Valorant patch 2.06

Riot has released a new patch 2.06, for Valorant, that includes not only the weapon changes but also multiple agent amendments. The Valorant NA Champions tour came to an end last week. Sentinels took the title after representing a dominant run throughout the series. After the tournament, it seemed like new changes would come to the game. The latest patch focuses on changes in Viper and Yoru. Similarly, Bucky the shotgun also went through slight changes.

Changes to Viper 

Riot is trying to bring multiple changes to Viper but keeping the original essence of Viper alive. The theme and gameplay are just the same, besides some abilities. In an official statement, Riot said that Viper should claim her ground with force and dare and should always challenge her opponents. The changes to her spells include Toxin. 

According to the latest update, enemies that cross through Viper’s toxic screen instantly get inflicted with at least 50 decay. This decay level is directly proportional to the time enemies stay in contact with the toxin. The new patch has also decreased the decay overtime for Viper. The latest changes now cause 10 decay instead of the previous 15. Similarly, the delay in the health region after exiting the cloud screen also becomes 1.5 from the previous 2.5. 

You can now immediately redeploy the Q (Poison Cloud) when picked. Due to this spell, Viper now gets a temporary charge instead of the previous permanent charge. If the cloud is active and Viper dies, it remains active for an additional 2 seconds or until the agent runs out of fuel. The latest update also increased the pickup distance of Viper from 200 to 400. 

The E (Toxic Screen) remains active for 2 seconds if Viper dies. 

Changes to Yoru and Killjoy

There are multiple new buffs and nerfs in the patch for Yoru and Killjoy. The Q (Blindside) now gives 0.6 seconds of Flash activation. Similarly, the Flash duration is now 1.5 from the previous 1.1. The E (Gatecrash) no longer refreshes on kills. However, it now has a cooldown of 35 seconds. The spell gets a buff in the form of lifetime tenure. The spell now remains active for 30 seconds instead of the previous 20. The X (Dimensional Drift) Ult points are now 6. 

Similarly, the C (Nanoswarm) of Killjoy allows the agent to pick up deployed Nanoswarm grenades. This is only possible if the agent picks up the grenade during the buying phase which will restore the charge. 

These little changes are introduced by Riot after an official tournament in the game. The patch does not bring mega changes or new agents in the game. However, it only focuses on making some balanced changes in the game. Besides these agent changes, some weapons changes are also introduced to balance the gameplay. Also, a new head-related transfer function is available in the game now. If you haven’t checked the latest update of Valorant, now is the time to update your game and get into some action.