LoL Patch 11.8

This has been an amazing week for League of Legends. The highly-waited Space Groove event starts this week, bringing multiple skins, a new pass, and many more things to the game. Similarly, a new Champion is about to show up in the upcoming 11.8 Patch. First, let’s talk about the new face in the game, Gwen. 

11.8 Release Time

According to the official League of Legends 2021 patch schedule, the latest Patch 11.8 is due to release on the 14th of April, Wednesday. The official maintenance times for different regions are not out yet. However, they are 3 am PT for NA, 5 am UK time, and 3 am for CET servers usually. 

Gwen the Doll

Gwen is basically a former doll in The Shadow Isles. The doll is brought back to life by its creator via powerful magic. Gwen then possesses all the tools needed to make her including needles, scissors, and thread. The Champion now transforms these tools into spectral weapons and fights for those who need help across Runeterra. 

The Champion comes with a 550 base health, with a regen of 7. The base mana for Gwen is 330. The Champion is melee and has an attack range of 150. The Champion also possesses multiple abilities including Snip Snip, Hallowed Mist, Skip N’ Slash, and Needlework. Gwen also has a passive (A Thousand Cuts) that deals heavy magic damage according to the max health of the Champion. 

The Q (Snip Snip) of Gwen consumes stacks. The more stacks you have, the greater magic damage you deal. The W (Hallowed Mist) causes Gwen to summon the Hallowed Mist and become non-targetable for all the enemies on the map. The E (Skip n’ Slash) empowers Gwen’s attacks and gives her bonus attack speed. This spell also allows Gwen to deal magic damage. Finally, the R (Needlework) of Gwen allows her to cast multiple cuts to the enemies. Each cut increases the magic damage to the enemies. 

Patch 11.8 Balanced Changes

Riot Games has also included some balanced changes in the game for better gameplay. The changes include Sett’s Knuckle Down. The spell of the Champion does not deal 400 damage to the minions now. However, it is still valid for the monsters. Similarly, the new patch also gives a buff to the Chemtech Putrifier. The item did not do well in the last patch, and therefore, Riot Games has increased its ability power from 50 to 55. 

Along with some technical changes, multiple splash arts came out. The new patch is coming out soon after the Space Groove event. The community is happy with the new Champion coming to the game. The changes to the Champions and items are very less as the game is quite balanced already. On the other hand, the arrival of Gwen will change many things. In a few days, Riot will confirm the official maintenance timings for the patch as well. In order to get more information, stay tuned with us.