failed to travel to Singapore and lost the chance to win more. 

Ramzes as Stand-in

As Na’Vi failed to send players to the Major, the organization first tried to use Ramzes as a stand-in in the Major. Also, the team decided to use the head coach, Mag, for the remaining slot, to enter the tournament. As the team announced this decision, Mag also got tested positive for COVID-19. Due to further travel restrictions and getting another stand-in into the squad, the team completely withdrew from the event. 

Top Contender

The CIS region of Dota 2 is very strong and many teams are battling for the top spot. However, Virtus Pro is currently holding the highest rank with its tremendous efforts. With Ramzes joining Va’Vi, the team holds a new power in it. It is for sure that Na’Vi will fight for the highest place in the region during season 2 of the DPC. Fans have high hopes for this new amendment in the team. Na’Vi has already been performing really well. However, the addition of Ramzes will further uplift the team’s performance.