Team OG

Team OG is without any doubt one of the greatest professional teams in the competitive Dota 2. The team is loved by fans and respected by the opponents for its aggressive gameplay and versatility in playstyle. The team also holds the record of becoming the only squad to win the biggest tournament of esports, The International, twice. OG has a legacy that no other team holds in the competitive scene. With all these titles pinned with OG, the team is losing its form in the current DPC matches. There are chances that OG might miss the chance to compete at the first Major of the 2021 DPC, DreamLeague Season 14. 

OG against Team Liquid

OG played its last professional series against Team Liquid. The series went to an epic decider when OG made a mistake, leading to losing the series. During the last match of the series, OG won a team fight and went for Roshan. After securing Roshan successfully, the captain of the team Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein decided to give the Aegis of Immortal to Topson instead of Mid One. However, Topson could not reach the Aegis as he was pushing out the bottom lane at the moment. The captain decided to wait for his Recall ability on Keeper of the Light to bring in Topson and get the Aegis. 

As OG waited for Topson to join the squad and get the Aegis, Max ‘Qojqva’ Brocker from Team Liquid, outplayed them. The player sent in his invisible Lycan wolves to deny the Aegis. A lot of Tips and Chat Wheels followed the situation as OG lost its Karizma right on spot. Similarly, after this fight, OG went on to lose the series 1-2 against Liquid. 

Lower Chances to Major

OG is famous for its troll-worthy plays every time they play in a professional match. However, that was neither the time nor the place to make such a play. The team’s run to making the first Major of 2021 DPC is now in jeopardy. With the current standings for the qualifiers, OG is not even in the position to make it. 

Tie with Liquid and Nigma

OG is currently sharing the spot with Team Nigma and Liquid by securing a 3-3 score at the DreamLeague. However, the team is ranked at the bottom due to the tiebreakers’ scores. The team has an 8-9 map score, whereas Team Nigma and Liquid has 8-8 and 7-7 respectively. This puts OG in a dangerous spot. 

One Last Chance

OG still has one more chance to make it to the first Major of the season. The team now has to win the last game of the qualifiers and get lucky with other teams to perform worse in their matches. The situation is even worse as OG now has to face the undefeated Team Secret for the last match. There are high chances that Secret will keep its win streak alive and would not let OG win a single match. However, if OG wants to make it to the Majors, the team has to give it all.