Riot League of Legends

Riot Games has recently released a few details about its upcoming League of Legends’ Amateur and Academy tournaments. The events will include three different circuits for the Amateur teams in the competitive scene. Similarly, these tournaments are going to run from May till September. 

League of Legends Academy 

Very famous tournament organizer, Nerd Street Gamers, will lead the League of Legends Academy. The organization has a huge network of gaming and esports centers. This will allow multiple brands to target any location to organize the events. Nerd Street has also worked with Riot Games before and has produced multiple huge tournaments including events in the inaugural year of Valorant. The company is now handling the entire Academy season of the game, which will take place from the 2nd of June to the 19th of September. 

Amateur Circuit Events

Riot Games has planned to collaborate with three different Amateur circuits, including Risen Esports, Helix Esports, and Challenger’s Uprising. These tournaments will occur one after another. Starting from the Challenger’s Uprising, the Circuit events will conclude with the Helix Esports. These events will start at the end of May and go all the way to the end of July. 

Challenger’s Uprising Tournament

Challenger’s Uprising is all set to organize season 3 of the event. The event will occur on some specific dates like May 24,25,31 and June 1,7, and 8. The prize pool for the tournament is $5,000 and will give the opportunity to the amateur teams in the competitive scene. 

Risen Champions League

Risen is a trusted Riot tournament organizer. The organization has been handling the amateur scene of the game since 2017. The organization has produced so many tournaments since then. The official dates for the tournament are June 21,22,28, 29, and July 5, and 6. The official prize pool of the tournament is still unknown, but it will be enough to support an amateur team. 

Helix Esports Events

Helix Esports is famous for organizing some of the best amateur events for the League’s competitive circuit. The organization is joining hands with EGL to produce this year’s amateur events. The official dates for the tournament are July 12,13,19,20,26 and 27. 

Proving Grounds Tournament

The Proving Grounds tournament will have two different organizers this year. UEA and Nerd Street are combining to give out the best experience for the community. Both companies are already working with Riot Games and are producing so many events for the game. Therefore, Riot has given a huge responsibility to these two organizations only. The official dates for the tournament are September 2-5, 9-12, and 14-19. 

Riot has always tried to uplift the amateur teams in the competitive scene of League of Legends. This year will bring back the amateur events and a lot of teams will participate in them. In a couple of days, these academy and amateur events will kick-off.