The Valve-Anti Cheat (VAC) system for CSGO detects a new cheat (RatPoison) in the game. To address that matter, the organization sent two updates to counter the cheat. Similarly, TalkEsports also posted this matter on the 17th of May 2021. 

Developers of the Cheat

Hours after TalkEsports posted this cheat on their official account, a user of this cheat reached out to the organization to provide proof and to conclude the whole situation as false. However, TalkEsports further investigated the matter and deduced that the cheat developers ruled the Reddit user u/AlphaSlashDash, false. The situation finally got addressed and Valve sent out two major updates for this. 


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is famous for the extreme number of cheaters in the game. For years, the game has gone through this wraith. However, Valve eventually released the VAC system in the game that eliminates all the cheats in the game and provides fair play. The VAC system sometimes eradicates the cheaters from the game itself, or forwards an Overwatch case. 

Valve recently released two major updates that only improve the VAC system in the game and remove further cheats. Among these updates, a huge 240 MB update came with two modules.

Module 1 

As Valve tries to improve the VAC system regularly, the organization released two modules in a single update to make it better. The first module of the update includes a process memory handle listener. This listener will look at all the calls to the Read Process Memory and Write Process Memory. Similarly, if any call goes to these memory locations, the system will flag it automatically. 

Module 2 

The second module in the update is referred to as the integrity check. This check will utilize multiple assorted hashing algorithms written in C++. Similarly, this module will also run a complete S&I check on the present running game platform. It could be Source, CSGO, or Half Life 2.

Bans to the Developers

Valve has banned all the accounts linked with the developers of the cheat. Surprisingly, Valve also banned their alternative accounts in the game to prevent any further cheating. The Reddit user AlphaSlashDash mentioned that Steam will track down the developers’ directory structure to ban their alternative accounts. 

Cheat without a Name

Officially, the new cheat in the game has no name. However, multiple anonymous sources in the community have confirmed that the cheat is famous for the name, ‘Rat Poison’. The developers of the cheat have not yet released any statement about the name of the cheat. For the time being, we can only call it with the famous Rat Poison name. 

The VAC system is doing a great job in removing the cheaters from the game. Despite the intense anti-cheat system, some developers create a bug or cheat in the game that thrives. However, as any cheat gets famous, Valve instantly removes it from the game. The same thing happened with this new cheat as two major updates did their job.