Esports entertainment

Esports is getting bigger and bigger with every passing day. More people are switching towards electronic sports as technology is enhancing. A lot of new games and sequels are coming out for the esports community to make it bigger and alive. According to some official esports data websites, the number of esports viewers and enthusiasts in 2018 was around 400 million collectively. However, with the current rate of growth of the esports scene, the data predicts that by the year 2023, esports will have around 300 million frequent viewers and more than 350 million casual viewers. This means that by that time, the esports scene will be large enough to cater to an audience of around 650 million togetherly. 

A lot of esports analysts talk about the future of esports in different reports. Some of them say that the esports scene will not last forever and it will die with time. However, others are convinced that esports will only rise and take the world of gaming to another level in the future. We personally think that esports entertainment will last forever in different styles.

Esports entertainment

In the following article, we will discuss some strong points about the esports scene and how it will last forever. We will also look at the future of esports and how it will mold into different shapes. 

Higher Production Values

As the esports scene is getting bigger and bigger every day, the developers of multiple games are investing more effort in producing better products. Every new game in the scene is coming with the highest resolution graphics to date and with a great storyline. Besides this, several game developers have confirmed the release of new MOBAs in the market as well. 

The game publishers are giving tough times to each other to produce the best esports games. Some of the biggest publishers are Activision, Capcom, EA Sports, Valve, Riot Games, and many more. These production facilities are releasing new games every other year to keep the esports scene alive and running. 

Along with releasing new games, mighty game publishers are investing so much in the games that the gaming community cannot resist playing them. In our opinion, as long as these huge publishers are in the market, the esports scene is secure. They promise entertainment and they always fulfill it. 

Sequels to keep them running

A huge reason that the community sticks to the esports scene for such a long time is the game sequels. Just like when a great movie ends, you always wish to watch more, and when its sequels come out, you watch it at the earliest. Esports game sequel works exactly the same way. When a game publisher releases a new game there are 50/50 chances of it going viral or not. If the game is a hit, the community expects multiple sequels to it. 

We have plenty of examples in the current esports scene regarding the sequels. Some of the most famous game sequels are Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, Call of Duty, NBA, and more. No one really knows when these publishers will stop making these sequels. But for now, we can easily say that these sequels keep the audience in the flow every year. So if one game starts dying, another version of it comes out to bring back the lost audience. Therefore, we can say that the esports scene is not going anywhere for quite a long time in the future. 

New Technologies, Better Gaming

As the world is going towards better technology every moment, esports is also getting better with it. There are plenty of new gadgets now available where people can enjoy their games. For example, people can now use virtual reality (VR) for gaming and some other props. Multiple publishers are releasing new games for VR gaming only. This means that esports is expanding its branches in other technologies as well. 

On the other hand, smartphones are getting stronger and stronger. There are several famous games that deal with smartphones and provide proper gameplay. Some of them are Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) or Call of Duty (CoD). These games are so reliable with smartphone technologies that the publishers are actually hosting international mobile tournaments for these. 

If we talk about new technology, the younger generation is more friendly with it. Similarly, the biggest age group of esports audience is around 15 to 30. This means that in the coming future, more people will get into the esports scene. 

Therefore, with the growing technology, it seems like esports will keep on getting better and better. We are pretty sure that new gadgets and playing props will be released in the future. However, they will only enhance the current esports scene as there are high chances that more people will turn towards esports in the future. 

Greater Money 

The esports scene is getting bigger in each term. Not just the audience, but the money as well. The tournaments are now offering prizes worth millions. The last year was pretty rough for the esports scene in terms of prize pools, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, if we talk about the viewership, then it was a blast for sure. 

Similarly, if we talk about 2019, the biggest prize pool in the history of esports crossed around $33 Million. This prize pool was offered by Valve in the world cup of Dota 2 or The International. In the year 2020, the game once again broke its own record by producing a prize pool of more than $40 million. The organization had to cancel the event later on due to safety and health issues caused by the plague. 

A lot of professional esports analysts say that these prize pools will eventually surpass the actual sports one day. As more audiences are turning towards esports every day, there are high chances that the prizes will reach the highest points as well. 

Esports entertainment

Other than Dota 2, multiple other games also organize huge tournaments throughout the year which cater to a grand prize. For example, every year, Riot Games organize ‘World’s Championship’ or the world cup for one of the most famous MOBA, League of Legends. The tournament also caters to a huge prize pool and the biggest audience in the world. 

Therefore, we can say that greater money can attract more people towards esports in the future and esports entertainment will keep ongoing. 

Greater Opportunities

As the internet has turned the world into a global village, there are more options available for people in the esports world. Technology is advancing at an abnormal pace and people are getting closer and closer every day. Multiple streaming websites are taking over the Television concept and people are switching to it with a positive attitude. 

A lot of people start their esports career by streaming their content live for the audience. As they become famous, they start making money out of their streams. Along with that, esports casters are getting highly paid and they have chosen esports as their only job. 

Streaming has also paid people huge money that most of the famous streamers like Richard ‘Ninja’ Blevins do streaming only to make their livings.  Also, when most of the esports legends retire from the competitive scene, most of them turn towards streaming. As a whole, esports is producing so many opportunities for the people that in the coming future, esports will be as big as any other physical sport. 

With more esports trends coming into the world, more opportunities are coming out for people to chose a career. Therefore, we think that esports will definitely last for a long time.


With the growing esports industry and advancement in technology, we can safely say that esports entertainment is not dying any time soon. People are able to see that there is more to video games than just a casual hour of fun for kids after homework. 

Esports is producing more opportunities for the players than ever before. The publishers in the esports scene are now committed more than ever, that they are producing high-level games and organizing huge events. Most of the games are also keeping their sequels alive to keep the fandom running. New gaming technologies are also encouraging more people to get into esports. A lot of esports analysts predict that in the coming years, new technologies will improve the esports scene on a huge level. More props will be available for the people to enjoy their favorite games.

Also, if we talk about the statistics, we can clearly see that with every passing year, esports viewership is increasing around the globe. Multiple national and international tournaments are occurring for every other game to keep the audience in the loop. One way or another, the digitized future is going to persuade more people to shift from physical sports to electronic sports. We are not sure what esports will look like in the coming 10 years. There are chances that future gadgets might replace our current gadgets. But, one thing is sure that esports entertainment is going to last forever.