patch 7.29d

Valve has recently released a new patch 7.29d in the game to bring out a lot of changes. The patch is now live, removing the biggest bug with Tiny Toss and Timbersaw’s chain teleport. Overall, the patch is not so huge and brings out some important nerfs to the heroes. Some heroes have dominated the previous patch, and as always, Valve is here to help the community.

Patch 7.29D

Before the AniMajor begins, Valve dropped the bomb on the Dota 2 community with a new patch. This patch is all about nerfs and bug fixes. Valve has tried to balance the game before the Major begins. A famous Tiny bug that allows players to buy back immediately after dying to Toss and teleporting to the point where they died, has been addressed. It is not fair to call it a bug as this has been a part of the game for years. Valve has finally removed this element from the game. This change is huge as it had a major impact during the competitive game in the last few weeks. 

Similarly, Valve has also addressed the same issue with Timbersaw’s Chain. If you died while casting your Chain and you bought back immediately, it would teleport you to the place you died. This no longer implements as Valve removed all these cheeky features in the latest 7.29d patch. 

Quincy Crew vs Evil Geniuses

During the regional league of the second season of DPC 2021, Quincy Crew took advantage of the Tiny’s Toss situation against Evil Geniuses. That buyback cost Evil Geniuses the game and later on, the series. The Quincy Crew eventually ended up securing the top position in the region. 

The Nerfs

Other than these two big issues, the patch is all about nerfing and balancing the heroes. Similarly, Valve has also balanced out the heroes with high usage in the last few months. To point at some, Bristleback, Medusa, and Broodmother are examples. All these heroes are nerfed to balance the game and reduce their usage for the time being. 

Item Updates

The new patch also nerfed some of the famous items in the game. Some of the famous items of the last patch are going down the lane in the recent update. For example, Solar Crest and Sange have dominated the previous patch. However, Valve has decently applied nerfs to both items. 

Other than these, Heaven’s Halberd and Kaya & Sange also received nerfs. 

The new update in the game is all about balancing out some powerful heroes and items. Valve has released this patch before the AniMajor officially begins. The competitive scene will now adapt to the heroes that are stronger in the new patch. Similarly, we will also see some new item choices on specific heroes. 

In a few days, we will witness the competitive Dota once again. The new drafts will definitely increase the spice levels in the game.