It came out as a surprise to the fans that TSM eliminated Evil Geniuses from the LCS Mid-Season Showdown today. The team now moves on in the losers bracket after taking a tense victory. TSM proved to be a better team today as they crumbled EG with an upset. The team had perfect coordination throughout the match and took a lot of risks during the drafting. TSM believes that the victory belongs to the recent import in the squad. The League of Legends veteran SwordArt played Support and carried the team on his back. His team fight calls are now a weapon of TSM as the squad is highly capable of picking up fights at the right moments. 

Fans of EG

Fans of EG are feeling the frustration of receiving a close defeat. The team almost had the victory but could not pull the right decisions. It seems like EG’s draft is still lacking to punch the enemies with its full power. The team consists of some of the best players in the world. However, they still lacked coordination during the best of five series against TSM.

Upcoming matches for TSM

TSM is still not in the condition to relax and enjoy the victory over EG. In the coming weeks, the team is heading for much tougher opposition. TSM’s team fighting is still one of the best in the competitive scene of League of Legends. The current official coach of the team is Bjergsen. During the semi-finals against Evil Geniuses, Bjergsen showed the best variations in the draft, and the team handled it perfectly. Similarly, Huni’s role at Top Lane is yet to be defined officially. 

The Semi-Final

The series began with TSM taking control of the map. The team scored a comprehensive victory and closed the game while slaying 4 dragons in the way. Similarly, game 2 went in the favor of EG. The team marked a solid comeback and won the second game dominantly. The fun began with game 3 when both teams looked in solid form. EG remained in the driver’s seat for most of the game. However, a back-breaking counterplay by TSM drifted the whole momentum EG created. The pinpoint hook by SwordArt’s Nautilus shattered EG’s confidence that the squad was carrying for a game and a half. 

Game 4 began with a pause but eventually ended with the same results. Both teams took multiple fights. EG looked solid in the last few fights but TSM had answers for every move. Eventually, TSM closed the series and did not give any chance to EG to push the series in a five-setter. 

Next Series

As EG goes home from here, TSM now waits for its next matchup. The team will face the winner of the series between 100 Thieves and Dignitas. TSM was in this state last year as well. This similar situation turned out bad for the team last time, but it seems like TSM is in good form this year.