Valve disqualifies

Valve has recently taken action against two Dota 2 professional teams for match-fixing. Both teams are disqualified from the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 for their crimes. Similarly, Valve has also banned both squads from entering the regional qualifiers for The International. Not just this, these teams can no longer participate in any Valve-organized tournaments. 

As the regional league of all the regions ended, Valve made a harsh decision for two squads from the North American region. 

Match-Fixing in the Lower Division

This issue arose from the lower division of the regional league. Both Wind and Rain, and Pecado Squad play in the lower division of North America. After an extensive investigation which rain from the 12th of April to the 22nd of May ended up banning both teams from the event. 

Roster Bans

Valve has always been very strict when it comes to match-fixing or cheating in the game. The organization has just not banned the team banner, it has also banned the members of the team from participating in any Valve events. This means that no one from these two squads can ever play competitive Dota again. 

Following Valve’s ban, Beyond the Summit also took the same stance. The organization has also banned both squads for all its future events. 

During the last few weeks, several match-fixing issues regarding Wind and Run came out in the community. These fixes included odds shifting and betting. 

Lost the Chance

Prior to this decision, the results already spoke for Wind and Run. The team went 1-6 during the regional league and was going to get relegated. However, the ban came out and that position in the group does not matter anymore. On the other hand, Pecado secured fourth place in the group and could take the $11,000 prize home with it. Pecado also lost the chance for a shot at competing in the TI qualifier. 

Criticism before the Ban

Wind and Run had gone through a rough time before the ban came out. At the start of the second season of DPC, Wind and Run picked up two players that the community did not get along with. The former members of A-Team who played for Wind and Run and locked the complete roster just before the deadline. 

Future of the Squads

Valve has never forgiven any professional in competitive Dota with such charges. The organization has a strict policy against any member, regardless of their fame or importance. It looks like both teams will have to say goodbye to the competitive Dota as there is no coming back. 

There are still some technicalities that are beyond understanding. Few members of these squads left the team before the incident. However, it is hard to understand if those players also received the punishment with the squad or not. In any case, the future path looks very rough for both organizations. Once you commit such a crime, there is no coming back.