• Riot Games opens up new Valorant servers for the Middle East region
  • Valve denies the hosting of Dota 2 The International 10 in China
  • Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 event is now live
  • Ninja signs with Hollywood talent agency CAA
  • Jabz returns to Fnatic’s Dota 2 squad
Dota 2 Techies

Dota 2 player count drops for five consecutive months

Dota 2 is one of the most famous MOBA games that made their place in the biggest esports scene. The game is so popular that every day, millions of players play it. Despite the heavy traffic Dota has seen, the game is getting low on the audience from the beginning of 2020. The average player count for the game is continuously declining for the past five months. According to an…

TSM LoL Worlds

TSM knocked out by Fnatic in LoL Worlds 2020

Week two of the Worlds 2020 for League of Legends brings a lot of exciting games for the fans. The week ended a little early for team TSM after a brutal loss against Team Fnatic. TSM team now goes home as Fnatic move forward in the competition. TSM’s Record at the Worlds 2020 After the final loss against Fnatic, TSM now makes the group stage score of 0-4. The team…

Spectre Dota 2

Spectre wins the International 10 arcana vote

After wrapping up the International Battle Pass 10, Valve finally releases the Arcana vote winner of the year. As the Battle Pass goes out, Valve announces the winner within an hour. The competition went really tough throughout as two carries managed to reach the finals. Faceless Void became the final opponent to face Spectre in the finals of the Arcana voting. Both of the purplest heroes in Dota 2, fought…


S0m retires from CS: GO to move to Valorant

Sam ‘S0m’ Oh announces his retirement from the official CSGO. The professional now shifted his career to play professional Valorant. NRG recently hired the star to its official Valorant roster. The organization recently makes an announcement in which it confirms the joining of S0m. One week before this official announcement, the RushB media gave the idea to the fans about NRG targeting S0m. The media also gave insights about the…

Mousesports Rejin

Mousesports releases Rejin over coaching Bug abuse

As the Esports Integrity Commission takes out the bug abuse report for different CSGO coaches, Mousesports part ways with the former coach Allan ‘Rejin’Petersen. During Rejin’s time with Tricked Esports, he got caught abusing the bug at different times. The Esports Integrity Commission gave a harsh ban of 19.8 months to the coach for his past cheatings. The 31-year-old coach is going to say farewell to Mousesports for exploiting the…


Future of Cr4zy: Focus on 2021

Due to the ongoing situation of the world caused by COVID-19, Cr4zy decides to let go of all of its esports teams. The company takes this decision to prepare for the upcoming year. At the beginning of 2020, the company focused on expanding its roots to Dota 2, CS: GO, and Rainbow Six Siege. This decision was going in the perfect direction until Coronavirus hit the world. The world is…